King Billy Player Smashes Records

King Billy Player Smashes Records ( Click to Enlarge )

King Billy Casino has just helped one lucky customer smash records and bag themselves $204,398.80 on one single spin. This life-changing amount was won on NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2 slot, which has only just recently been released. The win has obliterated the record previously held for the most amount won on one single spin on any slot game at their casino. If you are anything like us, we’re sure that you wish it had been you too.

German Winner A ‘Prince’

Kai, from Germany, was the lucky player, walking away with a fortune in his back pocket.

It seems that he had set himself the target over the summer of winning big at the slots, and he certainly achieved that in style.

He is a regular player at King Billy Casino, so much so that he has the status of Prince, according to his player level.

It seems that the casino is even more pleased that Kai, a player who visits them regularly has picked up the jackpot. Whilst anyone can win at any time, they do admit that it feels sweeter when it is someone who has spent a lot of time playing their games.

Single Spin Multiplier

Kai managed to get so lucky on the Dead or Alive 2 slot thanks to a multiplier.

The lucky player achieved a 56,777x multiplier during the game that changed his life forever.

NetEnt has confirmed that this falls within the top 10 when it comes to multipliers achieved on the game during the summer. The game, along with its predecessor are well-known for their volatility. So, while players will not expect to win often but win big when they do, it seems that by any standards the winnings possible on this game are massive.

King Billy Casino, meanwhile seems to be delighted about the win. CEO, Volodymyr Harkusha, has claimed that the whole company are ecstatic about Kai’s win.

After all, it does go to show that patience and loyalty might well be rewarded in the end when it comes to slot machines. Kai, it has been reported is in a state of shock but is obviously delighted with his win.