Money Drop Live

Created by Playtech, Money Drop Live is a stimulating live game show whose gameplay is based on a spinning wheel. The unique element of this game is building a balance, before playing the drop rounds to see how much you can keep. If you’ve ever seen the television show upon which the game is based, you’ll already understand the basic premise!

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An Introduction to Money Drop Live

Money Drop Live gives you the chance to try your luck at landing a maximum payout of up to 5,000x your bet. Furthermore, unlike other live game releases by competitors such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech has improvised an exciting way to play the game.

Notably, you begin with your bet amount plus the multiplier landed for that particular round. You can then use these funds to play the Money Drop or Card Clash rounds. Generally, the idea is to see how long you can play. And as a result, how much money you can keep at the end of the game.  

Money Drop Live Playtech

Spin a 2,500x multiplier to try your luck at three drop rounds. Money Drop Live boasts an RTP of 96.48% and a maximum payout of 5,000x!

Key Information

Developer Playtech
RTP 96.48%
Min. Wager 0.10
Max. Wager 4,000
Max. Payout 5,000x

Money Drop Live Rules

Money Drop live is based on the popular British TV show, The Million Pound Drop. As such, you will likely spot many similarities in how the game works. Here are the key Money Drop Live rules to keep in mind.

  • Your bet amount is not returned as part of the winning payout. Instead you only get to keep the amount retained after the drop.
  • While this is a live game, the Drops are RNG-based. Hence, the outcome of the drop is random. Nonetheless, there is a live host who spins the wheel and also deals the cards during the Card Clash game.
  • While it is possible to win in every game round, you are not always guaranteed to end in profit.
  • The Money Drop Live is a game of chance, and no specific skills are required to win.
  • Betting on all positions is the only way to increase your chance of winning. But even so, you are not assured of earning a profit.
  • If you are not playing in the main game, you can still place Winning Zone side bets.
  • Before the Drop rounds, the game will randomly double some multipliers and increase the safe zones for the 8x one drop.

The Money Drop Wheel

The wheel has 54 brightly coloured segments featuring multipliers and card clash game columns. Like Pragmatic Play’s Live Mega Wheel, which features multipliers of up to 500x, the Money Drop Wheel’s multipliers reach a whopping 5,000x. 

The wheel is set in motion by an engaging live dealer who will also walk you through the various levels and the game’s special features. You have a chance to bet on the number of sections you prefer.

Money Drop Games

The outcome of the wheel spin determines the type of money drop round to be played. This can either be a Drop game or a Card Clash. “Drop” in this case means losing the money placed on certain zones. Out of the four zones where you are required to put your money, some zones will tumble, and you only get to keep the money on the remaining sections.

In the case of a drop, your current balance will be increased by the multiplier. Then you are required to allocate your preferred amount into the four zones A, B, C, and D. For some rounds, such as the 8x multiplier, you can only place your funds on only one of the zones. Additionally, some drops allow you to spread your money on all zones. Thus, regardless of which zone drops, you are guaranteed some kind of win.

If the wheel stops at the Card Clash segment, the live dealer distributes the cards to players in the Blue and Pink section. The card game is played in three rounds, and the winner is awarded a specific multiplier. You will find more details on the Card Clash round in the section below. 

Money Drop Live RTP

Types of Drop Game

Each multiplier on the wheel has a different game attached to it. Below is an outline of the seven Money Drop Games. 

  • 8x Multiplier. This quick drop game is an all-or-nothing round where you are only required to place your money in one zone. Three of the four zones will be dropped.
  • 15x Multiplier. Also a one drop round, but you have the option to spread your money across the four zones.
  • 30x Multiplier. This is a single drop game that gives you the option to place your money on all four drop zones.
  • 100x Multiplier. This features two drop rounds. For each round, you can spread your money on all four zones.
  • 250x Multiplier. This is another two drop game, but you have to get through the two rounds to keep your money.
  • 1000x Multiplier. This drop game is played in three drop rounds, and you can spread your money on all four drop zones.
  • 2500x Multiplier. This is also a three drop round and all rounds allow you to place your money on the four zones

Card Clash Game

On the Money Drop Live wheel, there are three columns that are the entryway to the Card Clash Game. The game is played using 52 cards, and you will be required to choose between the blue or pink position. The dealer will then distribute one card to the players in the two positions. 

