Playstar has been a prolific producer of slot games since 2015. They’re based in Taiwan and are breaking into western markets after years of catering to Southeast Asian markets. They’ve created more than 100 slots with themes that are instantly recognizable, spanning a wide range of genres. 

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Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
Lady Linda Casino 73% Lady Linda Casino Review Country Flag
Damslots 72% Damslots Review Country Flag
Anonym Bet Casino 72% Anonym Bet Casino Review Country Flag
SpinBetter 91% SpinBetter Review Country Flag
Betandyou 88% Betandyou Review Country Flag
Oppa888 82% Oppa888 Review Country Flag
Jvspin 81% Jvspin Review Country Flag

Why play at a PlayStar casino?

Playstar has a rapidly growing back catalogue of over 120 games. Ever-responsive to player preferences, they offer plenty of classic themes like Egyptian Ruins, Greek myths and Chinese legendary heroes. Most games have standard themes, but they spice things up with games that look a lot like Candy Crush, Monopoly and Uno. 

Once you start to play the games, you’ll notice that they all possess top-notch graphics and animations. There’s no lack of polish anywhere, which is likely a factor helping their global expansion.

You can enjoy all of the games for free on the Playstar website. These seem to be special versions of the games that have an uncanny knack for hitting big jackpots, bonus rounds and special symbols. It’s a nice experience and a fun way to check out Playstar’s plentiful offerings. Just don’t expect to win quite so often when playing for real money!

PlayStar God of Twilight


PlayStar has a broad selection of casino games, mostly centered on video slots. They also make interesting fishing games, card games and a wide variety of arcade games. Each of their titles are made using HTML5, so they run natively in browsers and are easily ported to Android and iOS.

Arcade Games

These products span everything from the recognizable Candy Smash to several titles that PlayStar describes as Mario Slots. They’re unique and stand up well on gameplay alone, regardless of RTP or real money concerns. Games this fun are uncommon surprises at online casinos and are sure to turn some heads.

If you’ve played Candy Crush, you’ll probably have an advantage when playing Candy Smash. Compete against one or two other players using similar game mechanics to the original hit game. Win or lose, the game is really fun and it’s easy to forget that you are playing a casino game.

Mario Slots require you to bet on one or more symbols before rolling dice. Your game character will move forward a number of spaces, before landing on a symbol that pays out a prize. There are also mechanics that make your game character move around the board multiple times, plus lots of bright lights.

These games will be a new experience for some players in the West, but Mario Game Machines are widely available on Chinese shopping sites. 

Fishing Games

Extremely popular in Asia, these products are a mix between an arcade shooter and video slots. You receive a blaster laser that costs money each time you shoot, with a lot of fish moving around the screen. 

Some low-value fish can be snagged with a single hit, but the higher-value targets will require a sizable investment. Many will move off-screen before you can complete the capture and therein lies the gamble. 

Fishing Games take practice to master, but could potentially pay off for the right person. They reward gamers with exciting and engaging action, requiring more player input and skill than an average slot.

Card Games

There are a variety of available card games, some of which may be new to you. Grand Baccarat is played against the dealer, but most of Playstar’s card games involve competition against other people. The interfaces are nice and convenient hints will help new gamers to feel included.

U4 is quite similar to Uno, which is in the same class as card games like Crazy 8’s or Mau-Mau. It should be well known to people worldwide as it’s a popular family game. This isn’t a typical casino title, but it’s a fun addition to the landscape and an example of PlayStar’s unique approach to gaming. 

Slot Games

Playstar makes slot games in many different genres, although Chinese themes dominate. Japanese Lucky Cats sit right next to Monkey Island and Pirate Treasure in the lineup, so there really is something for everyone. 

These titles are similar to video slots everywhere, but they have exceptional graphics. Each one plays differently but they tend to be straightforward and easy to understand.

PlayStar Atlantis Legend

Company History

Playstar is a Taiwanese casino software company that started in 2015. They have a deep understanding of Southeast Asian and Chinese gaming, which helped them make initial progress in two of the largest gambling markets. By 2018, they began expanding into Europe and then into the USA in 2021.

The Playstar brand grew rapidly in the late 2010’s and positioned itself well for global expansion in the 2020s. At the time, their plans included rollouts across Europe and North America.

The USA expansion was spearheaded by a partnership with Ocean Casino Resort in New Jersey. This 4-year deal gave them significant market experience and put them under US regulators from the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. In turn, this helped set the stage for future North American expansions.

Playstar is known for a commitment to excellence, as well as being a prolific game producer. Combining high-volume production with high-standards is a major achievement that should pay off for this innovative game developer.


Are PlayStar games rigged?

Playstar is a global brand which is regulated by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement in the North American market. They partnered with a US casino during the expansion, which shows that the industry has confidence in their products.

What games does PlayStar produce?

Playstar produces a wide variety of RNG casino games, including slots, fishing games, casino arcade games and card based titles. Their products were initially developed for the huge Chinese and Southeast Asian markets and tend to be of very high quality.

How can I win by playing PlayStar games?

Practice! Playstar has free demos for all of its games available on their website. Trying risk-free games is always a good idea before playing for real money. There are a wide variety of games, so some are likely to be unfamiliar.

What is the best Playstar casino?

Use the list of Playstar casinos to see and compare all online casinos with Playstar games. We filter the casino top list to only show Playstar casinos that accept players from your location.

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