Pragmatic Play Wins CFI Magazine Award for Most Responsible Provider

Pragmatic Play Wins CFI Magazine Award for Most Responsible Provider ( Click to Enlarge )

The CFI Magazine award for the Most Responsible iGaming Content Provider was given to Pragmatic Play this year. This is a very prestigious award, and it comes after they’ve already performed so well with other awards recently. The provider has clearly impressed tons of people with their most recent work, and it shows with these achievements.

CFI Magazine Award Given to Pragmatic Play

In the online gambling world, awards are a key way of showing which companies are doing what they need to. It’s also a form of internal regulation in which the best of the best are put up to be a sign of what other companies should aspire to be. In this way, new standards are pushed each year, and those standards are codified by the results of these types of awards.

However, when an online gambling company is recognized from a non-industry source, it’s very meaningful as well.

This is why it’s such a big deal that CFI Magazine has given Pragmatic Play an important award. The reward itself was for the Most Responsible iGaming Content Provider in Europe. Since Europe is generally seen as the epicenter of the online gambling world, this is obviously huge.

In this case, it’s not just who is giving the award and who is receiving it. Instead, it’s also about the meaning of the award and what it means for the industry in general.

Why This Award

Pragmatic Play was chosen for this award for a few reasons. Generally speaking, it’s obviously for their work for responsible online gambling services. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that in terms of specifics.

First off, their support of the GambleAware program was specifically mentioned by CFI Magazine. This is an important program that helps to make sure that players are who they say they are. As a result, this curbs underage gambling. However, it also gives players easy access to resources that can help them to stop gambling if they so desire.

Something else pointed out by the magazine was Pragmatic Play’s work for player protection. Taking care of players is the number one priority of this software developer. That’s something that’s easy to stay on paper, but they’ve proven it with their actions. That’s the other main reason why they were chosen for this award; their track record doesn’t lie.

Pragmatic Play’s Performance

The SBC Awards were held in late 2020, which wasn’t that long ago. In those awards, seen as some of the most important in the industry, Pragmatic Play did really well. They were primarily recognized for their work in the mobile gambling space.

When you add to that the attention they’ve gotten recently for their live dealer work, a pattern starts to emerge. They’re being recognized for a really wide range of things. The pattern is that they are committed to excelling in everything they do whenever possible. As a result, the players being taken care of are at the forefront of all of that because it’s the overall point of offering such great service in the first place.

Their performance overall is all that more impressive when you consider where the company was several years ago. Under their previous name, they had a less than stellar reputation. With new management and direction, however, they turned that ship around.

Now they’re seen as one of the top names in the online casino software industry. They’ve put in a ton of work and are offering players a tremendous selection of games. However, they also put forth an extra effort to make sure that players are taken care of.

This is the core of why they do so well. Wanting to take care of players is the foundation of everything that they work toward. As a result, all decisions can be made through the lens of how it affects players. In this way, they can always work toward one common vision and one common goal.

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