Todito Cash

Todito Cash

Todito Cash is a Mexican prepaid voucher, with a debit card option, that is quite popular for depositing at online casinos. There are a number of retail stores that you can either buy these prepaid vouchers from or recharge your debit cards. The vouchers and debit cards can then be used to send money to online casino accounts without revealing any financial information. This e-wallet service has Android and iOS compatible apps, as well. Below you can find the list of the best online Todito Cash casinos and their latest bonus offers.

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Slots Magic 86% Slots Magic Review Country Flag
Giant Casino 82% Giant Casino Review Country Flag
William Hill Casino 80% William Hill Casino Review Country Flag


Todito Cash is the most popular online payment method in Mexico. Owned by Avalanz, a company with years of experience in the payment industry, they offer convenience both for merchants and customers. Their prepaid vouchers and rechargeable debit cards are available in over 25,000 points, including gas stations and kiosks.

In recent years, customers have been able to create e-wallet accounts online that can also be used for payments. Todito Cash e-wallets can be funded using Visa or MasterCard credit/debit cards in two simple steps. Thanks to this popularity, it’s supported by almost all casinos that accept Mexican players. Keep in mind that you can not use Todito Cash if you reside outside Mexico.


Todito Cash has been around for a while, and it’s pretty popular among Mexican iGamers as it’s one of the most convenient methods for them. Online casinos tend to attract new customers, and reward loyal ones, with periodic bonuses and promotions. Most of these promotions require a deposit.

Deposits made with Todito Cash vouchers, debit cards, and e-wallets normally qualify for these bonuses. It’s always advisable to read the terms and conditions that apply to any promotions on the chosen casino’s website.


Todito Cash is the go-to payment method for millions of Mexican iGamers for various reasons. To name a few, no bank account or credit/debit card is required to use Todito Cash, making it a very safe method to use. It also has thousands of purchase and recharge points.

  • Cash: All you need to start using Todito Cash is money. Without a bank account or credit card, you can purchase a voucher or prepaid debit card and transfer that amount to your online casino account.
  • Availability: Getting a Todito Cash voucher or debit card is pretty easy for those living in Mexico.
  • Safety: Purchasing a Todito Cash voucher requires no personal or financial information. Getting it by cash makes it a great option for players that are concerned with online safety.


Almost all payment methods come with some restrictions, and Todito Cash is no exception. It’s a great payment method, but not the perfect one. The biggest disadvantage of this method is the lack of support for withdrawals. Also, this is an option strictly for Mexican users.

  • Withdrawals: Todito Cash only supports deposits. Even though the e-wallet might be a good option for withdrawals in the future, currently you need a different method to withdraw money from your casino account.
  • Country Restrictions: Todito Cash is specifically offered to Mexicans. iGamers outside Mexico need to use different methods.


Nobody likes to pay big amounts in fees for transferring funds to their preferred online casinos. That money is better spent on slots or other casino games. That’s why Todito Cash transactions are free of charge unless your casino charges for deposits, which is pretty unlikely.

To be sure, check the terms and conditions that apply to deposits. While the transactions with Todito Cash are free, recharging points have different rates to fill your cards. Check the rates on their website, or use the e-wallet to fund your account with your own credit/debit cards.


Todito Cash provides a great convenience but only for Mexican customers. Since the vouchers or debit cards are purchased by cash, the only acceptable currency is the Mexican Peso. The casinos that support Todito Cash as a deposit method also support the use of the Mexican Peso.

  • Mexican Peso

Creating an Account

The biggest reason behind the popularity of Todito Cash as a casino payment method is the fact that you don’t need to give any personal information. This means you don’t need to create an account to deposit money using Todito Cash vouchers or rechargeable debit cards. They still offer an e-wallet service for those who want a more modernised payment method.

  • No need to create an account for vouchers or debit cards
  • Go to the website or the app to open the e-wallet account

Funding Account

Todito Cash has different products. You can either buy a prepaid voucher, get a rechargeable debit card or create an e-wallet. The vouchers can’t be reloaded. However, you can fund your debit cards at one of the many recharge points. If you are using the e-wallet, you can always send money to your Todito Cash account with credit or debit cards.

  • Log in to your Todito Cash account
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • Add your credit/debit card information and confirm the transaction


Todito Cash is the most common deposit method for Mexican online casino players. Whether by Todito Cash voucher or debit card, sending money to the casinos that accept Todito Cash deposits is very simple. The process is fast and secure as well. The fact that Todito Cash lists the casinos that support their payment method shows that their service, indeed, focuses on casino players.

  • Select Todito Cash as the deposit method on your casino’s cashier
  • Enter the amount your want to deposit
  • Enter your card number and the PIN code to confirm


Since Todito Cash was created as a prepaid voucher and debit card service. It’s not possible to withdraw from your casino accounts using these vouchers or debit cards. With the e-wallets they started offering, withdrawals may be made possible in the future. However, for now, you need to find a different method for your withdrawals.

  • Todito Cash can only be used for deposits
  • Use a different method to withdraw your money from casino accounts


In addition to privacy and availability, security is yet another strong aspect of using Todito Cash. iGamers buy vouchers and rechargeable debit cards by cash and transfer that amount using the card number and a PIN code. You don’t need to provide any sensitive information during this process. There’s no information available to be revealed in the case of fraud. The e-wallets that you can access on the website or in the apps require a registration, but that information is not revealed to casinos during deposits and is kept in the secure servers of Todito Cash.


Another reason that makes Todito Cash such a popular online casino payment method is the excellent customer support. When the detailed FAQ section on their website fails to provide an answer to your questions, the talented support team is easily accessible via phone call, live chat or email. The quickest way to reach them about your inquiries is the live chat.

  • Live chat: Click the green “en linea” button and start chatting to a customer representative
  • Phone call: Give them a call at 81-20-16-6093
  • Email: Send them an email at

VIP Program

Todito Cash doesn’t have anVIP program or exclusive membership


Privacy is another big concern for many online casino players. Todito Cash, by ditching the registration and providing prepaid vouchers and debit cards, provides a safe payment option for Mexican players. There are thousands of retail points where you can buy or recharge Todito Cash cards. Thanks to this ease of availability and security, hundreds of merchants support this payment method. A significant amount of these merchants are the online casinos. Almost all casinos that accept Mexican iGamers have Todito Cash listed among the deposit methods, making it the most convenient payment option. Currently, withdrawals are not supported, and iGamers living outside Mexico can’t use this method.


Which online casinos accept Todito Cash?

Use the list of Todito Cash casinos to see all online casinos that accept Todito Cash payments. We filter the casino top list to only show Todito Cash casinos that accept players from your location.