Mercy of the Gods Slot - Review and Casinos 2020

Mercy of the Gods

The Mercy of the Gods online slot by Net Entertainment features an in-depth Egyptian theme. A progressive jackpot is available as well as multiple static jackpots, and players can earn several ways to win through the Gift of Life Re-spins Feature that triggers every single time you get at least one wild symbol on the game board.

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An Introduction to Mercy of the Gods

If you’ve been playing online slots for long at all, then chances are that you have seen a wide range of titles fit into the Egyptian sub-genre. There are a ton of games with this type of motif, but the Mercy of the Gods video slot by NetEnt blows most of them out of the water with the level of quality that it brings to the table.

The graphics are strong in this game, but it’s the gameplay that really shines and that is absolutely tremendous.

Visually, the slot is excellent with an animated background sitting in front of a pyramid with statues, palm trees and stone jackals. The reels and symbols themselves look great as well.

In terms of gameplay, the entire title centers largely around a feature that hits several times per session. That leads to a high-action style of play that still manages to have a relatively moderate level of volatility even though there is a sizable progressive jackpot tied to this game.

Mercy of the Gods Main
Mercy of the Gods Main

Betting and Layout

Net Entertainment likes keeping things as straightforward and easy to play as possible. They don’t go out of the box much with the format of this game, and you can see that from the following:

  • Five reels and three rows are what make up the basic layout of this game.
  • There are 20 paylines in this game that pay from left to right only.
  • The paylines are static and cannot be changed in number or position.
  • Coin values start at €0.01 for a bet of €0.20 per spin. The maximum coin size is €0.50 apiece.
  • You can bet from one to ten coins on each line. This leads to a maximum available overall bet size of €100 per spin.

You’ll also see three jackpots listed at the top of the screen, and you may notice that the major and minor jackpots are always on even numbers while the mega never is. This is because the mega is a progressive while the other two are static jackpots based on a multiple of your bet size.

Features and Gameplay

Virtually all of the features of the Mercy of the Gods online slot are tied together through one base feature that everything else is linked to. This base feature, the Gift of Life Re-spins, hits very often since it’s triggered by just one particular symbol or more on the reels, and that keeps the feature-based action coming over and over again.

Mercy of the Gods Respins
Mercy of the Gods Respins

The Gift of Life Re-spin Feature

Whenever you get at least one of the wild symbol anywhere on the game board, you will activate the Gift of Life Re-spin feature. At no cost to you, you’ll get re-spins with the wilds moving one spot downward each time.

This feature continues until all of the wilds have left the grid of symbols and are off of the screen.

Something really cool about this feature that can really keep it going is that you can get more wilds on the reels to extend the feature as it goes because it will continue until the screen is void of wilds even if they appeared after you got into the re-spins.

Gift of Double Wilds

During the Gift of Life Re-spins feature, if you get a wild to land on a spot that’s occupied by a sticky/shifting wild, then you will activate the Gift of Double Wilds feature. This works by filling the entire reel with wilds to give you even more ways to get paid with a three-spot tall wild that will walk one position downward after each spin.

Free Spins Mode

There’s a scattered Eye of Ra symbol that appears on all five reels. Getting at least three will trigger a set of free spins:

  • Five Scatters – 12 free spins
  • Four Scatters – 8 free spins
  • Three Scatters – 5 free spins

Even the free spins tie into the Gift of Life Re-spins feature. If you get a wild on the reels during the free turns, it will immediately expand to cover the entire reel before activating the re-spins. In this way, the free spins are worth more than the spins from the regular game, and it’s because of how it affects the re-spins feature.

Gift of Wealth Jackpot

In one activation of the Gift of Life Re-spins feature in the Mercy of the Gods online slot (including the original paid spin), you can collect golden coin bonus symbols. If you collect at least three on one go of the feature, then you’ll activate the Gift of Wealth Jackpot feature.

Mercy of the Gods Jackpots
Mercy of the Gods Jackpots

These coins are spread at random across an empty 5×3 grid of symbols, and then you start with three spins for the jackpot feature. Each spin gives a random chance to add more golden coins on the game board. If you do, the number of spins starts back over at three.

Once you fill the entire grid or run out of your three spins without adding another gold coin, the number of full horizontal rows determines your prize:

  • Three Rows – Mega Jackpot (progressive)
  • Two Rows – Major Jackpot (static)
  • One Row – Minor Jackpot (static)

What’s more is that each individual coin will pay a random payout ranging from 10x to 200x the entire bet size.

How to Win at Mercy of the Gods

This game has an atypical combination of a low-medium volatility and a progressive jackpot. As such, the typical strategies don’t really apply, and with the hit-rate being so high thanks to the way the features work, it there are basically two strategies you can use that will be effective.

One is to use a lower bet size with longer sessions. This will give you an extremely smooth experience with little to no major swings.

The other option is a higher bet size that will include some variance but that will increase the size of the static jackpots to give you opportunities to win even larger payouts. The chance to win the progressive also increases proportionately with your bet size.

Payout Structure for Mercy of the Gods

Net Entertainment has a solid pay structure that starts with 1600x for five of the explorer woman with blonde hair and continues with 1200x of the green RA symbol. From there, there’s 900x for five of the purple cobras and 700x for five of the green tomb.

The four card rank symbols pay from 70x to 40x for the red A, cyan K, purple Q and blue J symbols.


The gameplay that drives the Mercy of the Gods slot by Net Entertainment is exactly the kind of thing that keeps a game popular and that keeps players coming back for more. It’s a tremendous amount of action that plays out on a game board that looks excellent, and this is a great example of NetEnt putting together a dominating slot.