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Virtue Fusion is best known as a provider of online bingo software, as well as a number of classic slots games, table games and a generous range of progressive jackpot slots. Compare the best Virtue Fusion casinos and play its games with a bonus.

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Virtue Fusion was purchased by software giant Playtech in 2010 but remains a respected player in the online gaming industry. It would be welcome to see it expand more into the casino market to complement its hugely successful bingo software.

For a company not best known for casino games, Virtue Fusion’s output is still high quality and worth playing, even though it does not have a huge portfolio of games.

Why play at a Virtue Fusion casino?

Many online casinos will have at least a few games by Virtue Fusion in their catalogue, usually alongside games by its owner Playtech. While there are a few decent slots and table games on offer, the developer’s biggest fans will be those high rollers who enjoy progressive slots games. Virtue Fusion’s progressive jackpots are attractive, exciting and often build up to offer some pretty generous payouts.

While it’s unlikely that most players will love this company’s output enough to go searching for them, its games will expand and improve the repertoire of any online casino, even if you only play them a few times before moving on to something else.

Game Types

Virtue Fusion’s online casino games include 14 progressive jackpots, a fair few classic slots games, and the table games blackjack and roulette. While this is far from prolific, it’s enough to get a taste of what the company is capable of.

It’s fair to say that Virtue Fusion’s games feature good though not amazing graphics, enjoyable gameplay and some cool features. Overall, they’re not groundbreaking or innovative games, but they are highly enjoyable. Regular players might find that, after a while, some of these slots games all start to feel a little samey.

It’s easy to get the impression that most of Virtue Fusion’s output in casino games exists largely to boost the company’s portfolio when pushing bingo software. And yet, these games are certainly playable and not a bad inclusion at any online casino. Most of their progressive slots games are interesting enough to earn their own small legions of fans.

Virtue Fusion's Mayan Mania slot game
Virtue Fusion’s Mayan Mania slot game


In terms of traditional slot games, Virtue Fusion offer at least two modern video slots and six classic slot games. With decent, bright graphics and simple gameplay, they may be perfect for new players while perhaps veteran slots players might find them too basic.

Table Games

Virtue Fusion does offer a few table games, though not many. Fairly traditional versions of blackjack and mini-roulette have been put out by the company, and while they’re not at all bad for what they are, they’re also not something most players will seek out. Players who enjoy blackjack won’t find anything to dislike about Virtue Fusion’s pretty standard iteration of it. With basic graphics and a lack of exciting features, these table games will not be something for most players to get excited about.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games are what Virtue Fusion excels at, at least in terms of games for online casinos. They currently offer at least 14 different jackpot slots, many of which are capable of paying out thousands or even millions of pounds. These progressive slots aren’t the best in the business, but they are definitely Virtue Fusion’s strongest asset in the casino gaming market.

One popular progressive slots game is Mayan Mania, a five-reel, 20-payline slot game which features over 27 winning combinations. Players have to bet at least £1 for a chance of winning the full jackpot, which can be generous. It’s a good looking game with some nice features, and one that remains popular with players online. However, with a Return to Player (RTP) of 94%, it’s not the most profitable slot game around.

Tarot Fortune is a slots game themed around the idea of tarot cards. With plenty of features, such as scatter symbols that offer free spins and a decent jackpot, Tarot Fortune is a solid game – albeit somewhat basic compared to many of today’s most exciting slots games. The RTP of this game is just 93%, making it a little stingy on returns, but it’s still well worth playing if you’re into the mystical graphics.

Another progressive slot game with an RTP of 93% is Big Top Tombola. This is an attractive game with a bright circus theme and the appropriate accompanying music, but it does require a minimum bet of £5 per line to qualify for the full jackpot, which seems a little steep. It’s definitely fun to try, provided you don’t mind staking high or missing out on some of the jackpots.

Virtue Fusion's Tarot Fortune slot game
Virtue Fusion’s Tarot Fortune slot game

Company Details

Virtue Fusion is a software company based in London that launched in 1999. It was purchased in 2010 by gaming powerhouse Playtech, and today is known as ‘the largest bingo network’ online, boasting over 100,000 players across multiple sites every day.

Virtue Fusion casino software will mostly be listed online in conjunction alongside Playtech software, which opens up a whole new world of online casino games. It even won two awards: Best Online Bingo Software and Best Online Bingo Innovation at the Online Bingo Summit And Awards in 2010.


How to win at Virtue Fusion games?

All casino games are games of chance and it is not possible to guarantee a win. It’s best to choose a slots game that has a decent RTP, but Virtue Fusion’s RTP rates aren’t too high. The company’s blackjack and roulette are pretty standard versions, so classic optimal strategies may increase your chances of winning.

Is my money safe with Virtue Fusion games?

As a bingo network, Virtue Fusion processes millions of pounds every day, so is considered to be safe when it comes to ensuring your money is treated securely. Check that the online casino has licences from respected gambling commissions such as the UKGC.

Can I contact Virtue Fusion?

Virtue Fusion is based in London and contactable by email to If you have an issue with a game you’re playing online or you’re struggling to claim a win, contact the casino as paying out winnings and technical issues on their site will be its responsibility, not Virtue Fusion’s.

What is the best Virtue Fusion casino?

Use the list of Virtue Fusion casinos to see and compare all online casinos with Virtue Fusion games. We filter the casino top list to only show Virtue Fusion casinos that accept players from your location.