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Dragon Stone

The Dragon Stone video slot is a title produced by Play’n GO that offers players a look into a dragon-filled world that centers around dragons that work inside of four different elements. These elements influence the gameplay through different special features that can happen during the free spins bonus round.

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An Introduction to Dragon Stone

It’s hard to argue against how popular dragons are in such an overwhelming variety of different types of media, and that includes the online slot world. Play’n GO didn’t stick with a generic concept here, however, and instead, they’ve went with element-driven dragons that actually affect the gameplay instead of just offering different payouts and graphics.

If you like dragons as a concept for a game, then you won’t be disappointed by how they’re used in this slot.

The visuals are pretty strong with four highly detailed types of dragons that show up on the reels based loosely on fire, water, earth and wind as the four basic elements. They’re used in a bit more exciting ways than what most players would probably expect, so you get things like an ice storm instead of plain water or an earthquake instead of a plain earth reference.

This adds to the gameplay elements of the title and ties every aspect of the Dragon Stone online slot together so that you have a particularly cohesive experience.

Betting and Layout

The layout for this title is actually really straightforward and isn’t out of the box at all. That makes it a perfect foundation for such a feature-rich game. Here’s what to expect:

  • You’ll see the basic layout of five reels and three symbols as soon as you get started playing.
  • This is a 20-payline slot, but the lines only pay from left to right only.
  • You can’t change the number of paylines activated; it’s always set to 20.
  • Betting is always based around one coin on each line, so you’re playing with 20 coins on each spin.
  • The minimum coin size is €0.01 for a €0.20 minimum wager per turn.
  • Coin sizes of up to €1 are available to give this game a maximum wager of €20 per turn.

Something to note is that the volatility of this game is pretty low, and that means few swings. This gives players a pretty smooth gameplay experience, but it also gives some room for different types of betting strategies, which we’ll discuss down below.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of the Dragon Stone video slot is dominated by a handful of features. We’re going to cover each of these in a lot of depth so that you know exactly how everything works in what follows.

Wild Symbols

Something kind of cool about this game is that the wild symbols show up in different colors to match with the four different types of dragons displayed on the game board. They don’t do anything special on their own except to give you extra chances to hit winning combinations.

Dragon Stone Wilds
Dragon Stone Wilds

You can get the following payouts for wilds in this game:

  • Five of a Kind – 500x
  • Four of a Kind – 200x
  • Three of a Kind – 40x

These are coin-based wins, which is what you’ll see across all of the payouts that we describe here. Note that the wilds can sometimes appear stacked, which can make it easier to get more than one win at a time on the reels.

Dragon Stone Bonus Symbols

The blue glowing, round crystal in a golden frame with purple accent stones is a scattered bonus symbol. When you get at least three on the game board, you’ll be rewarded with a free spins bonus round in the Dragon Stone video slot, which is tied directly to the name of this title.

Dragon Stone Free Spins
Dragon Stone Free Spins

Different numbers of spins are available based on how many scattered bonus symbols you use to trigger the feature:

  • Five of a Kind – 20 free spins
  • Four of a Kind – 15 free spins
  • Three of a Kind – 10 free spins

During this free spins bonus round, there are four other random features that can trigger at random, and they are tied to the four dragons that we have described up above.

Extra Dragon Features

There are four extra dragon features that can trigger at random during the free spins. First, there is the Flaming Wilds, which comes from the fire dragon. You’ll have fireballs fall down on the reels, and they’ve leave random wilds on the game board.

Dragon Stone Elemental Features
Dragon Stone Elemental Features

From there, you have the Ice Storm Spins feature, which has winning symbols freeze themselves in place while re-spins happen for the other symbols. This continues over and over until no new winning symbols are added.

The Earthquake Reels feature has rocks slide up the reels to cover entire reels in wilds. Finally, the Winds of Winnings will blow in lots of matching symbols across the reels to just give you better wins that you would have otherwise won.

How to Win at Dragon Stone

With the Dragon Stone online slot, you do have a lot of flexibility with using larger bet sizes than you usually would because of the super low volatility that this title has available.

For example, you could increase the size of your average bet by about 50 percent and still have swings that are within the comfort range of the vast majority of players because the pay table is so balanced.

Payout Structure for Dragon Stone

The Dragon Stone video slot has a solid set of payouts that are based on two tiers of symbols. The wilds (payouts listed above) and the four elemental dragon symbols make up the top tier of winning combinations.

Dragon Stone Payouts
Dragon Stone Payouts

The fire dragon is black and red, and it pays a strong 500x win for five of a kind. Five of a kind combinations of the ice dragon is worth 400x, and you can also win 300x for five of the green earth dragons on a payline. Rounding things out is the purple wind dragon, which gives you a 250x payout when you line up five.

The card rank symbols take up the bottom end of the pay table, and their colors start from the hot end of the scale and cool down as you go lower.

You can win 200x for five of the red A, and five of the orange K gets you 150x. From there, a win of 100x for five of the yellow Q is available. You can also pick up 70x or 50x for five of the blue J or purple 10, respectively.


There’s a fair amount going on in the Dragon Scale slot, so it will pay for most players to read over how the features work before they get started instead of just trying to figure it out as you go.

What’s really cool is that they tied together the gameplay, theme and visuals in a way that they all make a lot of sense together. They did this with the theme of the four dragons, and instead of going with something that was just generic with the dragon motif, they made them different by using the four classical elements of air, fire, earth and water.

To take that even further, the action increases even more based on this exact theme in the free spins mode, which adds a ton of flavor to the game. Overall, it really shows just how much Play’n GO can do with a title no matter what kind of theme they go for.