Mega Fortune Jackpot Hits Worth €2.6 Million in Sweden for New Record

Mega Fortune Jackpot Hits Worth €2.6 Million in Sweden for New Record ( Click to Enlarge )

Sweden has an online casino market that’s heavily regulated and very locked down, but a big record was broken this weekend with their Svenska Spel Sport and Casino brand landing their largest jackpot ever. This came from Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune progressive slot, and the top prize awarded a lucky player SEK 28 million, which is about €2.6 million.

Record Broken For Swedish Operator

When big record-breaking wins happen, it’s a win for everyone because it shows a trend of payouts getting bigger in the industry as a whole. That’s exactly what happened recently in Sweden with the incredibly popular Svenska Spel Sport and Casino online operator when a lucky player hit the Mega Fortune progressive slot’s top payout.

The player’s win was worth around €2.6 million for comparison, but is being paid out in the local currency of SEK 28 million.

Not only was this the largest payout ever for the operator, but there’s more of a story here as well for two big reasons that make it an even bigger deal than it would be anyway. In any case, we’re sure that the lucky winner doesn’t mind so much either way because this is a life-changing sum of money regardless.

Why This Record Matters More Than You Think

If an important record for a major brand or company is set or broken, then it provides the benchmark for what players can expect when they play there in terms of what the upper limits realistically can be for their payouts. This win of €2.6 million shows that players can really expect serious chances to have a life-changing sum of money sent to them as the result of their play if they’re lucky enough.

However, there’s a bit more to this record being broken. First off, the previous record was set the week prior. A player from Stockholm had set this record with a sizable win, so for this record to be broken twice within such a short period of time is really remarkable.

Second, and here’s where things really get interesting, that previous record that was set was for about SEK 2.5 million. For the sake of comparison, that’s worth about €238,500. If you’re paying attention, you’ll see that’s less than a tenth of what Mega Fortune brought to the table with its top jackpot this time around.

This is an absolutely huge deal for players, and it’s particularly exciting to see not only that big jackpots have been hit so close to each other but that the range of the size of wins that you could potentially pick up is so wide.

Records in the Progressive Slot Space

Something else worth mentioning is that there’s another major record that Mega Fortune previously held. At one time, Net Entertainment’s top progressive held the record for the largest online gambling win in history. While they were slightly edged out by Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, a record that Microgaming has since broken themselves a few times, the fact of the matter is that they are essentially “1-A” and “1-B” in the online progressive jackpot space.

If the right run happened for the jackpot, Mega Fortune could reclaim that record at any time. Players are guaranteed to pick up a win worth at least €1 million for the top prize, and eight-figure wins have happened several times with this major win machine of a slot.

Advice for Chasing These Jackpots

If you’re the type of player who is looking to chase major progressive jackpots, then we suggest you take a look at our listing of the best progressives out there. The games with the largest jackpots aren’t necessarily the best deals because some of them hit more often than others, and smart game selection combined with keeping an eye on where the jackpots are at for your favorite titles is a better strategy than just hopping on whatever had previously set a record.

In any case, there are tons of titles available in a variety of genres with a lot of different play styles that can offer progressive jackpots that can completely change your life if you win big.


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