Pragmatic Play Expands Its Live Casino Offerings

Pragmatic Play Expands Its Live Casino Offerings ( Click to Enlarge )

Pragmatic Play has recently expanded its live casino portfolio. The content provider has added a host of new tables to its current offerings. It has also added a new Ruby studio.

Pragmatic Play Adds 15 New Tables to Its Portfolio

Leading content provider Pragmatic Play has just announced the expansion of its existing live dealer offerings. The company has added a new Ruby studio and 15 new tables to its current portfolio.

Content provider Pragmatic Play is now offering a brand-new set of live casino tables alongside its most recent rollout of its new Ruby studio.

The brand is pleased to offer such an extensive set of new tables and gaming opportunities for its players. The rollout of Pragmatic’s newest Ruby studio is an exciting development for both the brand and its operating partners.

Pragmatic Play has increased its diverse list of live casino offerings with several new tables. This includes additional space for Baccarat, Speed Baccarat and blackjack. These three games are consistent player favorites among their live dealer offerings.

The new Ruby studio has added an impressive number of new tables for Pragmatic’s blackjack offerings in particular. The classic game is getting an appealing and elegant new presentation via Pragmatic’s new studio.

The Ruby studio launch will also see an upgrade to the overall live casino experience that Pragmatic offers. Ruby is an upscale and luxurious studio that offers an immersive environment for players. It gives a truly unique and rich feel to the classic live dealer experience.

In addition, there will be new tables for the popular Speed Baccarat and Baccarat games. This allows more people to get in on the action at once.

Pragmatic Play’s Ruby Studio Elevates the Live Casino Experience

Operators are thrilled that Pragmatic’s new tables come with their proprietary Chroma Solutions technology. This allows for complete customization as well as the ability to request bespoke experiences for operators.

Every live dealer table will be broadcast from Pragmatic Play’s cutting-edge studio. The live feeds are all filmed with 4K cameras for a truly high-definition experience. Additionally, this suite of new studio offerings makes for faster and more precise live dealer gameplay.

Chief Business Development Officer Yossi Barzely commented on Pragmatic’s release of this new Ruby studio experience:

“Alongside new and innovative game types we’re also committed to regularly enhancing our existing range of classic player favorites and we’re delighted with the additional options now available.

The new tables offer a fast-paced experience similar to the immersive nature of traditional casinos, and they will help maintain our drive to provide the best in Live Casino to as diverse a player demographic as possible.”

Pragmatic Play has always demonstrated a commitment to offering the best possible customer experience. Adding these live dealer games is further proof of the brand’s dedication to total customer satisfaction.

All of these new live casino tables are recently made available to Pragmatic’s operating partners. This content comes in addition to its impressive portfolio of over 200 HTML5 games.

More About the Latest Pragmatic Play Live Casino Offerings

Baccarat and Speed Baccarat are two of the most highly anticipated additions to Pragmatic Play’s recent expansion. These games are beloved by fans of live casino play. This is particularly true of the Speed Baccarat variant of the game.

In Speed Baccarat, players get all of the fun of traditional Baccarat with less waiting and shorter rounds. The speed of the game adds a fresh layer of engagement and excitement for players. In Speed Baccarat, each round takes only 27 seconds.

Additionally, the betting time is limited to only 12 seconds. This makes for a thrilling, fast-paced experience. This is especially true with the added change of the cards being dealt face up immediately following the bets.

Players who enjoy classic Baccarat will not be disappointed. The new Ruby studio tables for classic Baccarat are just as exciting. All traditional Baccarat tables can be played in either Regular Mode or No-Commission Mode. In addition, players can switch between play modes as they wish during a single session.

Players can also try for the lucrative Super 6 side bet if they are feeling lucky. This means they will win if the Banker beats the Player with a total of six points. The bet is paid at 15:1, so it’s an advantageous risk to take.

All of these new live dealer casino tables have been available to the public since February 23. This means that fans of Pragmatic Play can experience the new Ruby studio at any time.


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