Two Different US Players Win Mercy of the Gods Jackpots on the Same Day

Two Different US Players Win Mercy of the Gods Jackpots on the Same Day ( Click to Enlarge )

Net Entertainment has shown once again that they are the jackpot kings in the United States. This time, it comes from two different six-figure jackpots that were both won on the same day in two different states on the very same slot – Mercy of the Gods.

NetEnt’s Mercy of the Gods Awards Two Jackpots in the US

NetEnt has been seen making some serious moves into regulated US casinos. One of the consequences of that has been getting their progressive jackpot titles in front of a lot of different people than before. However, this has also led to them taking over the progressive slot sector of US online gambling for the most part.

We saw this takeover in a very special way on May 31, 2022 with two jackpots won on the very same slot.

It’s clear that they have pushed to dominate as much of the regulated US markets as they can. However, this type of back to back win is unprecedented. We can’t think of another time something quite like this has happened. Additionally, it’s hard to imagine it happening again anytime soon considering how much went into it.

Two Players, Two Jackpots; One Game, One Casino

The first jackpot in question was won in Michigan. It came out to be worth about $376,255, and it was won on the Mercy of the Gods progressive slot from Net Entertainment. Additionally, we want to point out that it was won at DraftKings Casino in that state.

Now here’s where things get interesting. The second jackpot was won in Pennsylvania, just a few states over. Additionally, it was a larger jackpot worth about $537,233. However, this was also won on Mercy of the Gods. What’s more is that it was also won with DraftKings Casino.

This is a very unlikely series of events to say the least. However, it shows a few key things. First, it shows that DraftKings Casino has some pretty serious coverage of the regulated scene in the US. Second, it shows that Net Entertainment’s progressive jackpots have a significant portion of the attention of American players. Finally, it shows that these jackpots can be won one right after another, so waiting until it’s “due” probably isn’t the best strategy.

Big Progressives Remain the Most Popular Casino Games

If we go back to a time before online gambling, when the only casinos were land-based, we could see some clear patterns about the popularity of games. Back then, big progressive slots were some of the most popular casino games around. Now if we fast-forward to present day, we actually see the same thing in the online environment. It seems that now matter how we frame things, players still want to go after the biggest jackpots available. Moreover, it seems those are tied to progressive slots.

In the United States, this is why Net Entertainment’s slot lineup does so well. They have a lot of different progressive games in the genre with a variety of themes. The Mercy of the Gods slot, based largely around Egyptian mythology, it’s a great example of this. However, it’s an ongoing motif where their progressive slots are among their most popular games no matter the jurisdiction.

Net Entertainment Continues to Dominate

Microgaming is the only other company to have the same level of progressive jackpot network on a global level. However, in the United States in particular, it’s Net Entertainment who has taken the lead. This goes all the way back to the very first licenses being applied for in the first states to regulate the industry. Both New Jersey and Delaware saw NetEnt jump to throw their hat into the arena as soon as it was available to do so.

They’ve continued that pressure in emerging US markets. As such, they have a strong foothold as a trusted games provider. Additionally, it helps that players absolutely love the big jackpots that they can win with their progressive titles.