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Ainsworth is a publicly listed company in Australia, with offices located around the world including Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. It is as focused on quality as on providing authentic gaming, from cabinets to phones and smart devices.

Led by seasoned directors and with over 200 members of staff, Ainsworth leads the way for digital innovation. Its growing fanbase has seen the company move from strength to strength.

Why play at Ainsworth casinos?

With a range of providers on the market, it can be difficult to know if a new provider can bring the level of quality you are accustomed to. Here are some of the reasons why Ainsworth games are worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

Track Record

Having been in operation for over two decades, Ainsworth has weathered busts and booms to keep on moving. This is partly due to solid governance and shrewd business decisions, but the quality of its products has long stood the test of time. Many of its most popular cabinet games become re-skinned and available as online games on your phone or tablet device.

Range of Games

Ainsworth not only has a large games catalogue but one that is filled with choice and playability. With six distinct and varied categories, Ainsworth has put time and energy into giving punters the full casino experience. From slots, skill games, table games and more, the company has ensured that the overall casino aesthetic is fully captured.

Examples of Ainsworth slots
Examples of Ainsworth slots

Quality of Products

Founded on the cusp on the online boom of the 2000s, the company’s experience has been thoroughly road-tested in a demanding sector. Alongside a focus on novel experiences, the company has an ethos of ‘quality in everything we do’. Although new titles can appeal to punters, it’s only true quality and tight gameplay that can convince audiences to stay.

Real and Online Gaming Experiences

The online market is unquestionably more profitable for gaming providers, but Ainsworth has refused to forget its roots. It has produced a range of luxury gaming cabinets, with many titles like Black Bear, King Kong and Quack Pot showing up in bricks-and-mortar establishments. These offer a smooth interface and variable – but generous – odds. The skills involved in making these cabinets go into the design of many of Ainsworth’s digital games.

Game Types

Licensed Themes

Ainsworth has secured licences from several discerning providers, including Namco’s famous Pac-Man, MGM’s Magnificent Seven, and the silver screen’s famous King Kong and Skull Island.

If you’re looking for a solid first pick, Pac-Man: Wild Edition is the perfect encapsulation of arcade action. Featuring a £5k grand prize and £1k major, use pills and fruit to exert control over your spins and use the extra game features to maximise your win.

Ainsworth's Pac-Man Wild Edition
Ainsworth’s Pac-Man: Wild Edition

Standalone Products

The company also has standalone products including Stacked Up, which has two levels of standalone progressive and three levels of lucky bonus prizes. Play can continue until you hit the 150 line limit, allowing you to cash in on some truly stunning prizes.


Multi-games increase the risk involved with securing a win, but include the chance to try your luck at winning free games and spins. Double Shot guarantees solid gold spins, with variable line selections and options for credit and matching options. Its five credits per line buy-in fee can pay off quickly and efficiently.

Examples of Ainsworth's multi-games
Examples of Ainsworth’s multi-games

Mystery Jackpots

Ainsworth’s mystery games add an element of chance that can obscure some of the lines, bringing a strategic element to decide whether you want to push your luck or stay where you are and regroup.

If you’re starting out, the progressive challenge of Hummin Mystery offers authentic casino thrills without breaking the bank. With five reels, a £9k grand prize and £200 main wins on the line, it’s a solid pick to those who fancy their chances.

Link games include a wealth of wilds and random chances to pepper your scoring, bringing massive earnings but also carrying the risk of losing it all if you’re too greedy!

Ainsworth’s infamous Cash Adventures game lets you take part in a progressive adventure with as many options as there are ways to potentially win. The game features a range of wilds, bonuses and a unique take on linked jackpots that help you enjoy control over the chaos.

Interactive Games

Ainsworth’s interactive range brings casino slots to your smart device, letting you connect to your social media accounts to spread the news about your latest win. You can use your online accounts to gain useful experience, unlock alternative win tiers and steadily scramble up the leaderboards.

Ainsworth's Cash Hound
Ainsworth’s Cash Hound


Where can I find Ainsworth Game Technology casinos?

Ainsworth’s titles can be found at a range of online casinos. See the casino list at the top of this page for the best Ainsworth casinos.

What if I am concerned about my gambling habits?

Gambling addiction is a fully treatable and recognised medical condition. If you feel compelled to bet when you are financially unable or simply do not want to, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. The NHS provides support for suffers dealing with problem gambling. Even if you do not consider yourself an ‘addict’, you can take proactive steps to make sure that your hobby does not spiral out of control.

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Company headquarters: Ainsworth Game Technology, 10 Holker Street, Newington NSW Australia 2127

UK headquarters: Ainsworth (UK) Ltd, Astra Games Ltd, Astra House, 1 Kingsway, Bridgend Industrial Estate, Bridgend, CF31 3RY, UK

UK telephone: +44 1656 658658