Online Gambling Enjoys Near-record Month In New Jersey

Online Gambling Enjoys Near-record Month In New Jersey ( Click to Enlarge )

The state of New Jersey has just published figures relating to the amount of online gaming that it oversaw in May 2019 and, while they haven’t quite eclipsed the previous record, they present a clear signal that interest in online play is continuing to boom in the Garden State.

$38m In May

The figures released by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement show that the online gaming companies that it regulates took in a total of $38.34 million in the month of May.

This is up more than 50% on the same month last year and leaves May less than one million dollars short of the overall record of $39.1 million that was set back in March.

Online gaming tends to peak in the winter months in New Jersey when cold temperatures encourage people to stay at home instead of venturing out, so getting so close to the overall record when summer is about to begin is seriously impressive.

Online Dominance

The other notable state from the figures is just how dominant online casinos are in the overall gaming revenue picture. Virtual casinos accounted for over $36 million of the total revenue earned, that’s more than 90%.

Compared to that, online poker and other tabletop games took in a relatively modest $1.8 million. Poker revenue has actually fallen slightly in recent months – another signal that online casino operators in New Jersey look set to conquer everything that lies before them.

New Jersey has pioneered a relatively relaxed approach to online gaming by the standards of the US.

While the Federal government is currently attempting to muscle into online gaming regulation, it is possible that states may try to push back as they become aware of the revenue goldmine that New Jersey is currently experiencing.

Online gaming has become a major source of tax revenue in several European countries and states that are increasingly strapped for cash may find themselves very tempted to follow the lead that New Jersey has taken. Only time will tell what approach wins out on the story of online gaming in the US.

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