Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board regulates, licences and co-ordinates online and offline gambling within the country. Originally a tax authority, the Lottery Act 1994 and subsequent Gambling Act 1995 placed gambling regulatory responsibilities onto this body. With the overhaul of the industry in 2010 to accommodate online gambling, Estonia continues to attract reputable brands. Also known as Maksu- ja Tolliamet, the Board is an agency of the Ministry of Finance.

Casinos With a Estonian Tax and Customs Board License

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Casinos With a Estonian Tax and Customs Board License
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The Role Of The Estonian Tax and Customs Board

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board primarily oversees tax administration in the Republic of Estonia. However, since the mid 1990s, the Board also administers control of the gambling industry. It imposes fines, supervises and carries out general regulatory functions for the industry as a whole. This includes commercial lottery games, skill games, games of chance (including casino games) and sports betting.

The Board has the following mandates:

  • Positioning the gambling industry to contribute to the development of the Estonian economy.
  • To ensure consistency in the regulation of all gambling outfits in the country.
  • Working to maintain a safe, sound and transparent system for consumers and operators.
  • Managing gaming taxes for the benefit of both the people and government.
  • To partner with other agencies and prevent criminal elements from perpetrating crime through gambling.  

Estonian Casino Licences

A casino licence falls under games of chance, which can either be online or offline. The application process is not straightforward. Upon payment of a fee, the company must apply for an activity licence. With this, they can further apply for an operating permit to offer gambling in the country.

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board also considers the following before granting an activity licence:     

  • Whether the applicant operator is a trustworthy and reputable entity.
  • Relevant gambling industry experience in recent years.
  • Whether or not the shareholders are of sound reputation.
  • The tax compliance of the applicant in the 3 years preceding the application.

Benefits of Estonian Tax and Customs Board Licensed Casinos

Although Estonia is not yet a popular gambling jurisdiction, its reputation among operators is growing. Currently, over 45 online casinos carry the Estonian Tax and Customs Board licence. This is already many more than in neighbouring countries, despite being comparatively young.  

The activity licence application process is not easy, yet some casinos operating in this jurisdiction are significant industry heavyweights. The reason for this is that Maksu- ja Tolliamet provides a robust regulatory framework that allows trustworthy operators to thrive. Hence, when playing at a casino with an Estonian licence, you know you’re in a reliable, reputable place.

Benefits to Players

As we noted earlier, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board places a premium on its licence to attract only the best operators. Before granting a licence, the authority always ascertains that random number generators of each casino are genuine and transparent. Every licensed casino complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in securing and safeguarding all information of players. 

A casino must have a minimum share capital of €1,000,000 before it can apply for an activity licence. This means that such licensed casinos can safely handle your deposits and payouts accordingly. They also offer a range of trusted payment methods, such as e-wallets and debit cards. Some even use cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin.


What is the Maksu- ja Tolliamet?

Maksu- ja Tolliamet is the local name for the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Estonians address the Board by this alternative name.

Can online casinos be licensed in Estonia?

Yes. The Estonian Tax and Customs Board issues activity licences to online casinos seeking to operate in the county. Such licences are granted under games of chance over which the Board exercises control. 

Which online casinos have a Estonian Tax and Customs Board license?

Use the list of Estonian Tax and Customs Board casinos to see all online casinos that are regulated by Estonian Tax and Customs Board.