Teleingreso is a convenient and secure method to process deposits to online casinos. It is available exclusively to residents in Spain, and there are many casinos for the Spanish market that offer Teleingreso as a payment option.

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Teleingreso is popular around the country because it doesn’t rely on any third-party service, so it’s very easy to use and highly secure for any transaction you need to make. It can be used to fund your online casino account from thousands of land-based locations, including 3,000 ATM machines, 2,000 Post Offices and 300 retail outlets throughout the country.

Creating an Account

With Teleingreso, one of the big advantages is that you don’t actually need to register an account. That means no tedious sign-up forms and sending identity documents. You simply need to interact with your chosen online casino and use one of the thousands of physical locations to deposit funds, and you’re good to go.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To make a deposit to an online casino,¬†select ‘Teleingreso’ from the list of deposit options. You will be given a unique nine-digit code, which you will need to note down. This code will expire if you do not complete the payment within 30 days.

With your code in hand, visit any of the thousands of physical outlets where Teleingreso payments can be made. You can pay for the transaction using cash or your credit/debit card. The funds will be automatically deposited into your online casino account by the Teleingreso service.

Once you have made the payment, the online Teleingreso casino will be notified. They will have to process the deposit manually, and this can sometimes take one to five business days, so don’t expect to be able to play instantly.

You cannot use Teleingreso to withdraw funds from your online casino account. So if you do amass some winnings while playing, you will need to withdraw them using an alternative payment method.


  • Security: The Teleingreso model is one of the most secure method of depositing funds into your online casino account. It¬†doesn’t require you to register for an account, provide any identification or enter any banking details. You simply get a unique code and use it at your nearest payment outlet.
  • Spanish casinos: Teleingreso is available as a payment method at the vast majority of online casinos in Spain, so you should have no problem using it to maximise your security as you play.


  • Limited availability: Teleingreso can only be used as a payment method if you reside in Spain.
  • Fees: When you use Teleingreso to make a deposit, there is a 1.5% fee for the service. This may be off-putting for some.
  • No withdrawals: To make withdrawals from an online casino, you will have to choose a different payment method.
  • Slow process: Because you have to go to a physical location, it takes a little more time and effort to use Teleingreso than it does to simply enter debit card details or use an e-wallet. Furthermore, deposits must be pushed through manually by casinos that accept Teleingreso once they are notified that you have made a payment. This can take anything from one to five business days.


There is no more secure way to deposit money into your online casino account than through Teleingreso. As you don’t enter any details into your computer to make the payment, there is no risk of transactions being compromised. And even if they could be, there are no bank or card details involved, so there is nothing for thieves to steal.


The Teleingreso payment option is available to anyone in Spain. It cannot be accessed anywhere else, so its availability is somewhat limited. For anyone in Spain, however, there are many thousands of physical locations where payments can be made, including ATMs, post offices and retail outlets.


On the Teleingreso website you can contact the in-house support team for any questions you may have. When making payments, you may also be able to get support from the physical location you are using when paying the money, but this may not always be possible.


Teleingreso is a service offered by Teleplay, which is headquartered in Madrid. It is a well-established payment method in Spain, having existed since May 2008. The mission of the service is to provide both banked and unbanked customers with a highly secure, convenient payment solution for a wide range of online transactions. It is the most secure way of paying into your online casino account if you are in Spain.


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