Pragmatic Play Launches Dedicated Betway Live Dealer Studio

Pragmatic Play Launches Dedicated Betway Live Dealer Studio ( Click to Enlarge )

Betway, one of the more popular online brands in the world, have launched a new dedicated live dealer blackjack studio. This is provided by Pragmatic Play, one of the top names for live dealer casino titles and gameplay in the world.

Betway Opens New Live Blackjack Studio

The role of different types of games in the online casino world is constantly changing. Pragmatic Play, one of the top providers of live dealer games and online slots in the industry, knows this better than most. This is why their new live blackjack studio, branded for Betway, is such a big deal.

Players at Betway will now have the ability to enjoy live blackjack like never before through their platform.

Betway is a long-standing brand known for taking care of their players in a lot of different ways. While they’re often noted for their strong customer service, they also have a top-tier game selection and platform. Adding to both of those now is this new blackjack studio, which is something only a select few online brands have. This news makes them even more competitive than before, which is impressive considering how difficult it has been for the competition to get one over on them.

Which Games Are Offered in This New Studio

A handful of years back, Pragmatic Play decided to enter the live dealer casino game space. That was a bold move because it had been dominated for at least a decade by Evolution Gaming. Evolution is still considered the king of the space by many industry experts. However, that gap between them has closed considerably, and many also consider Pragmatic Play to have the superior product.

In any case, this game studio will feature Pragmatic Play’s lineup of blackjack and blackjack-style live games only. It will also carry the Betway branding, so you’ll have no doubt about where you’re playing.

What’s more is that this is an extension of an already existing deal between the two companies. That means playing their other live dealer games is simple because they’ve already been available for quite a while. Additionally, the same thing goes for their lineup of top-tier slots. Betway has the full portfolio of Pragmatic Play slots available as well.

How Does Pragmatic Play Come Out With All of This?

The thing to understand here is that Pragmatic Play is not just serious about their slot portfolio. It can come across that way because of their history in that particular space and the number of top-tier games they come out with on such an aggressive release schedule. However, the truth of the matter is that they are just as aggressive in taking over as much of the live dealer market as they can.

Branded live dealer rooms like this are an important part of this type of aggressive growth strategy. Additionally, it signals a very strong relationship between the operator and software provider. As a result, you have much less of a chance of that relationship being soured at some point and coming to an end.

Overall, Pragmatic Play is definitely coming out incredibly well with this deal. They get to show off their top live dealer blackjack games to an audience filled with people who appreciate that genre specifically.

What Players Can Expect Going Forward

If you’re looking to play in this type of dedicated Pragmatic Play studio, Betway isn’t your only option. They’ve had similar deals recently with Stake, Mansion’s M88 and Kindred’s Unibet in addition to Super Group’s Betway Casino. However, due to the momentum we’ve seen for them in this area, we expect Pragmatic Play to have other similarly branded live dealer studios for other top brands announced sooner rather than later.

With the business stuff aside, players can continue to expect awesome live dealer games from Pragmatic Play. Additionally, they seem to have a bit of a variety compared to many other providers. That’s not even taking into account their industry-leading slot portfolio.


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