Live Magic Card

Live Magic Card

The Live Magic Card games from LiveG24 offer players a simplified live dealer experience. With rules based on a simplified version of Baccarat, this title offers bonus payouts in addition to the regular wins that can give you prizes worth as much as 100x.

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An Introduction to Live Magic Card

One of the interesting things about the push for live dealer games is that it often leads to a more complicated experience. However, LiveG24 knows that many players out there just want something simple and fun. That’s why their live dealer Magic Card game is such an important part of their portfolio.

Live Magic Card Winner
Live Magic Card Winner

If you want to just sit back and relax while enjoying a fun game with strong social interaction, this is a solid title to pick.

The presentation of the game takes place at an actual live studio setting. It’s set up to look absolutely amazing with a high-class but accessible feel. However, you won’t feel out of place if you’re playing for low stakes, which takes a lot of the pressure off. The dealers are really friendly, and it’s got everything set up for a fun experience. This includes some social interaction through the chat box that you don’t get in traditional online casino games.

In terms of the gameplay, it’s about the experience as a whole more than the individual title. Players can bet on one side or another, and due to the way the social interactions work, it becomes almost like a team sport. Additionally, this means you’ll have plenty of instances where a bunch of people are wagering on one side or another. As a result, it creates a different type of experience where a group will always be there to celebrate together.

Live Magic Card Shuffle
Live Magic Card Shuffle

What to Expect in Terms of Gameplay

The rules for this game are really simple compared to most casino titles. However, you need to remember that it’s not just about sitting and playing alone. Instead, the Live Magic Card titles are about getting you into a fun mood with other players from around the globe.

Here’s what you can expect with the rules and style of play.

Basic Rules and Betting Procedure

The main game is pretty straightforward and allows for three main wagers with two side wagers. It’s much like a game of simplified Baccarat without all of the extra cards. Here’s how it works on a basic level:

  1. Players can bet on the left or right card or a tie as the main wagers.
  2. The magic card side bets are completely optional as well.
  3. However, once the bets are placed, the dealer will give one card to each position: left and right.
  4. The side with the highest card value wins, and aces are always considered the highest card instead of being worth a “one.”
  5. Ties win when both cards have exactly the same rank.
  6. Once the hand is over, you’re given a period of time to wait until the next betting around begins.

The pace of this game is perfect for players who just want to get in on the action a bit. Additionally, that makes it a great game for mobile as well since it doesn’t require a ton of time or attention.

Magic Card Side Bet

You can place a side bet on each side, left or right, for chances for bigger wins if your card is the highest. However, it has to meet other criteria as well to get one of the following multipliers:

  • Blue Card – 5x
  • Yellow Card – 10x
  • Orange Card – 20x
  • Red Card – 50x
  • Black Card – 100x

Because you can win up to 100x on a single wager, this makes Live Dealer Magic Card a much more exciting game than most versions of Baccarat. However, that’s quite the opposite of what you may expect when you read that it’s a simplified version of that genre.

Live Magic Card Main Screen
Live Magic Card Main Screen

How the Social Factor Increases the Fun

The fun of this game really comes down to how everything splits into two sides. For the most part, everyone will be on “Team Left” or “Team Right.” As such, you’ll have one side celebrating wins while the other celebrates losses in most cases.

We have some suggestions on how you can increase the fun with this approach. First off, you can simply ask the chat who all is betting left and who all is betting right. Have them simply say “team left” or “team right” in the chat.

From there, you can talk some friendly trash when you win and complain that the other team was lucky or that the game is rigged when you lose. It’s all in good fun, and it adds a chance to meet people from all over the world while you play. This is the real focus of the game in our opinion.

How to Win at Live Magic Card

What’s interesting about this game is that you don’t really have a best way to try to win. All of the bets are straightforward and simplified for the most part, and it’s easy to tell how each available wager works. However, with the side bets, you will pay a slightly higher house advantage in exchange for chances to win payouts as high as 100:1.

With that said, we think the best way to win at this game is actually to just have a good time. It’s set up to be more about the social factor than most titles, even within the live dealer space. By getting that chat going and meeting people, you’ll have a lot of fun.

Live Magic Card Dealing
Live Magic Card Dealing


No one is going to claim that LiveG24 created the most complicated live dealer game in the world with this title. However, what is fair to say is that they created a great setting for having a good time with other players. In the online casino industry, it’s rare to see this level of social interaction take off. That’s why we love seeing efforts like what we have in this particular title.


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