Pragmatic Play Inks Agreement With Betmotion

Pragmatic Play Inks Agreement With Betmotion ( Click to Enlarge )

The global expansion of Pragmatic Play has continued with another important deal from this developer. This time, it’s with Betmotion, one of the most important providers in Brazil. This will get their games in even more countries with more of a foothold in South America and Latin America.

Betmotion and Pragmatic Play Sign Agreement

In the modern online casino industry, software developers have to be pushing for expansion in different ways than ever before. In earlier times, all they really had to do was get their software used in more casinos, but now, it’s much more complicated than that.

Expansion now centers more around playing the strategic game of trying to get into as many countries as possible with the way the current patchwork regulatory scheme works.

As a result, you end up with deals like the new one between Pragmatic Play and Betmotion, which is a great example of how the industry has adjusted in the modern era in the general sense. They are expanding into South America in this way, and it gives them access to a lot more players than they would have been able to reach otherwise.

With that said, there are also long-term implications here, and this move also speaks volumes about the approach that Pragmatic Play is taking from a strategic standpoint.

What’s Covered in This Deal

Betmotion is a Brazilian online casino software platform supplier, and they will be taking on Pragmatic Play’s entire portfolio including their live dealer offering. This includes their extensive selection of online slots that go back several years in addition to their complete lineup of table games, scratch cards and other titles. It’s obviously a pretty extensive selection that they’re going to be adding to their lineup as a result of this agreement, and they’re obviously very happy about it, or it wouldn’t be happening.

What’s great about this deal is that it also includes future content. That’s important because this is a very active software developer that puts out about four new slot titles each calendar month, and that’s on top of other games in the bingo and live dealer sectors that come out on a different schedule. New content that’s fresh and on the cutting edge of what the industry has to offer is the order of the day here, and that’s exactly what Betmotion has signed up for.

The Strategic Implications

A lot of the talk about regulatory strategy in the online gambling industry tends to focus around Europe with some discussion in North America or Asia. However, the South American market has a lot of promise as well, and this deal with Pragmatic Play entering into the continent once again shows that they’re serious about being a major force there.

From a strategic standpoint, there are two goals that each software company is trying to meet. First, they want to get a foothold in as many areas as possible. Second, once that foothold is established, they want to expand to get as much market share as they can within those areas. Pragmatic Play is on the first part in some areas like Brazil while they are on the second part in others, but in any event, it’s clear that they are taking this expansion very seriously.

What Players Can Expect

What’s really great about this deal is that the players are going to benefit quite a bit, and they may actually be the ultimate winners in all of this with all things considered. Players in Brazil will be getting access to hundreds of fresh titles, many of which represent the peak of the online slots industry, and that’s great because of how popular those games are there.

On top of that, it increases competition between other companies, which in turn will drive up the level of quality of the games and the size of the selection available. This type of competition and strategic maneuvering between companies and developers is definitely good for the long-term health of the industry in this way.

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