The game is played over three rounds, and the player with the highest card wins each round. However, if you are lucky to land a win in more than one round, your winnings are multiplied as follows;

  • 1 win pays 10x
  • 1 tie pays 5x
  • 2 wins pay 20x
  • 1 win and 1 tie pays 15x
  • 2 ties pay 20x
  • 2 wins and 1 tie pays 25x
  • 1 win and 2 ties pays 30x
  • 3 wins pay 50x
  • 3 ties pay 1,000x to every position

Winning Zone Side Bets

Money Drop Live allows you to bet on any one of the Drop Zones. You can place this wager even if you have not placed a bet on the main game. This side bet is also available if you have lost your bets during the drop rounds. The winning payout of these bets is as follows:

  • One Zone pays 2.9 to 1
  • Two Zones pay 0.95 to 1

Money Drop Live rules

Gameplay Procedure

At first glance, the game can seem quite intimidating. However, once you have mastered the rules,  the gameplay becomes seamless. To get started, you first need to register at a Playtech online casino and fund your account. Then go to the live dealer section and search the Money Drop Live game. 

We have simplified the overall gameplay procedure in the section below, to help you get to grips with the action.

Placing Bets

First, you’ll need to open the game window. If there is an ongoing game, wait a few minutes for the betting table to open. Once open, you can see the 8 betting multiplier sections, including Card Clash, at the bottom of your screen. Your balance is indicated on the left corner, and your bet for the ongoing round next to it.

Next, you’ll have a few seconds in which to choose your bet. The dealer will spin the Money Drop wheel when the betting section closes. The segment on which the wheel comes to a stop will be the multiplier on the round.

Your bet amount will then be increased by the multiplier chosen. The total amount you will be betting on that particular round is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Auto Play

The gameplay of the Money Drop Live is fast-paced but you can use the autoplay option to help you distribute your money across the boxes. The outcome of each round is displayed on the screen, and at the end, the top winners of the round are displayed on the leaders board.

Since each multiplier offers different gameplay, be sure you understand what to expect with each section. For example, if the wheel comes to a standstill on 8x, this is a quick money drop round where only one zone wins. In this game, three zones will drop and you are only allowed to bet on one. You can read more about the different types of game above.

Where to Play Money Drop Live

You can find the Money Drop Live game show at any online casino that offers Playtech games. However, to save you the hustle, we have listed our top recommended regulated casinos where you can find this fascinating live game. Remember to verify the licensing if you decide to sign up at any other gambling site.

How to Win at Money Drop Live

One interesting aspect about the Money Drop Live RTP (Return To Player) is that you are in full control of it. Basically, the RTP and volatility of the game depend on your bet type, ranging from 94.4% to 96.48%. 

The RTP is one crucial aspect that determines your chances of winning. Nonetheless, we have discussed a few other tips and strategies below that will also come in handy when playing this PlayTech live game show.

Mitigate Your Risks

The Money Drop Live is a game of chance. As such, there are no skills required. Instead, you can mitigate your risks by playing conservatively. This means covering all the zones regardless of whether it is one or two drops. This helps increase your chances of landing a win.

Money Drop Live card clash

Have a Budget

While this game offers you additional funds to play with, it is crucial to remember how much of your real money is at stake. Additionally, it is essential to have a clear outline of your loss and win limit per gaming session. This will help protect your wins and also guard you against chasing your losses.

Avoid Playing For Too Long

Dividing your gaming time into smaller sessions keeps the game entertaining, and it gives you time to cool down. When you are relaxed, you are more likely to make informed decisions than when you are tired from staring at the screens.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Gambling sites often have bonuses for both new and existing players. These offers come in handy when playing online casino games since they provide additional funds to play with. Thus, you will have additional funds to place your wagers. However, read through the terms and conditions before claiming any casino bonus. Only claim offers with reasonable wagering requirements.


Money Drop Live is a riveting live money wheel game show where, unusually, you do not build up to a win. Instead, you already know your maximum possible win from the very start, and the gameplay is all about hanging onto the money! With this game, Playtech reminds us that they too are capable of producing quality, engaging live dealer titles.


Who makes Money Drop Live?

The Money Drop Live game show was created by renowned casino software developers Playtech.

What is the Money Drop Live RTP?

The payout rate of Money Drop Live by Playtech varies from 94.4% to 96.48%, based on the money drop game round you play.

How do you play Money Drop Live?

Money Drop Live is quite straightforward. You begin by placing your bet which is then multiplied by the amount determined by the wheel. This gives you a higher amount to bet with during the Drop rounds. Check the “Gameplay Procedure” section of this guide for more details.

Is there a winning strategy for Money Drop Live?

Conservative gameplay is one of the key strategies to apply when playing Money Drop Live. To cover all of your bases, you are advised to spread your money on all the four betting zones.

Which online casinos have Money Drop Live?

Use the list of Money Drop Live casinos to see all online casinos that have Money Drop Live. We filter the casino top list to only show Money Drop Live casinos that accept players from your location.