Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board

Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board

The Betting and Gaming Act of 2005 regulates the licenses handed out by Anjouan, Union of Comoros. This Act established the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB), which handles the gambling activities within the Anjouan Island. The region is also known as the Islamic Federal Republic of Comoros. This body, located in Africa, delivers some of the best legal frameworks for various gambling activities on the continent. Even though Islamic law shapes the legal landscape in the region, the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board still has a good number of online casinos partnering with them.

Casinos With a Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board License

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Casinos With a Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board License
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The Role of the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board

ABGB may not be one of the most popular licensing bodies, but they are making big strides in gambling. As a respected regulator, there are some roles that they provide to keep a safe gaming environment, and these include:

  • Protecting and safeguarding players from unfair treatment by casino platforms.
  • Providing a professional and committed team of individuals to develop an ideal online gaming environment for players.
  • Overseeing the moral, ethical and security standards of their operators.
  • Ensuring the protection of vulnerable players, including problem gamblers.

ABGB Casino Licenses

There are very stringent principles which all applying entities must adhere to in order to be considered for licensing under ABGB. This board conducts a background check of the financial capacity and ethical behaviour of all licensees.

The ABGB also ensures that the operator issues have no history of money laundering, fiscal omissions and poor security standards.
Ordinarily, they provide two kinds of licenses. While one is related to online gaming, the other has to do with financial matters and offshore banking. In the end, only companies that meet these requirements and can submit all necessary documents stand a chance to qualify for a license.

A few examples of casinos under this regulator include:

Benefits of ABGB Licensed Casinos

Casinos are primarily attracted to the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board due to their strict rules and regulations. Many other bodies ignore these. Their licensing procedure is pretty clear, concise and straightforward.

As such, gambling companies can easily follow the process to obtain their license over a short period. Also, the required documents for submission are basic, so applying entities find it easy to acquire them.

Furthermore, casinos under ABGB have the luxury of operating without any restrictions. This is because Anjouan authorizes them to locate their servers anywhere in the world.

Benefits to Players

If you are playing at a casino platform regulated by the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board, you can rest assured that your experience will be fantastic. Since they have rigid rules in place, it is certain that their licensed companies underwent rigorous procedures and met the necessary requirements.

In addition, it helps that they have not received any backlash, despite having been in the industry for over ten years. To the delight of users, they also allow cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, as a method of payment.


Are Anjouan and Comoros licenses different?

Yes. Anjouan is an autonomous island which is just one component of the  Union of the Comoros. While Comoros is presided over by Islamic laws, Anjouan casino licenses are totally authorized and governed by the state.

Which online casinos have a Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board license?

Use the list of Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board casinos to see all online casinos that are regulated by Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board.