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Magic Mushroom

Realtime Gaming’s Magic Mushroom online slot brings players a high-action style of play in a magical fantasy forest scenario. It uses an older overall format that looks like a classic slot, but things are set up to have all of the action, features and gameplay style of newer video slots in the modern era, so it’s a bit of blending of the styles.

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An Introduction to Magic Mushroom

One of the things you see in the online slot world is a sharp divide between what’s known as a “video slot” and what’s considered a “classic slot.” Realtime Gaming is known to play with this distinction at times, and that’s what happened in the Magic Mushroom slot machine.

Magic Mushroom Main Screen
Magic Mushroom Main Screen

This game looks like a classic slot on the surface, but everything about it plays like a video slot instead, which is a mixture of the two approaches to the games.

In terms of how this game looks, it’s absolutely tremendous. There is a beautiful fantasy forest in the background, and you can see completely through the backs of the reels, so you can take in every bit of the aesthetic value of the artwork used in this game.

From a gameplay standpoint, this is a slot that goes out of its way to provide players with a lot more action than you’d typically get out of a 3×3 title. The game plays like a video slot, and while it’s a little light on features, it’s not light on action and ways to get paid.

Betting and Layout

We’ve mentioned the difference between the layout and the gameplay several times already. Here’s a breakdown of the actual layout, how it works and how the betting works within this paradigm:

  • The basic format of the game has three reels with three symbols showing each for a 3×3 grid of nine symbols.
  • Instead of paylines, this game uses the “all ways” format to give you 27 ways to win on each turn.
  • That means that every symbol is effectively a left-to-right scatter symbol, and you’ll win with a matching symbol on each reel no matter which positions they fall into.
  • Betting for this game is based on total amounts per spin instead of some kind of payline-based math, and this range goes from €0.20 at the lower end to €20 per turn at the upper end.

There are a couple of other things to know about this game. First off, the volatility is pretty low. A big part of the reason for this is that, since all of the major wins are for just three of a kind, and since this title uses the “all ways” format, it’s much easier to hit the top wins than what you’d get in a five-reel title.

Magic Mushroom Bet Ways
Magic Mushroom Bet Ways

As a result, you have this interplay between a really high hit-rate and a really low volatility, which lends itself to a tremendous amount of action with a whole lot of small and medium wins compared to the average for the industry.

Gameplay and Features

The feature set for this game is pretty strong, but it’s based largely around just a few features the combine to give you chances for some pretty tremendous payouts. Here’s what you need to know.

Wild Symbols

The mushroom is the wild symbol in this game. It appears on all three reels, but it’s position on the middle reel is the most important because it can appeared stacked and can even cover the entire reel.

When this happens, you really only need two symbols to match on the first and last reels to get three different winning combinations at the same time, and that’s the minimum.

There is also a pretty reasonable payout for the wild symbol since three of a kind will give you a 200x win. This is because the top regular symbol pays that amount for three, and all wins in this game are based on three of a kind combinations.

Note also that these wins are a multiple of your total bet size, which is the case for all payouts listed for this game.

Respin Bonus Feature

The stacked wild symbol on the middle reel is also responsible for the main bonus feature. When you fill up that second reel completely with wilds, you’ll get a shot at a respin bonus feature.

Magic Mushroom Respin Feature
Magic Mushroom Respin Feature

This feature works by holding that wild sticky in the center reel while allowing the first and third reels to spin again to give you more opportunities to get payouts.

This is a pretty solid way to award value in this game without disrupting the smooth style of play and without increasing the volatility too much, so it’s something that we’re definitely fans of.

How to Win at Magic Mushroom

The Magic Mushroom online slot is a game with a really low volatility, and the payouts are all in the medium to low range as a result of that and the super-high hit-rate. While you’re going to get a whole lot more wins to compensate compared to other games, you can still boost your wins and take advantage of the hyper-low volatility by increasing your bet size a bit compared to what you’d normally be comfortable with this.

The swings will still be pretty low overall because of the low volatility and high hit-rate, and it’ll increase the value of your biggest wins that you can get from the re-spin feature and hitting other strong combinations.

Payout Structure for Magic Mushroom

There are essentially three tiers of wins for this game. In the upper tier is the wild symbol, which pays 200x for three of a kind, along with the blue fairy, which also pays 200x. You can also pick up an 80x prize for three of the yellow/orange fairy that looks like a bit of a mustard color.

Magic Mushroom Payouts
Magic Mushroom Payouts

From there, there are three other fairies that make up the mid-level pays. Three of a kind combinations of the purple fairy are worth 30x, and three of the red or green fairies will get you 20x.

The bottom-tier wins include four symbols. Three of a kind combinations of the candle symbol or the book symbol with a leaf cover will get you 12x wins. Likewise, 8x payouts are good for three of the mandolin symbol or the spool of golden thread.


Realtime Gaming did a solid job with the Magic Mushroom video slot in that they combined elements of different types of games in a way that provides a super-strong level of play.

There are pros and cons to this title because of this approach, however. Here are some of the pros:

  • The hit-rate is really high, and with a low volatility, you can play with larger bet sizes than you normally would.
  • The re-spin feature is an exciting opportunity to pick up more wins than you would otherwise get.
  • The balance of the regular pay table offers a pretty good level of value.

With that said, there are also some negatives that some players will care about:

  • The low-volatility style of play isn’t for everyone.
  • The 3×3 format does limit the ability for there to be much more in terms of features than what this game provides.

The cons aren’t really that big of a deal to most players, but they will be deal-breakers to some, so we wanted to include them here. Overall, the Magic Mushroom online slot is a good fit into Realtime Gaming’s overall portfolio, and it shows that they have a lot of flexibility when it comes to how they make high-quality games.