32Red Casino Inks Distribution Deal With Relax Gaming

32Red Casino Inks Distribution Deal With Relax Gaming ( Click to Enlarge )

32Red Casino, one of the most iconic UK online casino brands of all time, has made a new deal with Relax Gaming to host their entire portfolio. This includes a wide range of online slots that they have developed as well as all of their upcoming games to give players an even larger selection to choose from.

Relax Gaming Titles Available at 32Red

The software side of the online casino industry has made a lot of changes since 32Red Casino first opened, but they have kept up with the trends to maintain their position as one of the top brands in the United Kingdom and in the world in general.

This includes making new software distribution deals like the one they recently made with Relax Gaming.

In an effort to expand their offering and to be as competitive as ever, they have to push the envelope, and that’s exactly what this casino brand has done here with this agreement.

Giving players more of what they want is an important component of being on top for so long, and few understand that as much as 32Red does. That’s why it’s not hard to understand how deals like this come for them with some of the best names in the casino software sector.

What This Deal Includes

The selection of content available from Relax Gaming isn’t exactly minor. They have tons of titles they have developed over the years, and that includes a lot of games that have been right on the cutting edge of what’s trendy and what’s happening in the online slot industry, the largest individual genre of games available in casinos online.

As a result, their catalog includes a tremendous number of top titles like Money Train, La Fiesta and Temple Tumble that have gotten huge reviews from players from all over the world.

With this deal, the entire slot catalog will be made available to players from 32Red Casino. On top of that, all of their new titles that come out with their aggressive release schedule will also be available at this site as soon as they are released to the public, and that helps players to stay on top of all of the new developments that this developer is a part of.

Microgaming’s Role in This Move

Something really interesting here is that Microgaming operates the software used at 32Red Casino, and even though Relax Gaming isn’t one of their official partners through their Quickfire platform, they’re still helping in the integration of these games for this particular casino. This really highlights how important Microgaming views their relationship with 32Red.

For the players, this means that the games will be integrated faster and that smooth loading and gameplay is what they can expect once everything is in place. You don’t typically see software companies collaborate in this way without some type of formal deal being in place between the developers themselves, so this deal has a special sort of feel to it.

Relax Gaming Expanding Again

The selection of games from Relax Gaming is pretty tremendous. They’ve been at this for over a decade, and they have over 1,000 titles available in their portfolio. What’s interesting is that it’s not just games by Relax Gaming themselves that’s available on the platform that they have available because they have several software partners that have contributed content as well.

This bodes really well for the players at 32Red Casino since it gives them a chance to experience games from a lot of smaller name developers who still put out high-quality content compared to what they would have had available to them otherwise.

The level of expansion that we’re seeing from Relax Gaming here is super solid and is a part of their overall strategy to keep their titles in front of as many players as possible. That’s how you stay on top in the software side of this industry: It’s by keeping up with the reality of how competitive things are and how much players expect from their games.

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