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Racetrack Riches

iSoftBet’s Racetrack Riches online slot brings together an Irish luck theme with a horse racing theme to give players a ton of excitement on the reels. You can make it to the Megaboard feature to see a jockey go around different spots on a track to give you special features during a free spins bonus round on top of other ways to win big.

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An Introduction to Racetrack Riches

There are certain themes that come up a lot in online slots, but the Racetrack Riches video slot uses a combination of horse racing with a bit of an Irish luck theme with leprechaun jockeys being the order of the day, and that’s definitely something that we’ve never seen before.

Racetrack Riches Main Screen
Racetrack Riches Main Screen

While this shows that iSoftBet can definitely come up with something fresh, creative and different, the way they tie the gameplay and features into this theme takes everything to a whole different level.

Graphically, this game is definitely above average. Though the symbols are fairly generic in terms of the idea behind them (ie: beer mugs, slot logos, card suits), they are stylized in a way that looks excellent and that fits perfectly with the theme of the game.

On the gameplay end of things, you’ll have a lot to look forward to as well since this game is completely jam-packed with different kinds of features while maintaining some pretty good wins on the regular pay table.

Betting and Layout

The layout here is pretty normal, and it provides a solid foundation for the feature-rich style of play that dominates your experience. Here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll start off with five vertical reels, and across those reels are three horizontal rows of symbols.
  • From there, players have 20 paylines that go from left to right across the reels only.
  • You do not have the ability to change how many paylines are in play.
  • Betting centers around 20 coins per spin (one per line), and the coin sizes range from €0.01 to €1 apiece.
  • The minimum you can wager per spin is €0.20, and the maximum is €20, which is plenty of a wide enough range for the vast majority of players.

The volatility of this game is firmly in the medium range. It has plenty of features that increase the volatility a bit, but the frequency at which they are hit along with the value shown from the regular pay table keep this pretty tempered so that it doesn’t get out of hand.

Gameplay and Features

The feature set for the Racetrack Riches online slot is pretty strong. We really like what they have brought to the table in this way. With that said, you’ll want to become familiar with the feature set before you play so that you’ll know what’s going on simply because there are so many things to know.

Wild Leprechaun Jockey Symbols

The wild leprechaun jockeys appear on all reels. They also have pretty sizable wins based on multiples of your entire bet size. These wins include the following:

  • Five of a Kind – 25x
  • Four of a Kind – 5x
  • Three of a Kind – 2x
  • Two of a Kind – 0.1x

To keep things in perspective, a 25x win in this game is like a 500x payout if we were using a payline-based structure, so it’s not exactly a small win, but it’s not the biggest jackpot out there either.

Random Features

On any given spin, you can pick up one of a few different random features. The first is the Jockey Wilds feature, which has a jockey randomly appear to run across the reels and add wilds everywhere.

Racetrack Riches Random Features
Racetrack Riches Random Features

Another random feature is the Win Spin. If you get a losing spin with no payouts at all, then there is a chance for a jockey to randomly show up. The Irish luck component of the theme of the Racetrack Riches video slot comes into play here as he blesses your reels to give you a guaranteed win when he appears that comes from him shifting around the symbols on the reels.

Finally, you have the Rainbow Respin feature. If you pick up scatters on the first and third reels, but you miss on the fifth, then this leprechaun jockey can show up to give you a re-spin on the final reel to have another chance to pick up that scatter and complete the combination.

Megaboard Free Spins Bonus Round

If you get the scatter on the first, third and fifth reels all at the same time, then you will activate the Megaboard feature. This has a track with different spaces show up around the reels, and these spaces can have different types of rewards on them.

Racetrack Riches Free Spins
Racetrack Riches Free Spins

Some examples of these awards include multipliers, extra wilds, mystery symbols, low-tier symbol removal, instant wins and bonus payouts.

You’ll roll dice to see the jockey move around the board to determine your additional feature for that particular free spin. This process continues until you’re out of spins, and this comes by completing three laps around the track.

How to Win at Racetrack Riches

The Racetrack Riches video slot has a medium volatility, which means that you don’t really have any viable options for increasing or decreasing your bet sizes strategically.

Because of this, and because you don’t have to worry about any bet sizing options changing your RTP percentage (ie: number of paylines), all you really need to do is pick a bet size in line with what you would normally be comfortable with. That’s one fewer thing that you need to worry about in this game, which means that you can more easily focus on the play itself and trying to hit the features.

Payout Structure for Racetrack Riches

Up above, we mentioned the payouts for the wild symbols. These are the same pays for the Racetrack Riches slot logo, which is the highest-paying regular symbol in the slot. Likewise, along with the wild, they are the only symbols that pay for just two of a kind; the rest require combinations of at least three.

Racetrack Riches Payouts
Racetrack Riches Payouts

A pair of matching wins are had for five of the bottle of champagne and five of the golden horseshoe in a green bow. They will give you 15x (again, multiplied by the entire bet size) for five of a kind combinations of either. Things drop down slightly to 10x for five of the hat full of gold or five of the beer mug.

The wins from there drop to the card suit symbols with the red heart and green spade having top billing with 5x for five of a kind. Right under that are the golden diamond and blue club symbols, and they each will give you 2.5x when you line up five on a given line.

These wins are pretty balanced overall, but they still offer a good range of upper, mid-level and low-tier payouts without throwing the volatility into being all that high.


One thing that we really like about this game is the fusion of two different commonly found themes and how that’s paired with the great graphics that iSoftBet is known for. Throw in an atypical set of features that somehow fit both aspects of this dual theme at the same time, and you get an excellent example of how this development house can put together just about anything in the slots industry.

What’s more is that the gameplay is particularly balanced between the pay table, the regular features hitting at random and the more rare free spins bonus round with the track motif.

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