iDEAL is an online payment method that lets you deposit at online casinos using your bank credentials. Supported by major Dutch banks, the method is behind more than half of the online payments made by Dutch people. Learn more about this payment method and compare all iDEAL casinos and their bonus offers below.

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Casinos with iDEAL
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
Lady Linda Casino 73% Lady Linda Casino Review Country Flag
Anonym Bet Casino 72% Anonym Bet Casino Review Country Flag
Slots Magic 86% Slots Magic Review Country Flag
William Hill Casino 80% William Hill Casino Review Country Flag
Casino Winner 75% Casino Winner Review Country Flag
BitStarz 75% BitStarz Review Country Flag
Boom Casino 75% Boom Casino Review Country Flag
TornadoBet 79% TornadoBet Review Country Flag
ReloadBet 79% ReloadBet Review Country Flag
LSbet 77% LSbet Review Country Flag
SlottoJAM 75% SlottoJAM Review Country Flag
WildTornado 75% WildTornado Review Country Flag
Jackie Jackpot 75% Jackie Jackpot Review Country Flag
Toto 71% Toto Review Country Flag
Winner's Magic 70% Winner's Magic Review Country Flag
Premier Casino 69% Premier Casino Review Country Flag
Harry's Casino 50% Harry's Casino Review Country Flag


iDEAL is operated by Currence, the association responsible for coordinating payment systems in the Netherlands. Almost all major Dutch banks including ING Bank, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank and Friesland Bank are supported. Founded back in 2005, it’s the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands.

Naturally, it’s supported by numerous online casinos and became the go-to method for many gamers. They provide a secure way to deposit money from your bank account to online casinos using your bank credentials all while hiding your sensitive data from any third parties. iDEAL uses the same level of security with banks and it doesn’t require any registration. The best part is that iDEAL doesn’t charge any fee for the transactions.


Bonuses are one of the main driving forces behind choosing an online casino, especially for new players. Welcome bonuses offered to newly registered users usually include a match deposit bonus.

iDEAL doesn’t separately offer any exclusive bonuses to their users, but you will normally be qualified to claim deposit bonuses offered by casinos if you use iDEAL. However, to be on the safe side, check the terms and conditions that apply to those promotions.


There are numerous payment methods available in your favourite online casino. So, why should you prefer iDEAL? The answer is pretty simple: the security. iDEAL doesn’t reveal your bank account information to any third parties, including the casinos you are transferring money to. But, that’s not the only advantage.

  • Security: iDEAL simply provides a gateway for you to send money from your bank to casino account. Nobody, not even iDEAL, saves or captures your login credentials.
  • Mobile support: You can use iDEAL as the main method to transfer money, even while you are on the go. It is supported on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile.
  • Ease of use: You do not need to create a separate account to use iDEAL. Simply use your bank account credentials.


iDEAL is a great payment option, but it has limitations. Even though it’s been on the market for decades, and is a common payment method in many casinos, iDEAL is limited to citizens of the European Union. To be able to use its service you need to have an account in one of the supported banks.

  • Country restrictions: iDEAL has been available to the other European gamers outside the Netherlands since 2014. If you are outside EU, you won’t be able to use its service.
  • Withdrawals: Some casinos don’t support iDEAL for withdrawals even though it’s listed as a deposit method.


Many online payment providers levy a fee for the service they offer. iDEAL differs from the other payment methods when it comes to the fees. There’s a reason why it is preferred by millions of customers in the Netherlands and other European countries. Apart from the reliable, fast, and secure transactions, it has another great feature. There is absolutely no service fee charged by iDEAL on the transactions you make using its service. That’s why it’s a fantastic payment option for sending money to your casino wallets.


Until 2014 iDEAL’s service was used only by the Dutch customers for direct deposits to online casinos. Simply because you needed an account in one of the major Dutch banks. Currently, it’s being used by millions of customers in many other EU countries, but the supported banks are still Dutch banks, making EURO the only available currency.

  • EUR

Creating an Account

The core purpose of iDEAL is to facilitate direct payments from the bank accounts in a safe and secure way. While doing this successfully, it doesn’t annoy the customers with additional steps, which means you don’t even need to create an account to use iDEAL’s service. You’ll use your own bank account details, on your own bank’s website.

  • iDEAL does not require for any registration to its service
  • Select your bank, and use your bank account info to proceed to the payment confirmation step

Funding Account

Some payment providers function as the middlemen between casinos and your banks. This means that you need to send money to their e-wallets, before transferring it to your online casino account. Since iDEAL is a payment gateway, rather than a separate e-wallet, you don’t need to fund your account to be able to deposit money to the casino.

  • Having enough money in one of the many supported banks is enough.


If you have exposure to online banking, depositing money to casinos that accept iDEAL deposits is quite simple. After clicking on the iDEAL logo in the payment options, you’ll select your bank account and finalize the payment with your own bank account credentials. Thanks to the encrypted communication provided by iDEAL, the casinos won’t have any access to your banking information.

  • Click on iDEAL logo the payment page
  • Select your bank, and log in to your bank account on your bank’s website
  • Use the two-step authentication to confirm your payment


After creating a nice bankroll on your favourite games, or hitting jackpot on that video slot you’ve been playing, you might want to withdraw your money the same way you deposited, via iDEAL. Make sure to check your casino’s supported withdrawal methods since some casinos don’t support the same methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

  • Make sure iDEAL is listed among the withdrawal options
  • Click on the logo, select your bank and proceed to input your bank account credentials


Security is customers’ biggest concern while making online transactions. If you trust your own bank, you should trust iDEAL as well because it uses the same level of security with the banks. That’s why it’s one of the most common payment methods, not only for the Dutch but also for millions of users in EU countries. iDEAL’s service is in compliance with Dutch and European Union’s regulations. To ensure users security, on top of the encrypted communication, they also require two-step verification before processing your payment.


iDEAL has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the most trusted financial providers. They have a detailed FAQ section that covers almost any issue you might have while using their service. Since they do not have the records of your transactions, you are required to contact either your bank or casino for any specific question about the payments you made with iDEAL.

  • Visit the iDEAL website for any questions you have
  • Contact your own bank’s customer service if you have further questions about your payment

VIP Program

iDEAL creates a secure method to transfer money from your bank account to online casino wallets. Since their regular service already ensures your highest safety and privacy, they do not have any VIP programs.


There are many online payment methods that help casino players handle deposits and withdrawals. Few of those have the same reputation and long presence iDEAL has in the iGaming market. That reputation is earned by the support of major banks, the bank-level security, and the ease of use.

While anonymous transactions ensure the privacy of the customers, the two-level authentication provides the security. Using iDEAL, you can make direct bank deposits in EUR to almost all major online casinos that operate in Europe as long as you have an account in one of the supported banks. Check your casino’s supported withdrawal methods to see if iDEAL is supported for withdrawals as well.


Which online casinos accept iDEAL?

Use the list of iDEAL casinos to see all online casinos that accept iDEAL payments. We filter the casino top list to only show iDEAL casinos that accept players from your location.