Spigo is a games developer that is different to most thanks to its game types, in-game currency and community elements. Rather than producing slots or casino games, its focus is on digital versions of popular board games and puzzles. Compare the best Spigo casinos and play its titles with a bonus.

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Betpukka 75% Betpukka Review Country Flag
1XBet Casino 96% 1XBet Casino Review Country Flag
Megapari Casino 93% Megapari Casino Review Country Flag
Betwinner Casino 92% Betwinner Casino Review Country Flag
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MyStake 75% MyStake Review Country Flag

When people think of casino games they tend to imagine slots, roulette, blackjack, poker and similar games. But Spigo has focused on the classic family-friendly games players will have experienced during their childhoods, ranging from chess to sudoku to crossword puzzles.  Spigo advertises itself as a professional viable alternative to the bigger developers out there.

When users first sign up to Spigo, they are given a free account. They can also upgrade to a gold account for a fee. Gold accounts give access to additional benefits such as extra games, the ability to customise profile pictures, a full-screen play mode and ‘seniority’, which gives users access to hidden functions.

Why play at a Spigo casino?

Chat function

The most unique thing about Spigo is that it encourages its members to communicate with each other and become friends. The Spigo site has many social media elements not usually found on standard gambling sites. Each member has a profile page where they can display information about themselves and even add a profile pic. The level of customisation helps to increase user engagement.

Members can also join clubs and teams. If the user wants to interact with a specific friend they can click on their profile which shows which game they are currently playing. Text chat is a major part of Spigo. The ability to make friends with other players is a major selling point of the site.


Chat and friendship-building is a core aspect of Spigo. Interacting with others via the chat rooms will make the overall experience much more enjoyable. Newbies can discuss the different games with veteran players and get invaluable advice. Once newcomers have ingratiated themselves into the community they will get a better understanding of the best ways to win games and jackpots.

Free Sign-Up Gift

New players are enticed to the site with a welcome gift of 1,000 Spigo tokens. This means that they can start playing the fun games as soon as they sign in. They can test out several titles with their gift Spigos to find out which one is best for their playing style.


The majority of game wins result in a prize of Spigos. These are not just virtual tokens, they can actually be spent in the Spigo store or swapped for lottery tickets. The maximum prize for the real money games is £100.

However, products from the store need to be bought not just with Spigo tokens but also money for additional and postage costs. Spigo claims the reason for this is that the products are expensive to produce. This will certainly put many players off the concept of the Spigo currency.


Players looking for traditional casino games will likely be disappointed with what Spigo has to offer. Instead, it has developed digital versions of board games, card games and puzzles that were most popular before iGaming came along.

There are currently over 50 titles in the main catalogue to choose from. Each game has its own unique sense of character. They have different fonts, colour schemes, visual styles and animations.

The vast majority of the games give out jackpots of Spigo tokens. The amount awarded to winners will vary depending on the game and whether it is a tournament. However, there are also cash-based games. The maximum jackpot for each one is £100. Whilst this is significantly lower than rival casino sites, users should also take into account the higher likelihood of them winning.

Game Examples


This classic strategic game pits two players at once against each other. It is perfect for tournaments as one player gets eliminated after each round. To make things easier, the possible moves are shown on-screen. This ensures that even people rusty at chess still stand a chance of winning.


Another well-known board game based on strategy. Backgammon can be played either through standard mode or with a double die. The latter will make the game much more thrilling. However, backgammon does not see as much player traffic as chess, so users will not always be able to find an opponent.

Spigo's Backgammon game
Spigo’s Backgammon game


Not all of the games are multiplayer. Despite the social nature of Spigo, it is still possible to have a purely solo playing experience. The Sudoku game has 10,000 individual levels. This should be enough to satisfy most fans of mathematical puzzles.


Even though most players choose the board-based multiplayer titles, there are still a few card games on the site. Whist can be played with four friends at a time. It is one of the more addictive games on offer, and winners will need to employ a good deal of strategy while also being lucky.

Spigo's Whist game
Spigo’s Whist game


There are also hybrid lexicological casino games. They have the same overall structure as a regular crossword. The main difference is that once a puzzle is solved, the player is rewarded with a free spin. If players struggle, they can save their progress and come back to it later.


This exciting, fast-paced game involves rotating hexagons in order to form colour groups so that they disappear from the board. In terms of gameplay, it serves very much like an off-brand version of Tetris. The prehistoric setting is fun and the levels increase in intensity as the player progresses. They have the chance of winning four different jackpots. The save function is very handy for players who want to take a break without losing their progress.

Spigo's Jurassica game
Spigo’s Jurassica game


Players who want team engagement to be a major part of their game will enjoy Guess-a-Sketch. Players are assigned an object to draw on screen. The other team members then have to guess what it is. Each player in turn is given the role of the drawer. The game lends itself well to the social side of Spigo and is best played amongst a group of friends. Guess-a-Sketch encourages creativity as the fastest and best drawers are rewarded.


Carrom is one of the few Spigo titles that can be played for money prizes. It involves players potting green and red pieces, which are placed in the four corners of the game board. Players can choose to do one to nine best of rounds. Whoever manages to pot all of their pieces wins the round. It allows the fastest and most assertive players to potentially earn lucrative rewards.


This is one of the more cartoonish games available in the catalogue. There are Pac-Man style ghosts which roam around each level map. The goal of the player is to eat the cheese scattered through the levels without coming into contact with the ghosts beforehand. Once they gain the ability to eat the ghosts, they can win bonuses and eventually win the main jackpot. Parrot stands out as the most immediately fun game from Spigo. It regularly sees a good amount of player traffic because of this.

Spigo's Parrot game
Spigo’s Parrot game


President is Spigo’s own unique take on a classic card game. The player who manages to gain the role of President gets to dictate the new rules of the game. This can include giving an unlucky opponent their worst cards and deciding which cards can clear piles. President has very good graphic design elements and animations.


Although not advertised clearly on the site, there are daily scratchcard games to participate in. Each user is automatically given six scratchcards every day. This does give an extra amount of player engagement, but the actual rewards are minimal.

Spigo Quick scratchcard
Spigo Quick scratchcard

Company Details

The Denmark-based company Spigo was created with the goal of providing fun and secure modern online games. In recent years it has branched out to tablet-based casino games. The current focus is on second generation HTML5 titles. Spigo owns several other brands including Spixx, Bingo.dk and Yatsy.


What is the best Spigo casino?

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