Pragmatic Play Joins 888 Casino With Slots and Live Dealer Games

Pragmatic Play Joins 888 Casino With Slots and Live Dealer Games ( Click to Enlarge )

888 Casino has gotten a variety of new games thanks to a recent deal with Pragmatic Play. This deal will have them carry the full line of online slots as well as the live dealer games offered by this software developer, which is known for offering a very high-quality product.

888 Casino Adds Pragmatic Play Titles

The online casino industry is hyper competitive, and the fact that players can so easily move from one site to another is a major reason for that. Because of this, they have to stay on the cutting edge of what’s hot in the industry, and that includes offering the best games they can.

This competitive pressure is one of the reasons why 888 Casino has made a new deal with Pragmatic Play to host their games.

This deal is for more than just the slots that Pragmatic Play is known for, and it goes further into their live dealer offering. As a result, 888 will be getting a wider range of titles than what you typically see in deals like this one, and that means that the players are going to be the ones who win big with a larger selection of titles to pick from at a site that’s already one of the most popular in the world.

Which Slots Are Included?

In this content distribution deal, you’ll see that the full selection of online slots from Pragmatic Play will be made available at 888 Casino. This includes hundreds of titles, and since they’re known for putting out some pretty solid games, it’s definitely a big win for players.

If you’re a fan of video slots, particularly ones that go outside of the realm of what’s normal on the feature set side, then this is great news for you since that’s what this developer really focuses on.

Moreover, they have more classic slots than many other providers, so for the players who really like three-reel games (even though a lot of them play like video slots), it’s good news as well.

The Live Dealer Offering

Of special note here is the live dealer offering that’s being put on for 888 Casino. The live dealer tables are actually a fairly new thing from Pragmatic Play, and they started working on it a couple of years ago around the same time that other companies like Net Entertainment started challenging Evolution Gaming for a portion of their market share.

Evolution Gaming held the number one spot in the live dealer space for over a decade, but companies like Pragmatic Play have been pushing in on their hold on the market. As a result, there’s a lot to be excited about here because they’re offering something fresh, clean and interesting as a part of this competitive element.

The Expansion of Pragmatic Play

The company that once became Pragmatic Play didn’t have the best reputation at one point because some of the casinos that ran the software didn’t have good business practices. New owners and management cleared that up really quickly, not allowing shady businesses to run their software at casinos regardless of the circumstances, and along with an overall rebranding, they started focusing on quality games.

That happened years ago, and we can see the result of the momentum they have built up ever since. They’ve been busting into new markets, like the live dealer space, while simultaneously taking over more of the video slot industry, which is the type of game they’ve always been known for.

Exciting News for 888 Casino

888 Casino has been around for quite a while, and they already have games available from several of the top names in the software side of the online casino industry. With the addition of Pragmatic Play’s slots and live dealer offering, their players will have an even better selection to pick from than ever before.

Their already impressive selection of games, when combined with their tremendous reputation and great selection of promotions and special deals, have held them in place as one of the absolute top online casinos in the entire industry for a very long time. Because they stay on the edge of what’s fresh and new, like with this new content distribution deal with Pragmatic Play, it’s clear that they will continue to hold their spot indefinitely.

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