Rock the Reels Megaways

Rock the Reels Megaways

The Rock the Reels Megaways online slot centers around a rock band made up of a variety of animals. This is done in a fun style of animation, but it’s not “cartoony” and corny at all. Instead, the action is as serious with their music as it is on the reels with tons to offer.

Rating: 90% | Made By Iron Dog Studio | Reviewed On

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Malina Casino 86% Malina Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Rock the Reels Megaways

The idea of basing an online slot around a rock band has been done before several times. In fact, some developers have entire series based around the idea. What Iron Dog Studio did with their Rock the Reels video slot is a bit different, however.

Rock the Reels Megaways Main Screen
Rock the Reels Megaways Main Screen

Instead of basing this game around an existing band, they created their own. What’s more is that they put a bit of a twist on the concept by making them animals. However, they didn’t do this in a way to be funny or cute.

From the presentation side of things, we think the setup of the band is very impressive. Each member of the band has a done of character and a very serious edge. Iron Dog Studio honestly did more with this concept than we would have thought possible. The reels are set so that they’re happening on stage in front of a large crowd as well.

The gameplay for this title is tremendous as well. We really like the high level of action that the format and features create. Many of the features are based on the characteristics of each individual band member as well. This creates a serious degree of immersion and cohesiveness that we love to see.

Betting and Layout

With such a serious theme, it’s great that Iron Dog Studio used such an action-oriented style of play. This fundamentally comes down to the format at the most basic level. Here’s what to expect:

  • Six reels are used to set up the layout of the game. However, these reels can have different numbers of symbols.
  • On the main grid, each reel can have between two and seven symbols showing on each spin. These values are chosen at random and change from turn to turn.
  • Above the middle four reels is an extra horizontal reel. This horizontal reel shows four symbols that become a part of the winning ways for the middle four.
  • As a result, the middle four reels can actually have from three to eight symbols instead.
  • Since the number of winning ways changes on every spin accordingly, it’s shown to the right of the reels on every single turn. This makes it clear how many ways you have to win on each spin.
  • A whole lot of betting increments are available. These run between the minimum bet size of €0.10 and the maximum of €10 per spin.

The format itself leads to a pretty high hit-rate. Additionally, you will have a medium-low volatility in this game. That comes down to a combination of the above-average hit-rate and the balanced pay schedule. It’s also important to note that every win in this game is based on how much you’ve wagered. For example, if you have a €2 bet with a 5x win, that’s a €10 payout overall.

Gameplay and Features

The feature set for the Rock the Reels Megaways online slot centers around giving players lots of ways to win. However, there are also some bonus rounds available as well based on the band members. We’ll walk you through all of this and show you everything you need to know to get the most from this game.

Wild Symbols

Players will have access to two different wild symbols in this game. During the regular game mode, you’ll see the regular wilds in blue. They show up on the second and third reels only. Additionally, they cannot make an appearance on the horizontal reel.

Rock the Reels Megaways Wilds
Rock the Reels Megaways Wilds

It’s worth noting that these wilds cannot substitute for the scatters or special symbols. However, they can substitute for everything else. Moreover, their positions on the second and third reel make it easy for them to become part of winning combinations.

The red wild is a wild multiplier. It also appears in the regular game mode but can only be added by the Lion band member. These multipliers will be worth 2x in the regular game mode. They multiply any winning combination by 2x as long as at least one of them shows up in that combination.

Band Member Special Symbols

There are a few band members that offer special features just for showing up on the game board. They can all appear on the horizontal reel only. We’re going to take a look at each of them and what they do here:

  • Warthog – The warthog shows up to give extra wilds. On the second, third and fourth reels, he’ll turn between two and four symbols into wilds total. These extra wilds help to give you more chances to get paid.
  • Octopus – This symbol can also appear during the tumble feature. He’ll turn between two and four symbols on the first four reels into a random symbol selected from the first reel. This makes it much more likely to get wins than even some of the wild features.
  • Flamingo – With the flamingo, you’ll get three or four symbols on the first three reels turned into the Rock the Reels Megaways video slot logo symbol. He can also show up during the tumble feature.
  • Lion – The lion is the leader of the band. He can appear during tumbles or on the top reel. Two symbols on the second and third reels are turned into multiplier wilds when he shows up. Note that this multiplier is 2x in the regular game mode but increments in the free spins.

These symbols doing what they do is a great example of integrating a game’s theme into the gameplay.

Free Spins Mode

Scattered red guitar symbols can make an appearance on the board in any position. The number of scatters you get determines your number of free spins along the following lines:

  • Six Scatters – 20 free spins
  • Five Scatters – 15 free spins
  • Four Scatters – 10 free spins
  • Three Scatters – 8 free spins

You can re-trigger with more scatters during the free spins. They will give you additional free spins based on the following values:

  • Six Scatters – 12 extra free spins
  • Five Scatters – 8 extra free spins
  • Four Scatters – 6 extra free spins
  • Three Scatters – 4 extra free spins

The extra free spins are worth more than the original ones. That’s because the wild multipliers increase in value each time you get them. That means you’re more likely to get higher levels of wild multipliers later in the free spins mode.

Rock the Reels Megaways Band Members
Rock the Reels Megaways Band Members

How to Win at Rock the Reels Megaways

The volatility for this game is pretty reasonable in the medium-low range. With that being considered, the traditional adjustment for below-average volatility slots is to slightly increase your bet. That’s the suggestion we’re going to go with here as well.

You don’t want to overdo it, however. Go for something in the range of an increase of 25 to 33 percent if you decide on this strategy. You’ll get better payouts, but you’ll also still have pretty reasonable swings because the volatility isn’t very serious at all. While this is a completely optional betting adjustment, there is important reasoning behind it.

Payout Structure for Rock the Reels Megaways

The Rock the Reels Megaways video slot symbol pays out 150x for six of a kind. It’s also the only symbol in the game that gets you a win for just two of a kind. That’s especially noteworthy since a lot of wilds appear on the second reel to make that happen more.

From there, the green speakers are worth 60x for six. You can also pick up six of a kind of the turntables for a 25x win. Along similar lines, the payout for the tamborine and the guitar pick are both 20x for six.

Rock the Reels Megaways Payouts
Rock the Reels Megaways Payouts

At the lower end, both the red A and yellow K symbols are worth 10x for six of a kind. Likewise, you’ll earn 6x for six of the purple Q, green J and blue 10 symbols.


Something slot players will absolutely love with this title is the extra value that the plethora of features add to your bottom line. In addition to that, if you have liked other titles that use this style of overall concept, then this is a title you will not want to avoid.

The feature-oriented gameplay experience of this game is centered around giving video slot fans a serious amount of excitement, and due to the wide appeal to a lot people, this slot has a valuable place in this software company’s portfolio as a whole. We also want to point out that we really like how the aesthetic appeal gives you an overwhelmingly cohesive style of play compared to only being an unimportant part of the slot.


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