Lottomaticard is a prepaid payment card that is associated with Visa Electron. It functions like a debit card for the purposes of making deposits and withdrawals with online casinos. It can only be used by residents of Italy.

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Lottomaticard doesn’t have to be linked with a bank account and can be topped up via a range of methods. The Visa Electron circuit means the card can be used anywhere in the world, and you can withdraw money from it using a Lis Card point of sale.

It is a good option for both depositing and withdrawing money at online casinos, but only if you are a resident in Italy.

Creating an Account

To create an account with Lottomaticard, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Visit the Lottomaticard website and fill out the registration form online. The website will guide you through all the steps to complete your registration.
  • Bring your tax code and identification documents to your nearest Lis Card point of sale.
  • Your card will be issued if you have the correct documents with you. You will be required to pay a one-off fee of €5 to receive your card.

Lottomaticard retailers can be found throughout Italy, so you will have no problem locating one. You can also go through the entire registration process at your chosen retailer if you prefer. In addition to your card, which is activated instantly, you will also receive a green envelope. Inside the envelope, you will find the PUK and PIN codes for your card, and a receipt bearing your code IBAN.

Deposits and Withdrawals

In order to use your Lottomaticard at an online casino, you will need to load it with funds. This can be done online with a credit or debit card, or you can do it at a retailer that supports Lottomaticard. This second option enables you to use cash to top-up, which is ideal if you wish to minimise online transactions or if you don’t have a bank account.

You will need your PUK and PIN codes to add funds to your Lottomaticard. Once you add funds, they will be available to use instantly. You can then deposit money into your online casino account, and it will become available right away.

Lottomaticard also enables you to withdraw money from your online casino account, and the transactions are processed in real-time. If there is no specific Lottomaticard option at the online casino, you can use the debit card option thanks to the card’s affiliation with Visa Electron.

Casinos that accept Lottomaticard will not charge you anything to use this payment option, and the service itself is free to use. Once you have topped up your card, you are free to spend that balance as you wish without incurring any additional costs.


  • Security: Lottomaticard doesn’t link to any bank accounts or other debit/credit cards, and you receive an SMS every time the card is used. There is also a chip with security features to give you greater peace of mind. As long as you keep your PUK and PIN codes secret, there should be no risk of your card ever being compromised.
  • Promotes responsible gambling: The Lottomaticard limits your monthly use to €10,000, so it can help restrict your spending to stop you gambling more money than you originally planned.


  • Extra effort: Having to top-up your Lottomaticard with money before making deposits into your casino account is slower than making direct deposits, and it may be tiresome for some.
  • Low withdrawal limits: You can only withdraw a maximum of €500 per month from your Lottomaticard, so it may be better to withdraw your earnings from online casinos using a different method.


The security of online transactions made with Lottomaticard couldn’t be more robust. You will only enter details of the card in question during transactions. Since it has no link to any bank accounts or credit cards, there is no way for thieves to steal anything significant from you if those details were compromised. The card itself doesn’t include any personal details, so if someone acquired it they would need to guess your PIN to steal any money it was loaded with.


Lottomaticard is based in Italy, which is where the vast majority of its user base is. People outside Italy can use the service in some cases, but there would be very few physical locations where they could actually acquire a card. As such, the card is almost exclusively used by Italian residents.


Using your PIN and PUK codes, you can log in to your personal account online to view transactions, top-up your card and do various other things to manage your account. You can contact support from here. Additionally, you can get two free hard-copy account statements for your records (online statements are free and unlimited).


Lottomaticard is issued by CartaLis in collaboration with Italian online gambling platform Lottomatica. This company was founded in 1990, and employs some 1,700 staff across its diverse platform.


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