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Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
ShadowBet 85% ShadowBet Review Country Flag
Betpukka 75% Betpukka Review Country Flag
1XBet Casino 96% 1XBet Casino Review Country Flag
Megapari Casino 93% Megapari Casino Review Country Flag
Betwinner Casino 92% Betwinner Casino Review Country Flag
Melbet Casino 91% Melbet Casino Review Country Flag
Novibet 90% Novibet Review Country Flag
22BET Casino 88% 22BET Casino Review Country Flag
Betmaster Casino 82% Betmaster Casino Review Country Flag
Cashalot Casino 79% Cashalot Casino Review Country Flag
TornadoBet 79% TornadoBet Review Country Flag
ReloadBet 79% ReloadBet Review Country Flag
Bet9 79% Bet9 Review Country Flag 78% Review Country Flag
LSbet 77% LSbet Review Country Flag
MyStake 75% MyStake Review Country Flag
SlottoJAM 75% SlottoJAM Review Country Flag
Spin Hill 75% Spin Hill Review Country Flag

Genii’s titles includes a wealth of slots, roulette and other casino games in a variety of styles and wrappers. These can be played online or using your smartphone or tablet. With a stable of over 130 casino games, the company is constantly growing in size and popularity.

This makes Genii a one-stop shop for game design, with its research, development and testing teams all housed under one roof to ensure the highest standards in quality.

Why play at a Genii casino?

While the modern casino market may seem flooded, Genii is steadily marking itself out as a development house to follow, with a wide range of games to suit all tastes and skill levels.

Easy Access

All of Genii’s titles are built to be easy to play and access. The user registration and wallet creation process is truly simple and straightforward. This lets you put your money down securely, and get you up and running in no time at all.


With over a hundred games and rising, Genii is committed to making sure that every type of casino game is present and accounted for. This includes roulette, slots, card games and many more, ensuring that no casino aficionado is left out. And even if you are a dedicated fan of a certain type of play, you’ll quickly be able to find several versions with subtle but profound tweaks that can give even the most familiar game a novel twist.

Examples of Genii games
Examples of Genii games


Genii places a huge amount of emphasis on ensuring that its games are as intuitive to use as possible. Working with an in-house user experience team has allowed the company to make each game incredibly straightforward to play. This helps remove the barrier to entry for those who may struggle with modern technology, or seasoned punters who may be put off by the learning curve that many modern casino games require.

Platform Versatility

All casino gaming fans should be able to play their favourite games where, when and how they want to. This has led Genii to take a platform-agnostic approach to its development strategy and make all games freely available on desktop, mobile and tablet, including iOS and Android platforms.

Professional Support

If you run into issues, Genii has a trained team to help address your problems.  Whether you are having difficulties with your account information, making changes to your personal details or dealing with technical issues with software, they will get you back on track as soon as possible. And with regular updates for all games, any feedback is addressed quickly and efficiently.

‘Follow the Sun’ Approach

One of the cornerstones of Genii’s development practice is its ‘Follow the Sun’ methodology. As the team works for a distributed company, they have development houses throughout the world from the UK to the Far East. This ensures that there is no time wasted in making continuous improvements to its games and addressing your queries.

Embedded Expertise

With close to a decade and a half of professional experience, Genii brings excellence to everything it does. This includes its approach to design, how the business acts in a changing marketplace, and maintaining the highest possible standards – providing a stamp of quality on every game.

Try Before You Buy In

Want to learn a little more about a game before you put your hard-earned money toward it? Many games at Genii casinos can be activated in ‘demo’ mode, allowing you to take a spin of the slots or play a hand of blackjack without risking any cash. You can keep trying each game until your temporary coins run out, or create an account and put your newfound skills to the test.

Genii's Vikingdom
Genii’s Vikingdom

Game Types

Genii has a wide range of game types, even by the standard of businesses operating in the normal market.

Video Slots

A selection of nearly 80 different kinds of video slot machine makes Genii casinos the perfect port of call for first-time players. These contain three-reel or five-reel slots with variable spin and win amounts, tracking your wins and letting you strategically bet with ease. These have a huge range of variables that govern your win, but can be a little intimidating for players who are less than familiar with how online gambling works.

