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The Demon online slot by Play’n GO features an evil rock band type of theme based on the real English metal band Demon with all of the imagery and symbolism that you might expect from such a motif. A value-packed free spins mode with easy ways to add on spins is available, and it gives multipliers worth as much as 8x as well on top of other features.

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An Introduction to the Demon Online Slot

The band Demon helped to really set the sound for the English metal music scene, and Play’n GO has brought them back with a high-end online slot by the same name. This game is largely centered around a set of bonus rounds with a reasonably well-paying regular pay table.

The key thing that drives the gameplay for the Demon online slot is the fact that there are multiple bonus rounds with different rules for a different feel.

On the aesthetic side, this is an awesome-looking online slot, and there’s no denying that a tremendous amount of care went into making sure that this game would stand out visually. The music is great as well, and you have a playlist option in the bottom-left corner above the balance listing where you can pick from several of the band Demon’s songs to play while you get in on the action on the reels.

Betting and Layout

The format used in this game gives players a good number of ways to win without it getting excessive. This feeds into the bonus feature offering as well in a way that makes plenty of sense.

Demon Main Screen
Demon Main Screen
  • The main grid is pretty typical with five reels and three rows.
  • You’ll have 30 static paylines in play at all times. There is no option to change how many paylines are active.
  • All of these 30 lines always pay from left to right only for consecutive reels.
  • Players pick between various bet sizes for their total betting amount at the bottom of the game’s reels.
  • The available betting range goes from €0.30 per turn at the low end to €90 per spin at the maximum for a range of available wager sizes that will be open to all players.
  • All of the wins that we talk about will be based on a €1.50 bet size, but they can increase or decrease depending on which bet size you use proportionately.

The volatility of the Demon video slot is not very high, but it’s not super low either. It falls squarely in the medium range, which is moderate enough to appeal to a really large selection of individuals.

Features and Gameplay

As we mentioned above, the gameplay for the Demon online slot centers largely around a set of bonus features. However, there are other features that give you a good value in the regular game as well.

We want to point out that there is a pentagram in the background of the reels, and the center spot of the center position is the middle of that pentagram. That’s an important reference for some of these features and how they tie into the theme of the game, so we wanted to point it out.

Wild Symbol Payouts

You’ll find that there are two different wild symbols in this game. The wilds interact to give you chances at different bonus features, but they also give some pretty good payouts.

Demon Wild Symbols
Demon Wild Symbols
  • Five of a Kind – 25x
  • Four of a Kind – 5x
  • Three of a Kind – 2x

Something that you absolutely must keep in mind with these wild payouts is that, because there are 30 total paylines activated at all times, you will have plenty of opportunities to get extra wins on other paylines on top of these payouts with so many wilds on the board at once. As such, the value is a little bit misleading and may be undersold by the above numbers.

Wild Mask Feature

The amulet and the goat mask are the two wild symbols. However, the goat mask wild symbol has a special feature all to its own.

Demon Wild Symbols
Demon Wild Symbols

If you get the wild goat mask to land on the center of the pentagram, then all of the singer symbols on the game board will also turn into wild masks.

This adds chances for extra wilds to appear on the reels, which in turn gives you more opportunities for getting winning combinations that you would have missed out on otherwise.

Free Spins Modes

The way the free spins modes come together in this game can be a little tricky to learn at first. This is because the Demon video slot goes about triggering these features with the wilds instead of a dedicated scatter symbol, and that’s an atypical approach for sure, but it works really well here.

Demon Free Spins
Demon Free Spins

One Helluva Night free spins can be activated by getting the wild mask on the center reel and the wild amulets on the first and fifth reels, in any position, all at the same time.

When you trigger this feature, you’ll normally be given six free spins. However, you can win 11 free spins instead if the mask symbol lands on the middle of the center reel when triggering the feature, which is right in the center of the pentagram that we referenced earlier.

Players will be given a random multiplier on every spin of this free spins mode. You’ll get a multiplier worth up to 8x on each spin, which gives you opportunities for some tremendous payouts.

Hell Spins

Within the One Helluva Night free spins mode, you can activate the Portal to Hell to get as many as eight Hell Spins. You activate this portal by getting two wild amulets on the reels at the same time on the first and last reels. If you get the mask at the same time, the maximum number available increases to ten.

The Portal to Hell will always give you a minimum of four free spins, however.

The multiplier during the Hell Spins stays the same as the multiplier was on the triggering free spin. However, if the mask was on the center reel when you triggered Hell Spins, then your multiplier is doubled for the Hell Spins feature.

Note that the Hell Spins cannot be re-triggered once you’re playing them, but they can be triggered multiple times during the free spins mode.

How to Win at the Demon Online Slot

Play’n GO created Demon in a way that a significant amount of value comes from the multi-level free spins modes. The multipliers and chances to double your multipliers in particular are a big part of where that value comes from, not to mention the rest of the feature, so a ton of your volatility will come from the times you hit (or do not hit) that particular bonus round.

Along these lines, and considering that the volatility of this game is in the medium to upper medium levels to begin with, we suggest going with a strategy where you slightly decrease your bet size and slightly increase how quickly you play (using the autoplay option if needed) to smooth out the volatility and increase your chances of hitting a free spins bonus round during your sessions.

Payout Structure for Demon

There are really three tiers of wins in this game. The first comes from the 25x win for five of the wild symbol, 15x for five of the singer and 12.5x for five of the crucifix. These are some pretty solid pays that are definitely worth it considering they are multiples of a €1.50 bet size in the way they have been listed.

Demon Payouts
Demon Payouts

Next up are the mid-level pays. You can earn 10x for five of the gargoyle that’s also the symbol for the logo for this game. The Demon video slot also offers 6.25x for five of the man wearing a hat and a weird mask, and you can pick up 5x for five of the statue on a purple background.

At the lower end of the pay table, you’ll get five card rank symbols. They come in a dark and demonic font that fits the theme of the game perfectly. The wins are all 2.5x for five of a kind combinations of the red A, blue K, purple Q, green J or violet 10 symbols.


With the Demon online slot by Play’n GO, many players might not even realize (or care) that it’s based around an actual band by the same name. That’s because the gameplay and visual appeal of the slot are so good that it could be fine on its own without the band actually existing. That just goes to show how strong of games that this developer makes.