Abaqoos is a Hungary-based voucher payment system that first appeared on the online casino scene several years ago. Although its website has been offline since 2018, many casinos still advertise the payment provider as a service.

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Designed specifically to work alongside a selection of different Hungarian banks, Abaqoos is primarily used for casino payments, and a few other events sites also make use of its comprehensive system.

Abaqoos is a popular payment method for Hungary-based players. The use of a unique voucher system that’s quick, easy and effective provides an alternative to less flexible options on the market. By allowing cash payment the company makes online casinos more accessible than ever for many players.

Creating an Account

Creating an account with Abaqoos was achieved by registering through the website. Vouchers of different denominations could then be acquired, either through a bank transfer to pay for the voucher or by making a cash deposit in the banks associated with Abaqoos. To make an in-person deposit, the teller will require your username to pay for the voucher. These vouchers could then be used to deposit money in online casinos.

How to open an account on Abaqoos website

Deposits and Withdrawals

Abaqoos supports deposits into users’ own online accounts to create vouchers, which in turn can be deposited within any of the supported online casinos. Payment gateways such as Abaqoos act as a middleman between your payment and the deposit. If you’d like to deposit money into an online casino account, first you must deposit a set amount into your account. This is then changed into a voucher, which can then be paid into the casino.

While cash deposits can take as little as five minutes, bank transfers can take an extended period depending on your specific choice of bank. Unlike other payment methods on the market, there is no option to pay via credit card to deposit money into online casinos.

Abaqoos is not available for withdrawals, so casino players will need to use an alternative payment method to withdraw their winnings.


  • Security: With the additional step required for a deposit to be placed in an online casino, the casino itself will never be anywhere near your details or banking information.
  • Fast and cost-free: The only delay is the specific requirement for bank transfer itself. For cash deposits, your online vouchers will be accessible almost immediately, making it a practical method for payment for many.
  • Versatile: You can pay for your Abaqoos vouchers through cash deposit, a versatile solution that the vast majority of online payment providers don’t offer. This makes this payment option even more viable for those who prefer direct cash as opposed to card or bank payments.


  • No longer operational: While several online casinos still advertise Abaqoos as a viable payment option, the website now appears to be non-operational, and seems to have been that way since 2018.
  • Hungary-only customers: Abaqoos is only designed to work specifically with a Hungarian audience, which means no-one outside of Hungary can use their particular service.
  • No withdrawal option: Abaqoos only supports deposits with its online payment voucher system.


By never providing user or banking information with third parties or recipients, Abaqoos can guarantee the highest standards of safety for its users. Players using Abaqoos never need to fear data breaches from online casinos, because the casinos never have access to those details. The platform also provides high-end encryption and fraud protection for an added layer of insulation.


Abaqoos is a Hungary-only service. In terms of what the platform offers, this means it only works with banking services available within Hungary itself, both for bank transfer as well as for cash depositing.


Abaqoos provides support primarily via email, using help@abaqoos.com. However, as of 2018, the website for this platform is non-existent, which suggests that the help email is not functional either.


Due to the now-defunct website, not much information is available about this company. What we do know is this is a Hungary-based service that is a popular choice for online payment with casino players from Hungary.

Abaqoos operated in partnership with Budapest Bank, as well as the Hungarian Post Office, CB Banks and Erstre Bank amongst others. First founded in 2006, it appears that the company ceased any activity in 2018 and is unlikely to return anytime soon.


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