Classic Slots

A little more restricted than the offerings found in video slots, classic slots are excellent for those looking for a straightforward betting experience. Currently totalling 15 games and steadily rising, these come in a variety of cosmetic wrappers from wild west train robberies, Christmas-themed three-reel slots, and the stylised beauty of i7’s stripped-back adjustable line game. These are a little less ‘in your face’ than Genii’s dynamic slots, so can be a solid option for punters who want fewer interruptions or bells and whistles.

Table Games

Genii currently offers eight variations on the well-known blackjack templates. This sees the game change its aesthetic and rules from Europe to Atlantic City to Las Vegas, to help find a game type that’s perfect for you. This also includes three-card poker in standard and deluxe editions, letting you build on blackjack’s heart-racing tension with a little added strategy where it matters most.

Video Poker

Genii has produced a stunning selection of poker variations for desktop and smart devices, letting you choose a visual design and ruleset that works for you and your favourite strategy. This includes the wild variations of Triple Double Bonus Poker, which involves a huge element of chance, to the subtler card play of Deuces Wild that sees you carefully balance your pocket cards to push for a win when it matters most.

Other Games

In addition to the above, Genii offers variations on some long-standing casino titles. These include Berry Picker and Lucky Scratch, that offer an entertaining twist on the Match-3 phenomenon, and three supercharged versions of Keno, ideal for punters looking to play a numbers game.

Genii's Age of Spartans
Genii’s Age of Spartans

Examples of Casino Games

With so many games available on Genii casinos, it can be difficult to know where to start trying your luck. But there are several standouts that can truly give a taste of what the company has in store. These include:

  • Age of Spartans: A fast-paced five-reel slots game, for those looking for a punchy but simple entry-level casino experience. This sees you as one of the heroes of Sparta trying to match items like helmets, swords, spears and card suits to maximise your winning potential. While the appearance may appear brutal, this game is patient with pros and newbies alike.
  • Vikingdom: Another rapid-fire casino slots game, Vikingdom is a gorgeous five-reel slot wrapped in a Nordic aesthetic. Built around a 40-line engine, the game pays out at two coins per line and provides bonuses with matched iconography such as double axes, hammers and treasure chests. Simple, approachable, generous and perfect for those looking for a solid but safe challenge.
  • European Blackjack: Perfectly capturing the audio and appearance of a busy casino, European Blackjack has a straightforward user interface. It uses one button to deal, hit and stick, while a variety of clearly marked chips represent your wallet. With Blackjack paying out three to two and the dealer standing on 17, this is a great way to test the water with your online gaming.
  • Lucky Scratch: If you’re looking for a game for that scratchcard itch, you’ve found it. As simple as they come, Lucky Scratch is a simple match-three game that can pay out from the cost of a card to 50:1 if your boat comes in. With a variable bet size and an option for auto-scratching, this is perfect for those looking for a little downtime from the slots or blackjack tables.
Genii's European Blackjack
Genii’s European Blackjack

About the Company

Genii has been fortunate enough to ride a wave of technological innovation that changed the casino gaming market. The company is still independent and entrepreneur-led, with the heads of the company operating in the industry since the 1990s. This has brought a wealth of experience to the daily running of the company and help guide the direction of future development.

Couple this with a highly trained development team, and the business is perfectly placed to bring a fresh perspective to an industry in constant danger of stagnation and oversaturation. This capacity for creative thinking has helped continue to bring innovative new games straight to your pocket. Simply put, the Genii is out of the bottle and has little interest in going back inside any time soon!

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Where can I find Genii casinos?

Genii’s titles are available on a wide variety of online casino sites. See the casino list at the top of this page for the best Genii casinos.

What if I encounter any problems?

If you run into any problems with Genii’s current selection of games, you can email the company’s helpdesk directly and leave your feedback. If you encounter any issues with games on your mobile or smart device, submit an error report directly through the Android and iOS online stores.

What should I do if I experience problem gambling?

Gambling addiction is a recognised medical condition that you can manage and actively treat. If you feel compelled to play even when you don’t want to, we would recommend taking immediate action to address your problem before it gets any worse. The NHS provides comprehensive support for those suffering from problem gambling and addiction.

Even though you may not consider yourself an addict as such, it is worth seeking out help as soon as you feel you need it. Take preventative steps to make sure that you are able to safely and responsibly continue with your hobby.

What is the best Genii casino?

Use the list of Genii casinos to see and compare all online casinos with Genii games. We filter the casino top list to only show Genii casinos that accept players from your location.

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