Ocean’s Treasure Slot - Review and Casinos 2020

Ocean’s Treasure

The Ocean’s Treasure online slot by Net Entertainment takes players to the ocean floor to try to run up some big wins in both the regular game mode and a free spins bonus feature. There are lots of wilds involved in this title, and they are central to running up your winnings and getting more out of the other features that this game has to offer.

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An Introduction to Ocean’s Treasure

There is no shortage of online slots that use an underwater or ocean floor theme. However, when Net Entertainment produces a game in a crowded sub-genre like this one, you end up with something like the Ocean’s Treasure video slot that blows everything else out of the water.

Ocean's Treasure Main Screen
Ocean’s Treasure Main Screen

The combination of excellent features and gameplay along with a theme that looks tremendous makes this title stand out in a serious way.

The level of graphics used in this game is awesome to say the least. The creatures look like something out of a movie, and there was nothing with the symbol set, background or animations that was handled in a lazy way.

On the gameplay side, they’ve went with a particular style of play that centers around the wild symbols and that gives you a whole lot of ways to get paid, particularly with multiple wins on the same turn.

Betting and Layout

The way this layout is set up lends itself to some uneven bet sizes. As a result, we’ll be looking at this particular title in terms of the number of coins you’ll be able to win instead of wins as a multiple of the total bet size.

Here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll have five reels with three rows of symbols to create the usual 15-spot gameplay grid.
  • With 15 paylines, you’ll have enough ways to get paid without worrying about forgetting what half of them look like.
  • All paylines go from left to right only, and you can’t change how many lines are active on each spin.
  • You adjust your bet size by picking the size of your coins, and that will be multiplied by 15 to get your total wager.
  • The minimum coin size is €0.01 for a minimum bet size of €0.15, and you can wager as much as €20 for each coin, which comes to €300 per spin.

The volatility of this game is in the low to medium range. The high-rate is pretty high for a 15-payline slot as well, and that helps to give players a bit of breathing room in terms of keeping the swings from being out of hand.

Gameplay and Features

The wild symbols dominate this game, but the bonus feature is a bit different than anything we’ve ever seen before. When you add in a solid pay table, you get a lot of ways to get paid.

Note that all of the wins we describe here are listed in coins awarded.

Two Different Wild Symbols

There are two wild symbols in this game. One is a regular symbol, and the other is stacked. They give the same payouts along the lines of the following:

Ocean's Treasure Wild Symbols
Ocean’s Treasure Wild Symbols
  • Five of a Kind – 1,500x
  • Four of a Kind – 525x
  • Three of a Kind – 90x

The main difference between the stacked and non-stacked wilds is that the stacked wilds only appear in the regular game mode, but the regular-sized wild appears in both.

As you’ll see in what follows, they’re a key component in making sure that you get as much value as possible from both of the game modes.

Free Spins Mode

Activating the free spins is pretty straightforward. There is a treasure chest symbol that appears on the first, third and fifth reels only. It does not award any payouts, but when you get all three on the game board at once, then you’ll trigger the feature.

Ocean's Treasure Free Spins
Ocean’s Treasure Free Spins

Players will always be given 10 free spins to start off the bonus round no matter where the three scatters land on the screen.

During this bonus round, you can add more free spins to your total by getting regular wilds to land anywhere on the game board. When this happens, you will have two free spins added to your total for each wild.

Free Spin Levels and Multipliers

The free spins bonus round in the Ocean’s Treasure video slot centers around five levels of play. You start on the first level, but here are the multipliers awarded for each of these five levels:

  • Level 1 – 3x wins
  • Level 2 – 5x wins
  • Level 3 – 7x wins
  • Level 4 – 9x wins
  • Level 5 – 12x wins

To advance through the levels, you will need to collect wild symbols. While each wild will add two free spins to your total, it’s also the case that you will advance in level for every two wilds that you accumulate.

If you make it to level 5, then you will be given a 1,500x win right away, which is up there with the largest overall wins available in the game. This is a pretty cool way of adding value to a free spins bonus feature, and it shows that Net Entertainment was serious about the name of the Ocean’s Treasure online slot when they put this title together.

How to Win at Ocean’s Treasure

While the pay table itself is pretty solid, the real value for this game comes from the free spins feature because of the opportunities to get extra free turns and for the chances of getting the large multipliers.

As a result, one strategy for this game is to increase the number of spins that you get in per hour by using the autoplay feature or by simply playing more quickly than you normally would. This maximizes your chances of hitting the feature and getting access to that value, and you can slightly lower your coin size if that makes you more comfortable with the increased amount of wagers per hour that you’ll be putting in with this approach.

Payout Structure of Ocean’s Treasure

The top-paying regular symbol has the same prizes as the wilds with 1,500x for five of a kind. Five of a kind combinations of the map in the jar gets you a win of 1,050x, and you can make it 600x for five of the compass. The blue and silver key symbol is also worth 450x for five, and that rounds out the mid-level pays.

Ocean's Treasure Payouts
Ocean’s Treasure Payouts

Moving down to the card rank symbols, you have four symbols with different underwater themes. The red A symbol will get you 150x for five. If you line up five of the yellow K, then your payout is worth 120x. Wins of 75x and 60x can be yours for five of the green Q or cyan J symbols, respectively, as well.


The thing that stands out to us the most about the Ocean’s Treasure video slot is that the way the features are handled is much different than what we can remember seeing in any online slot before. This is a pretty big deal since NetEnt has such a wide range of titles in their portfolio and considering that we’ve seen the vast majority of them.

The other key thing to see here is that they have completely dominated the underwater/ocean floor sub-genre of video slots with this title. It beats out pretty much everything else in that group of games on both the visual and gameplay elements, and that just goes to show how strong of a force NetEnt is when they produce a game.