Paynet is a payment service that allows those based in Mexico, Argentina and other areas in South America to make easy online payments and deposits. This payment provider works by allowing cash payment through stores in many South American countries. On top of making cash payments for online purchases, players can also make in-store cash payments to send money into their real money casino balance. This means users do not need to have an online account or a debit/credit card to make online payments. This is a great solution for those looking to make deposits without sharing sensitive information online.

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Paynet is a service that is owned by OpenPay. This service works with many affiliated stores in South America such as self-service stores and pharmacies. For a customer to make an online payment they will need to go to one of the Paynet stores and put in cash with their Paynet code that will send the money to the recipient. This payment option offers great accessibility to those who may not be able to make online payments otherwise.


This payment option doesn’t work in the same manner as other online payment methods. As the payment is sent by cash through a store card system the deposit is not instant and therefore cannot be triggered by an online deposit. That doesn’t mean that you are unable to claim deposits. It means that the deposit will need to be manually credited on the casino’s side and this is easily done. In many cases, you will need to request the deposit using the transaction number to the casino’s support service. Once the cash reaches your balance you may have to wait a little longer for your bonus to be issued too.


This may seem like an inconvenient payment option to many players but that doesn’t mean there are no advantages to using Paynet as a deposit option. Let’s take a look at some of the perks to using the payment provider.

Security: This form of payment does not ask for your personal details or sensitive information. What’s more, you need to physically pay in the cash at one of the representing stores, so the money is not at risk electronically.

Transaction management: Once any transaction with Paynet is done, you can check the status of the transaction by logging into the Paynet website and entering both the amount deposited and the reference number.


Paynet is not without its disadvantages. There are a number of setbacks to using this form of payment to make online deposits and purchases. Let’s look at some of the drawbacks to using this deposit method.

No withdrawals: You cannot withdraw your winnings using Paynet.

Prolonged payments: This payment method takes significantly longer to move money than a regular credit card or eWallet would take.

Partner establishments: You must visit one of the stores that accept Paynet payments and there may not be one in close proximity.


There is a small fee with each transaction you make using Paynet. This is because there is a little more manual work involved in processing the payment. This fee is usually a set amount against each payment you make using the service.

Creating an Account

You do not need to create an account to use this service. The service works by using a generated code to complete online payments. You can view any previous payment activity on the Paynet site using the generated codes you have received.


Making a deposit using Paynet uses a different process to most conventional online payment systems. Once you are signed up to your preferred online casino there are only a few key steps to follow to complete the casino deposit process.

  • Choose Paynet as your payment option.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and a code will then generate.
  • Take the code to one of the affiliated stores and pay in the cash.
  • Confirm the payment through the online verification request.
  • The money will then be sent to your online casino.
  • Once the funds display in your casino balance you can start enjoying the games!


Unfortunately, this payment method is not available for making withdrawals. You will have to use an alternative payment option to withdraw your winnings.


One of the biggest reasons that customers chose to make online payments using the Paynet service is the security it offers each transaction. As the system works through generated codes and cash payments there is no cyber threat involved. Once you pay cash through one of the merchants the money is sent to that recipient, therefore it cuts out the bank-to-bank transaction that is often prone to online threats. The cash is in your hands, so as long as you have it safe, your online payment is in good hands. What’s more, you do not need to create an online account to use this service, so you are not sharing any personal details online.


Paynet offers plenty of support options including phone and email. You can reach out to support any time of day and quickly be connected to one of the friendly support agents. What’s more, you can consult the Paynet FAQs for a general answer to a general question.


This payment option is not widely available in most regions where other online payment options thrive. However, in less developed areas around South America Paynet is still quite popular and available to those close to affiliated stores. Some of the stores that work with Paynet include Walmart, 7 Eleven, Extra, Kiosko, Alsuper, Circle K, and Superama. Paynet is listed as a deposit option on a good number of online casinos that operate in South American countries.


Can I make withdrawals using Paynet?

No, you cannot send money back through the Paynet method. You will have to withdraw any funds using an alternative payment option.

Are there fees involved with Paynet?

Yes, there is a small fee attached to each Paynet transaction. Furthermore, some casinos add their own fees to every deposit and withdrawal transaction.

What is the best Paynet casino?

We have researched for you so you can view the best casinos that accept Paynet payments and make a choice yourself. We have listed the top-rated Paynet casinos here.

Which online casinos accept Paynet?

Use the list of Paynet casinos to see all online casinos that accept Paynet payments. We filter the casino top list to only show Paynet casinos that accept players from your location.