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That’s Rich

Play’n GO’s That’s Rich video slot brings players to a tropical resort where you have the opportunities to win with a variety of features in a wealth-based environment. Everything is set up around this theme of making a big fortune and living the good life, and if you hit these features at the right time, you’ll make your own fortune in the process.

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An Introduction to That’s Rich

There is no shortage of games in the slots section of any online casino that have wealth-based themes, but Play’n GO’s That’s Rich online slot steps outside of the typical box put around that sub-genre to give players something a bit more exciting and visually pleasing than what you usually get.

That's Rich Main Screen
That’s Rich Main Screen

There’s a certain open air feeling about this title that you don’t really get from others, and it stands out in a major way because of this.

This feeling is achieved with a light but not bright visual appeal and a style of graphics that is sharp without being overly produced.

With the features of this title, everything centers around the wilds and their role in the bonus feature, which gives you guaranteed wins on a number of free spins with other goodies added on that we’ll get more into down below.

Betting and Layout

One of the reasons that the gameplay for this title is so impressive is that it’s done within the bounds of a really common format. Here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll have five vertical reels with three rows in this game.
  • A static set of 10 paylines are spread across this grid.
  • Wins come from left to right only, and you will only be given the option to play on all 10 paylines on every spin.
  • Betting centers around having 10 coins bet on each turn, one on each payline.
  • With a minimum coin size of €0.01, you’ll have bets that go as low as €10 per spin.
  • You can also use coins that go up to the €10 level for a €100 maximum cost per spin.

The basic setup for this game is that the pay table gives a good number of balanced wins that center on the small and medium range. While that’s going on, you have a chance to hit the bonus feature that packs quite a bit of value with chances for some pretty significant wins.

Gameplay and Features

The feature set for the That’s Rich online slot is based around a single free spins mode that adds a whole lot of extras so that you get an overwhelming amount of value. There are other relevant features to know about as well, and that’s what we’re going to cover here.

Wild Woman Symbol

There is a symbol of a woman who appears on every single reel, and she is standing wearing a sheer dress and holding a glass. This is the wild symbol, and she gives the following payouts multiplied by your entire wager size:

That's Rich Expanding Wilds
That’s Rich Expanding Wilds
  • Five of a Kind – 50x
  • Four of a Kind – 20x
  • Three of a Kind – 5x

If you want to know what these pays would be like described in coin amounts, then you can simply multiply them by a factor of 10.

The wilds in this game are more valuable than what you find in most titles because they can expand at random to cover the entire reel. This is something that is very important since they help to get multiple wins on the same turn, which is one of the main sources of value during the regular game mode and the free spins alike.

Award Scatters and Win Spins

In the That’s Rich video slot, you’ll see a golden award that’s shaped like a star trophy. This is the scatter, and three or more located anywhere on the game board will give you a set of five win spins.

That's Rich Win Spins
That’s Rich Win Spins

Win spins are named what they are because they are free spins where you are guaranteed a payout of some kind.

Since you’re guaranteed a win on every one of these spins, they’re obviously worth more than typical free spins. However, that’s not the only reason that they’re worth more. In fact, it’s only the beginning.

Each time you get a wild symbol anywhere on the game board, the multiplier for the win spins goes up by one. This caps out at a maximum of 20x. Note also that every scatter you get on the game board adds another win spin to the total.

On the last win spin of your set, you’ll have a chance to automatically have the multiplier increased to 20x. This is obviously a source of a whole lot of value and is the one spin that most players will be shooting for when they are playing this title.

How to Win at That’s Rich

The gameplay of this title is important to understand if you want to understand our recommended strategy. It’s basically broken up into two parts. First, you’ll be playing the regular game mode and essentially trying to break even or stay close to that while you try to hit the feature. Second, you’ll have the feature itself where you have opportunities to win some really huge payouts.

To this end, you want to maximize the chances you have of hitting that feature, which means increasing the number of spins that you have during each one of your sessions.

One way to do this is to use the autoplay feature, but another is to simply play at a faster pace than you would normally, and using the space bar instead of the mouse to click can help with this.

At the same time, you can decrease your bet size a little to compensate for the increased number of spins per session to even out your total amount in wagers overall.

Payout Structure for That’s Rich

We mentioned the payouts for the wild symbols up above, and they are the best wins in the game. However, there’s a pretty flat and balanced pay table here that starts with five of a kind of the magazines for 40x. Wins of 35x for five bundles of cash symbols and 30x for five of the yacht are also available. The upper end wins are rounded out with five of the mansion or purse with high heels for 25x.

That's Rich Payouts
That’s Rich Payouts

The lower-tier symbols are all card ranks, and they’re stylized in a way that we’ve never really seen before. They all use the rotated square style that is used in the rest of the game with bright, clear color combinations.

You can get 15x for five of the golden A or 12.5x for five of the red K. The blue Q pays 10x, the purple J gives you 7.5x, and you can pick up 5x for five of the green 10 on a payline.


Play’n GO did an excellent job in putting together the That’s Rich online slot in a way that gives it a great presentation with a fun style of play. Having both the aesthetics and the play style at a level that they are above most of what’s available in the industry is something that this developer does really well.

Along these lines, we think that most players will enjoy this title. The volatility is a little higher than what some people might enjoy without a progressive attached, but the free spins mode is set up in a way to give a whole lot of chances for some pretty big wins to compensate.