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Rainforest Magic

The Rainforest Magic online slot by Play’n GO features a bright and vibrant rainforest setting with a hint of a forest fantasy type of feel. This is a gorgeous game with tremendous features like free spins with mystery reels and random mystery symbols that all turn into the same matching icon to make it easier to pick up winning combinations.

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An Introduction to the Rainforest Magic Slot

One of the things that experienced players can tell you is that Play’n GO knows how to put together games that both look great and have strong features and gameplay. That’s exactly what you get with the Rainforest Magic video slot.

This game brings a very serious level of quality from both sides of the slot equation in a way that creates an experience that can appeal to virtually all players.

The visual appeal is real with each symbol looking absolutely amazing, even down to the low-ranking card suit symbols. On top of that, the feature set is designed in a way that gets past what you normally see in a slot without going too far outside of the box. This helps to create an experience that’s unique but that still feels coherent instead of something that alienates the players.

Rainforest Magic Main Screen
Rainforest Magic Main Screen

Betting and Layout

The betting situation for this game is set up to be really simple. Play’n GO doesn’t like super-complicated types of wagering setups because they seem to think that they distract from the experience, which is a reasonable position, so here’s what you’ll get from this title:

  • Five reels are available in this game with three symbols on each of those reels.
  • This is a slot that uses 25 static paylines. This number cannot be increased or decreased.
  • All paylines pay from left to right only in all parts of the game.
  • The minimum bet size is €0.25 with a maximum of €100 per spin. A variety of other increments are available in between.
  • An autoplay option is available, and you’ll click the orange button in the bottom-right corner to open up the options for that.

The volatility of this title is in the medium range, so you don’t have to worry about swings being too bad, but you still have chances for some pretty strong wins. Most of these stronger pays will come from the features, which is one of the main things that keeps the volatility from being at a particularly low level.

Note that all of the pays we discuss here will be a multiple of your whole bet size. If you increase or decrease your wager, your wins will increase or decrease proportionately.

Features and Gameplay

The set of features for the Rainforest Magic online slot is designed to create a style of play that centers around giving you better chances for winning combinations during the regular game. The bonus round takes that concept to a bit of an extreme, but the same idea remains as the core of the overall gameplay experience.

Wild Tiger Cub Symbols

A really cute tiger cub appears in a golden frame with flowers all around on every one of the five reels. You’ll get a great winning combination of 40x your payout if you get five of this symbol on the reels, and it is also a wild symbol.

Rainforest Magic Wild Symbols
Rainforest Magic Wild Symbols

We want to point out that this wild does not have specific winning combinations for three of a kind or four of a kind, so you’ll get the payout that it helps you to get with the fourth and fifth symbols. This is a smart way to avoid clogging up the pay table.

Mystery Symbols

The mystery symbols are an important part of the overall gameplay, and they’re really the core feature overall. They appear as glowing golden question marks surrounded by vines and purple flowers, and they can show up anywhere on the game board.

Rainforest Magic Mystery Symbols
Rainforest Magic Mystery Symbols

When you get these on the board, at the end of your win, a symbol from the pay table is chosen at random, and every single one of the mystery symbols will become that one symbol. What this does for the player is that it makes it easier to get matching winning combinations, and that’s even more the case when the mystery symbol turns into a wild.

Free Spins Mode

There is not a dedicated scatter symbol just for determining when you get free spins in this game. Instead, they are determined by the wild symbols.

Players will trigger a free spins bonus round whenever they get at least three wild symbols anywhere on the game board.

The number of free spins you get is determined by the following:

  • Five Wild Symbols – 15 free spins
  • Four Wild Symbols – 12 free spins
  • Three Wild Symbols – 9 free spins

On top of getting these free spins, you’ll get to choose from four purple flowers when the game mode starts. This will give you a number from one to four that tells you how many mystery reels you’ll be given for each free spin.

Rainforest Magic Free Spins
Rainforest Magic Free Spins

The mystery reels are chosen to random positions each spin, and they are completely full of mystery symbols for that free spin. This really increases your opportunities for getting multi-line wins and boosts your chances of winning in general. If you pick up the wild symbol as the mystery symbol on even just one of these free spins, then you’ll be in for some serious chances for some massive payouts.

How to Win at Rainforest Magic

The key thing that will determine how you perform in this game is how often you pick up the free spins mode and how many mystery reels you get. That will usually be the one thing that gives you the best opportunities for a major win, though it is possible without triggering that feature depending on the length of your session.

With the volatility at a medium level, one option is to play with the autoplay option with a slightly smaller bet size than usual. This will allow you to get in more spins during your session than you normally would, which maximizes the chances of hitting the free spins bonus round, but the total amount you wager through your session will be about the same thanks to the slightly smaller bet size.

Payout Structure for Rainforest Magic

There are two symbols other than the wilds that pay out pretty well. They are the golden monkey with a 20x win for five of a kind and the red parrot that will give you 16x for five on a payline.

The mid-level wins are other animals that have circles instead of square frames. The yellow toucan pays 12x for five, and you can earn 8x or 4x for five of the green snake or blue tree frog, respectively.

From there, we end up at the low-tier card suit symbols. These symbols are absolutely gorgeous, and they have been presented in a way that just looks tremendous. The blue spade or red heart each pay 2.4x for five of a kind combinations. You can also earn 1.2x for five of the golden diamond or the green club.


With the Rainforest Magic video slot by Play’n GO, players get to go into a magical forest setting that’s a little different than the typical wooded scenario with fairies and toadstools. The game looks great on all levels from the background to the animations and symbol set. The features are also excellent with a lot of action.