Bushido Ways Casinos and Review 2021

Bushido Ways

The Bushido Ways video slot from Nolimit City brings players into the land of the samurai. You’ll have lots of wild features on the reels along with thousands of ways to win. However, multiple free spins modes are also available to give chances for massive payouts.

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Casinos with Bushido Ways

An Introduction to Bushido Ways

Lots of samurai-based online slots are available in the industry as a whole. Nolimit City is clearly aware of this. However, they made the Bushido Ways online slot based around the same theme for a clear reason.

Bushido Ways Main Screen
Bushido Ways Main Screen

This title stands out compared to others in the sub-genre in a major way. Both the look and the gameplay are tremendous and blow the competition out of the water.

We really enjoy how this slot looks. The background is top-tier, and the symbol set looks amazing. A lot of time was clearly put into how this game looks, and the result of that work is excellent. You’ll have no problem staying immersed based on this game’s aesthetic appeal.

However, the gameplay is up there too. This title has a high hit-rate with lots of features. These features center largely around giving more opportunities for several wins on the same turn. That ramps up the action to a tremendous level. However, they’ve done this without increasing the volatility too much at the same time.

Betting and Layout

The format of this game has some variation to it due to the features. However, we’ll show you what the base format is so that you know what to expect. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Five reels are used in this game. Along with that, you’ll have four symbols on each reel for the start. This number can change sometimes during the course of the gameplay.
  • The “all ways” format is used here. That means that you’ll have at least 1,024 ways to win on every turn. Because the number of symbols can increase, the number of ways to win can increase as well.
  • All of these ways to win run from the left and go to the right on consecutive reels only.
  • The positions of matching symbols don’t matter as long as they’re on consecutive reels.
  • Players will have 25 different bet sizes to pick and choose from. All wins are based on multiples of the total bet size.
  • The minimum bet size is €0.20 per turn in this slot. However, you can wager as much as €100 per spin.

As we mentioned above, wins are determined by multiples of the entire bet size. That means increasing or decreasing your bet size will change the win amounts proportionately. This title has a pretty high hit-rate, but the volatility is firmly in the medium range because of how much value the features offer.

Gameplay and Features

With the Bushido Ways video slot, a lot centers around the features. The regular pay table offers a good value, and the hit-rate is high with a lot of small and medium wins. However, the features themselves hold a ton of value as well. That means that you’ll want to understand how they work before you get started playing.

Before we jump into the feature set, however, we want to make one thing clear. The wilds are a really important part of this game. With that said, they do not offer their own payouts. The reason for this is that none of them show up on the first reel. Aside from that, they offer a tremendous amount of value and give a lot of wins that you wouldn’t have picked up without their help.

The Wild Geisha Symbols

On the third reel, there’s a special wild that appears. It comes in the form of a geisha dressed in red and holding a dagger. She is stacked four symbols high, and she’s a wild in every position she takes up.

Bushido Ways Wild Geisha
Bushido Ways Wild Geisha

However, she’ll always nudge to cover the entire third reel if she appears at all. The catch is that the number of nudges used is important. This is because the Wild Geisha feature counts those nudges and uses that value as a multiplier. All wins on that spin will be multiplied by that value, so you actually want to get as many nudges as you can to increase your wins when this geisha appears.

Note that wilds substitute for everything on the game board other than the bonus symbols. That means that they help to get a whole lot of extra wins.

Sliced Wilds Feature

Wilds appear normally on every reel other than the first one in the Bushido Ways online slot. However, they work a little differently depending on which reel they show up on. For example, they’re sliced up into two symbols on the third reel, three symbols on the fourth reel and four symbols on the fifth reel.

This effectively works like a multiplier on any wins that include them. Another way to think about it is that it increases the number of ways to win. This is done by increasing the number of symbols on those respective reels at the time of the spin. We really like how this feature works because it’s very atypical. However, it fits with the theme and the concept of the other features really well.

Bushido Ways Shogun Spins
Bushido Ways Shogun Spins

Oni Transform Feature

The three highest-paying symbols in this game are stacked samurai. If you get one at the same time as a bonus symbol, then you’ll trigger the Oni Transform. The basic idea here is that they will transform into other symbols. This is chosen based on what will give you the best possible total payout.

Again, this is an atypical style of feature. However, it’s tied really well into the theme and concept of the slot. It also offers some wins that you would have otherwise missed out on. Moreover, it gives a chance to pick up several of these pays on the same given spin.

Free Spins Features

The Bushido Ways online slot offers two free spin features. If you get three bonus symbols in general, you get eight Shogun spins. This gives an extra spin for each bonus symbol on the reels. What makes the Shogun Spins feature special is that wilds are guaranteed to appear on one of the last four reels. This may seem like a small difference, but it increases the value substantially compared to regular spins.

The other feature is the Geisha Spins feature. Three bonus symbols along with the geisha are required to trigger this feature. Again, you’ll start with eight total spins. However, the nudges for the geisha are accumulated throughout the duration of the spins for a sticky multiplier. This multiplier persists throughout the feature.

Additionally, the Geisha Spins feature gives a guaranteed wild on the second, fourth or fifth reels as well.

How to Win at Bushido Ways

Because of the makeup of this game’s hit-rate and volatility, we advise against any serious betting adjustments. All you really need to do is pick a bet size that’s around the average of what you’re comfortable with and go from there. Since this game has no decisions that affect your RTP percentage, that’s really all you need to know.

Bushido Ways Payouts
Bushido Ways Payouts

Payout Structure for Bushido Ways

The three stacked samurai symbols pay according to color. Five of the red gets 2x, and five of the blue is worth 1.5x. You’ll also pick up 1x for five of the green. Because these are stacked, you’ll almost always win with several instances of these combinations for much larger wins than what these payouts seem like on the surface.

The remaining regular paying symbols are card ranks. The A and K pay 0.75x and 0.65x for five of a kind of each, respectively. From there, the remaining symbols (Q, J and 10) all have the same 0.5x payout for five.


The feature-focused gameplay experience of the Bushido Ways video slot is centered toward offering slot fans a ton of action. Along with that, as a result of the serious appeal to so many people, this slot has a perfect position in this software developer’s portfolio overall.

We really like how the aesthetic appeal gives slot fans a seriously intense gameplay style as opposed to just being an unimportant component of the game, and the thing players will absolutely love about this video slot is the extra value that the range of features add to your overall balance. It’s also worth noting that the concept is handled in a particularly intelligent way in this video slot, compared to it merely being an afterthought like what we see in a lot online slots.