Swish is a method of payment available for Swedish mobile users, including casino players. Regarded as the fastest payment method in the country, Swish is a safe and secure way for Swedes to load their casino wallets balance in seconds, on the go. A total of seven banks collaborated to create this method in 2012, with the purpose of enabling Swedes to make cashless payments, using only a smartphone. Swish is a mobile app, which you must install before use. Here is a list of some of the most popular Swish casinos you will find on the web.

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Following the passing of the 2018 online gambling bill in Sweden, the country’s casino landscape has never been the same, as many online establishments have now been licensed by the Swedish state to operate in the country. These casinos decided to expand the list of their payment options by introducing Swish, which serves millions of Swedes. This came as a relief to many Swedish online casino players who love playing on their smartphones. With this system, the players can now load their casino wallets in seconds, while on the move.

Swish allows mobile casino players in Sweden to effectively manage every aspect of their gaming without having to switch between devices. It is also smooth and easy to use.


The online casino market is so competitive that operators have to offer perks in the form of bonuses to make existing players happy and attract new ones. You will realize that these bonuses generally have nothing to do with the payment method that the player is using. Hence, Swish casino players are eligible to claim any bonuses offered. That said, it is essential to know that some payment providers strike deals with casinos to offer exclusive bonuses to players. It remains to be seen if Swish will make such a move in the future. Additionally, some casinos decline to offer a welcome bonus when a player uses specific payment methods. On this note, it is essential to read the casino’s fine print to ensure that Swish is an acceptable method for claiming such a bonus.


The fact that Swish makes it possible for casino players to make payments on their mobile phone is perhaps the most significant advantage of this system. Additionally, the method is easy to use, safe, and fast; it takes only seconds for money to reflect in the player’s casino account. The fact that the users are not required to provide their personal information makes Swish even more secure. In a nutshell, Swish is:

  • Instant: With this method, transactions happen in real time.
  • Convenient: This is a mobile payment, meaning that you can transact from anywhere, as long as you have the Swish app installed on your mobile device.
  • Easy to use: Making payments using Swish is a straight forward process that any novice casino player can complete without any trouble.
  • Free to use: You will not pay a penny to deposit with Swish.


As with any good thing, Swish has got its own downsides. First of all, the user must hold an account in one of the Swedish banks that support the system. Secondly, the method is exclusively used for deposits; there are no withdrawal services. And, not every online casino accepts Swish.

  • Bank restrictions: You will not be able to deposit at a Swish casino if you don’t have an account with a bank that is a partner in this payment method.
  • No withdrawals: As of January 2019, the method supports only deposits. You will, unfortunately, need to have an alternative withdrawal method if you’re playing at a Swish casino.
  • Casino restrictions: The number of casinos that support Swish is still limited, meaning that you may miss out on your favorite casino when using this payment method.


Exorbitant charges have the potential to discourage casino gamblers from playing. Swish comes to your rescue by allowing you to load your casino balance without paying a single krona. So, if fees have been an issue for you, then a Swish casino could be your perfect fit.


At the moment, Swish is mainly meant to serve players from Sweden. It is little wonder the service is only available in Swedish krona (SEK). However, with its fast-rising popularity, chances are that the system may accept other currencies, especially once it establishes itself internationally.

Creating an Account

Swish casinos require players to have a Swish account to play. The account creation is simple and straightforward. It all begins with having an account in a Swedish bank that supports Swish. Once you have your bank account, you will need a working phone number and a mobile phone to set up your Swish account. To connect your bank account with Swish, you will need to download a Bank ID app on your mobile phone, then use the app to connect the two accounts.

Funding Account

For the transaction to complete successfully, you must have money in your bank account. Once you have downloaded and connected the Swish app with your bank account, all you will need to start Swishing is to activate the app. To do that, open the app and connect your mobile number (the one you used when opening your bank account)


Depositing money into your Swish casino account is a breeze.

  1. Log into your Swish casino account
  2. Locate the deposit page
  3. Select Swish as your payment method
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer
  5. Key in Input and you will be directed to Swish on your device
  6. Confirm your payment
  7. Check your casino balance; the money will be there


Unfortunately, Swish does not support withdrawals as of January 2019. Those playing at Swish casinos can use other withdrawal methods supported by such casinos. Be sure that the withdrawal method you’re using is supported in your country As a rule of thumb, ensure the method is secure and safe


Swish utilizes Mobile BankID to secure your information. Users are encouraged to install both the Swish and BankID apps on the same device to prevent other people from accessing their Swish account. Your account is completely safe from an intrusion, as long as your security code remains a secret.


No single payment system is perfect, and Swish is no different. If you experience any hiccups or have any unanswered questions, there are many avenues you can explore to have your issue resolved. You can visit the FAQ section of the Swish official website where you can get answers on how to go about your problem. If you feel the section does not address your issue, you can get in touch with Swish customer service on social media. You will be required to contact your bank on matters relating to your Mobile BankID or transactions.

  • Social media: You can access Swish support @getswhish on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • The Official Swish FAQ: The section is comprehensively designed and tends to answer almost every question concerning Swish.

VIP Program

Although there are payment methods out there that enroll casino players into VIP programs, Swish does not have such a program in place at this time. Who knows if there will be one in the future?


The popularity of Swish in Sweden is second to none. The service is available to Swedish mobile users who bank with Swedish banks that support Swish, including Danske Bank, SEB, Nordea, Swedbank, and Handelsbanken. Many casinos that admit Swedes offer Swish as one of their payment methods. Refer to the list provided in this tutorial for Swish casinos.


Which online casinos accept Swish?

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