Card Matchup

Card Matchup

The sports-themed Card Matchup is a simple live dealer game by OnAir Entertainment. Our article will explore the gameplay, payouts and features of this live casino card game. We’ll also draw comparisons to other sports-themed releases and attempt to find winning strategies.

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LightCasino 92% LightCasino Review Country Flag
Novibet 90% Novibet Review Country Flag
CampoBet 87% CampoBet Review Country Flag
Malina Casino 86% Malina Casino Review Country Flag
Yoyo Casino 85% Yoyo Casino Review Country Flag
Betinia 85% Betinia Review Country Flag
Cadabrus 85% Cadabrus Review Country Flag
777 Bay 83% 777 Bay Review Country Flag
Frumzi 68% Frumzi Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Card Matchup

This live dealer game will likely be a popular choice for the world’s soccer fans. Similar to Evolution’s Live Football Studio, the aim is simply to predict a home or away win. Set in a purpose-built studio, you will see a big screen in the background showing a football stadium. 

Looking around the studio, you may also spot the sports-themed Blackjack and Roulette tables which share the same space as Card Matchup. Bets are invited on a Home or Away win and cards are placed onto the lush green felt. 

Thanks to its sports widget feature, players have access to game statistics, recent match history and winning streaks. The beauty of this game is that an unlimited number of players can take a seat at the same time. Also, keep an eye out for the side bets which can boost your chances of winning.

Card Matchup live dealer game

The ball’s in your court with On Air Entertainment’s Card Matchup. Will you score a hattrick of winning streaks? It’s time to pick a side, Home or Away!

Key Information

Developer OnAir Entertainment
RTP 96.27%%
Min. Wager 5.00
Max. Wager 1,000

Rules of Card Matchup

For the sports fans who’ve already tried their hand at Evolution Gaming’s Football Studio, the Card Matchup rules will be familiar. The basic premise is the same but with additional on-screen animations and exciting in-game features.

It’s ok if you haven’t come across these types of casino games before. The rules and gameplay are really straightforward. Let’s start with the basics:

  • The game is played using eight decks of 52 card; 
  • Players bet on a Home or Away win with payouts of 1 to 1;
  • A single card is dealt face-up to Home and Away;
  • An Ace is the highest-ranking card with Two being the lowest;
  • The highest card wins every time;
  • Side Bets are available, such as Odd/Even and Black/Red.

Similar to Evolution’s Live Football Studio, the aim of the Card Matchup game is to predict which of the hands will win. Could it be a Home or Away win? The decision is yours. All you need to do is guess which hand will draw the higher card value.

Card Matchup live casino rules

On-Screen Animations

Thanks to the innovative sports widget, players can keep on top of key sporting events with real-time updates and live scores. You can access all of the player and team statistics during each shoe before making your bets. 

The Card Matchup game also provides helpful statistics to aid future betting decisions. These include wins and losses, hot and cold streaks, plus historical results.


Betting options for Card Matchup are simplistic. You have a range from 5 to 1,000 credits per game round and can choose either a Home or Away win. The highest card drawn always wins. Should the dealer place cards of the same value on the table, it’s a Draw. Payouts for Home or Away wins are even money, or 1 to 1. Besides being able to seat an unlimited number of players, the Card Matchup release has an added advantage over its counterparts.

As well as the standard bets which can be placed on Home and Away, players have access to some exciting Side Bets. To add a little twist, you can wager on whether the card dealt will be Odd or Even, Black or Red.

Customisable Content

For casino operators, a customisable user interface enables unique branding. A rainbow palette provides for the implementation of preferred sports teams and their associated team colours. So expect to see some real money casinos getting creative with this game in future. 

Card Matchup live casino RTP

Gameplay Procedure

It all sounds pretty simple right? Well, just in case you’re a little uncertain, let’s take a walk through an actual game round:

  • Place Your Bets. You have approximately twelve seconds in which to place your bets, including any side bets you fancy.
  • Cards Are Dealt. The dealer places an upturned card next to Home and then does the same for the Away team.
  • Result. The highest card value wins and payouts are automatically awarded.

Where to Play Card Matchup

You can play Card Matchup at many online casinos, including those recommended on this page. To save you the hassle of searching for a reputable casino, we’ve done the hard work for you. You will find a list of trusted, properly regulated casinos a little further up the page. All come highly recommended by our team of experts.   

How to Win at Card Matchup

Whatever strategy you decide upon, it is inevitable that over time your Card Matchup payouts will align with the game’s house edge. Since this is purely a game of chance, there are no guaranteed methods to ensure a win.

Martingale Strategy

One option would be to employ the Martingale strategy often used by roulette players. However, this is a high-risk approach and needs an extensive budget. 

With the Martingale strategy, you double your previous losing bet on Home or Away. So, for example, if you bet £2 on Home and lose, you would then stake £4 next time. If you lose again, you double the wager to £8, and so on.

In theory, on even money bets you’ll eventually win back your stake including a profit. However, there’s always a chance that you’ll deplete your entire bankroll by exercising this strategy. 

Keep it Real

There are easier ways to prolong your bankroll and extend your enjoyment when playing Card Matchup. Firstly, when registering at one of our recommended sites, be sure to claim the casino welcome bonus. This will boost your bankroll and could include a live casino promotion.

Secondly, know your limits. The key to success is to manage your bankroll effectively. You need to acknowledge there will be losses along the way. But you should also be prepared to leave the table following a big win and enjoy the fruits of your labour.  

Thirdly, remember to gamble responsibly. Don’t play when you’re tired or intoxicated. Only risk what you can truly afford and take a break where necessary. 

OnAir Entertainment releases Card Matchup live casino game


Card Matchup is a dynamic card game that invites players to bet on Home or Away wins. Unlike similar games on the market, this one allows for sizzling side bets. Sports fans will undoubtedly appreciate the theme of this OnAir Entertainment live casino product.

An unlimited number of players are invited to play Card Matchup at any given time. You can plan your future bets by analysing the available game stats, history and winning streaks. Plus, with the innovative sports widget, you’ll be kept up to date with all the latest scores. 


Who makes Card Matchup?

On Air Entertainment is the innovative development team behind the Card Matchup game. Established in 2020, this insightful live casino provider entered nine markets in its first ten months and has a rapidly expanding live games portfolio.   

What is the Card Matchup RTP?

OnAir Entertainment has not released details regarding the Card Matchup RTP. Though we would expect it to be in line with similar games, such as Evolution’s Live Football Studio. That particular title has an RTP of 96.27%.

How do you play Card Matchup?

This live dealer game is extremely simple, with easy to follow gameplay. An unlimited number of players can bet on the same cards and there is no complexity to wagering. Scroll a little further up the page to read the Card Matchup rules in full.

Is there a winning strategy for Card Matchup?

No, not really. You can look at betting strategies such as Martingale, but realistically, this is a game of pure chance. There are no sure-fire ways in which to win. Take a look at an earlier section in this guide on how to win.

Which online casinos have Card Matchup?

Use the list of Card Matchup casinos to see all online casinos that have Card Matchup. We filter the casino top list to only show Card Matchup casinos that accept players from your location.