Three Casino Game Recommendations for Intermediate Players

It’s really easy to make recommendations for games for new players to play. It’s also easy to make recommendations for advanced players. However, intermediate players are often left out on this sort of thing because it’s so hard to make good recommendations for that group of individuals.

The Problem of Recommendations for Intermediate Casino Players

When any person starts off playing casino games, they usually want to stick to something simple and straightforward. The lower the level of complication, the better, and it’s easy to see why. At the same time, players who have been around a long time will often enjoy much higher levels of complication because they’ve seen so much that they like to be stimulated to a higher level and have many more things to think about and consider when making their decisions.

With that said, it’s more difficult to decide on games for intermediate players. This is because they essentially have the “worst of both worlds” in a sense.

What we mean by this is as follows. First, they don’t have the experience of advanced players. That means giving them something super complicated often backfires. At the same time, they are past the basic essentials to a great degree. As a result, the most basic titles out there will often bore them.

This creates a dynamic where it’s difficult to make recommendations. That’s why we have three recommendations for casino players at this level to solve this issue.

Game #1: Jacks or Better Video Poker

On the strategy front, intermediate players can have it a bit rough. They don’t necessarily want games that have super complicated levels of strategy. However, since most games recommended to newbies are purely luck-based, they can appreciate the idea that strategy would influence the outcome of their games.

Jacks or Better video poker strikes a good balance between these extremes. There are healthy amounts of strategy involved, and it definitely affects your payout rate in the long run. However, the level of strategy used is actually very accessible. The learning curve isn’t very severe at all, but it’s still important to pay attention to it.

Another thing that’s really interesting about the level of strategy in this game as an intermediate player is how it serves as a building block for more advanced and difficult video poker games. If you learn the strategies involved in Jacks or Better, you’ll have a strong foundation. That foundation can then be built on when you learn other titles in the genre. In this way, learning to play Jacks or Better video poker solves the immediate problem of having games to play that fit the intermediate player’s needs while also providing a pathway forward to more advanced titles further down the line.

Game #2: Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a great intermediate blackjack game. The premise of the game is straightforward. You play two hands at a time, and before you make your normal decisions, you get a choice. You have the choice to switch the back two cards of your hand if you so desire. This creates two different starting hands, which obviously influences strategy quite a bit.

Some players mistakenly think that this is an advanced game when it’s not. The reason for this is that they assume the strategies are more complicated with the switching. The fact of the matter is that the switching portion is really straightforward to learn. It’s not particularly complicated at all, and a simple strategy for it can be learned in just a few minutes.

However, what does happen is that the rest of the game is simplified a bit. To compensate for the edge players get from switching, other rules are implemented as well. These rules make the rest of the blackjack experience less complicated. That’s why we really like this title for intermediate players since it offers a less intensive version of the game.

Blackjack can be complicated, and there’s no doubt about that. In fact, a lot of people recommend not getting involved with it much until you’re firmly working toward the advanced level, but we think that’s a bit of overkill. Instead, if you look to ease into strategically deep genres like blackjack with easier titles like this one, then you’ll have a much easier time.

Game #3: French Roulette

Several different styles of roulette are available. New players very quickly learn to stay away from American roulette, which is a good thing. However, many inexperienced players take longer to learn about French roulette. A big part of this is that the differences between French and European roulette are not readily apparent.

Without going into copious amount of detail, it comes down to a couple of simple rule changes. In essence, you have a better payout rate overall when playing with even money wagers. However, the way those rules work can be a bit complicated. That’s why French roulette isn’t always recommended for new players. This is despite the fact that it’s the same or better than European roulette in all cases.

If you’re the type of player who doesn’t want to venture into the realm of strategy, then try French roulette. It plays exactly the same as European roulette. However, the “En Prison” and “La Partage” rules will add some degree of complication. In exchange for this complication, you’ll receive a better payout rate.

We’re making this recommendation specifically because the added complication is rewarded. This is instead of being more complicated for the sake of it, as many titles are.

Other Notable Titles to Try

While the above three are our biggest recommendations for immediate players, there are some others to consider. These are a bit more hit and miss, however, and they’ll depend on the individual player.

  • Pai Gow PokerPai Gow Poker is a card game that has a really low variance because of the high rate of ties. It’s a strategic game, but the strategies aren’t insanely complicated. With that said, it does require a bit of paying attention, so it’s definitely not very robotic. This is a good title for intermediate players who want some strategy without it being overwhelming.
  • Age of the Gods Slot Series – Playtech has a series of slots under the Age of the Gods banner. These games all have progressive jackpots, four of them to be exact. We recommend this for intermediate players because the jackpots are a little on the smaller side. That means they hit more often, and the volatility isn’t quite as severe as what you can find in other cases.
  • CrapsCraps can be an extremely complicated game depending on how you play it. We offer craps as an intermediate option with the caveat that players stick with the pass line wager and resulting odds bets. With this, the game becomes much more simple but still has some depth to it. It also doesn’t involve any serious strategy outside of placing these bets.

These are some good picks that might not fit what all players are looking for. However, they’re worth looking into.


The bottom line is that intermediate online casino players are put into a tough spot. They don’t necessarily want to stick with the most basic options out there. However, they don’t want to be thrown into the deep end with something extremely complicated either. What’s more is that they still want to avoid situations where they could fall into trap bets. That’s not to mention the other pitfalls that can happen when jumping into more advanced games.