iGaming2Go is a Slovakian software developer that produces a range of video slots and table games for online casinos. Compare the best 1Gaming2Go casinos and play its games with a bonus.

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Operating since 2012, iGaming2Go has made it a clear priority to develop casino games that run smoothly on mobile phones and tablets, to cater for the many players who prefer to enjoy their gaming while on the move.

iGaming2Go is a small operation without an extensive portfolio, and its games sometimes appear to be on the simpler side both graphically and in terms of gameplay. However, its casino games remain popular in the market.

Why play at an iGaming2Go casino?

iGaming2Go doesn’t boast a huge output, and has so far released only around ten games. However, they are all playable on any mobile device, including both iOS and Android devices. This makes the company a good addition to casinos which might be lacking in their mobile offerings.

iGaming2Go create software using HTML5, which means that Flash isn’t required to play these games in your browser. Its games are playable on mobile regardless of whether a casino has published a dedicated app or not.

Although iGaming2Go’s titles are a welcome addition to the market, they’re a small company producing fairly run-of-the-mill games, so it’s hard to imagine players actively seeking out games by this company.


iGaming2Go’s portfolio is small, with most of its games dating from 2012 or a few years later. Currently, most of the games this developer have produced are slot games, though they also have a few table games. Graphics are relatively basic but still attractive to the eye, particularly considering they’re largely designed to be played on the small screen.

It’s worth knowing that the Return to Player (RTP) of most of iGaming2Go’s games is lower than the average, though to what degree depends on the game. Casual players who are mostly in it for fun shouldn’t be too put off slightly lower than average returns.

Examples of iGaming2Go's slot games
Examples of iGaming2Go’s slot games


Most of iGaming2Go’s output consists of slot games for mobile, including popular slots such as The Frog Princess and Money Bee. Its games span a range of themes from classic fruit slots like Hot Fruits and Seven’s to adventure slot games like Anubix and romance-themed games like Bloody Love.

Graphics on these slot games are generally bright and attractive but are not going to rival top dog slot games in their rendering. The animations are relatively basic, but they’ll serve most players perfectly well. Slot games developed by iGaming2Go do at least offer an ‘autoplay’ function, so if you enjoy just watching the slots spin while you sit back and relax, this will be a strong plus.

In terms of gameplay, these aren’t the most ground-breaking either, with most of the bonus rounds involving old favourites like free spins and wilds. Most of the games follow a fairly classic design, with three or five reels and multiple paylines, but little in the way of unique features. This isn’t necessarily a negative for players who enjoy classic slot games, but players looking for novelty might be disappointed by what’s on offer.

Average RTP for slot games is a little below average, with The Frog Princess topping the list at 95.76% and Big Tasty offering the lowest returns at 92.6%. If you’re looking to give yourself the best chance of winning, it’s probably best to find a slot game which offers an RTP of 96% or higher.

Table Games

iGaming2Go offers just three types of table game: blackjack, roulette and video poker. While this is far from prolific, it’s enough to demonstrate versatility and the games on offer aren’t bad. They’re easy to play with responsive controls and the graphics are simple but clear. Much like iGaming2Go’s slots offerings, these games don’t cover much new ground but they’re still perfectly functional.

Magic Poker, the video poker offering, is a jazzed-up version of Jacks or Better where players strive to find a winning combination in the deck of 52 cards. The game includes a new feature: the ‘magic’ card of the title. This allows players to choose a certain card type, for example all fives, which will double the payout if it’s involved in their winning hand. Developers who have made table games more of a speciality have certainly created more exciting versions of this classic poker game.

The RTP of iGaming2Go’s table games also isn’t great for the player. Magic Poker features a house edge of 6.32%, which is well above the average of less than 1%. Players drawn to these table games might continue to play either because they enjoy features such as the ‘magic card’, or simply because these games are so convenient for mobile play. Serious players looking to make a profit will likely find games offering a better RTP.

iGaming2Go doesn’t currently offer any jackpot or progressive jackpot slot games. Considering how much its output has slowed down in recent years, it seems unlikely that one will be coming any time soon.

Company Details

Launched in 2012, iGaming2Go should be a software development company with a strong track record, and yet it’s difficult to see what it has been doing for the past few years. Most of its games were developed and copyrighted between 2012 and 2015, which suggests that the company is inactive.

However, it has blazed a path in its use of HTML5 as a development tool. As the popularity of mobile gaming grows every year, we’re likely to see more games utilising HTML5 and iGaming2Go has certainly paved the way for this.

Contact Details

Email: info@igaming2go.com

Phone: (421) 905 5878


How can I win at iGaming2Go games?

All these games are essentially games of chance so it is not possible to guarantee a win. Getting an edge when playing  casino games will depend very much on the game you’re playing. All of iGaming2Go’s games include a house edge and feature a somewhat below average RTP, which means that leaving with a profit isn’t too likely.

Are iGaming2Go games safe to play?

Yes. iGaming2Go titles are only featured on reputable online casino sites with gambling licences, which will have been vetted and regulated.

What is the best iGaming2Go casino?

Use the list of iGaming2Go casinos to see and compare all online casinos with iGaming2Go games. We filter the casino top list to only show iGaming2Go casinos that accept players from your location.

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