Fortunes of Ali Baba Slot - Review and Casinos 2020

Fortunes of Ali Baba

With the Fortunes of Ali Baba online slot by Play’n GO, players get taken into a treasure-filled cave while they try to get deeper and deeper into a series of bonus features that give increasingly stronger payout opportunities in the Den of Thieves along with other prizes made available along the way.

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An Introduction to Fortunes of Ali Baba

It’s often the case that we get to see online slots built on themes that don’t seem like they should be all that exciting. With Play’n GO, however, they are so skilled at producing games that they can find excitement and action in a variety of places that much of the competition cannot.

Fortunes of Ali Baba Main Screen
Fortunes of Ali Baba Main Screen

We can see this dynamic in the Fortunes of Ali Baba video slot with its extensive collection of features that are somewhat nested inside of each other.

The gameplay is obviously going to be the star of the show in a game with this type of theme, and Play’n GO has delivered in a major way. The pay table offers a good value, and the features are tremendous.

With that said, the graphics and visual appeal aren’t lacking. They’ve made this game happen as you’re walking deep into a cave where treasure is waiting to be found, and the aesthetics are tremendous.

Betting and Layout

The layout is pretty standardized, so you won’t have to learn anything too crazy to be able to enjoy this title. Here’s what to expect:

  • There are five vertical reels used with three symbols showing on each reel.
  • With there being 20 paylines, you do not have the ability to change how many lines are active; it’s always 20.
  • All of the paylines pay from the left to the right only, even in the bonus features.
  • The minimum bet size for this game is €0.20 per spin.
  • You can also wager as much as €100 per turn, and there are a lot of other sizes available between these.

All payouts in this game are multiples of the overall bet size. Moreover, the volatility is in the low to medium range as well, which means that the swings won’t be too severe. This helps to give the game a pretty reasonable pacing without things being too fast or too slow for most players.

Gameplay and Features

The features for this game largely act in a “nested” format where one is inside another. That gives this game the feeling of going down into a cave with bigger and bigger treasures the further in you go.

Wild Symbols

There are two different wilds available in this game. They are of two different men, and we’ll get into the differences in how they work when we talk about the free spins. However, they both give the same payouts in the Fortunes of Ali Baba online slot.

Fortunes of Ali Baba Wild Payouts
Fortunes of Ali Baba Wild Payouts
  • Five of a Kind – 250x
  • Four of a Kind – 10x
  • Three of a Kind – 5x

Note that these wins are multiples of the total bet size. As a result, the 250x payout is much bigger than it might otherwise seem since it would be like picking up a 5,000x line bet prize.

Also, note that the wilds will substitute for every single symbol in this game other than the scatters.

Den of Thieves Bonus

A woman in a sort of stylized octagon shows up on the first and last reels only. When you get both of her on the reels at once, you will trigger the Den of Thieves bonus round.

Fortunes of Ali Baba Den of Thieves
Fortunes of Ali Baba Den of Thieves

When this feature starts, you will see a number of ornate pots in front of you. Each time you click a pot, you get a chance of an instant win, free spins or being caught by the thieves. You’ll keep choosing pots until the thieves catch you, and if you accumulated any free spins in that time, then you will be awarded them accordingly.

Free Spins Bonus Round

If you pick up the free spins bonus round, you’ll have the regular wild show up on the first reel of every single turn. Moreover, the scatter symbol showing up on the first and last reels will add two free spins to your total while adding one to your multiplier as well.

Fortunes of Ali Baba Free Spins
Fortunes of Ali Baba Free Spins

There are a few different reasons why this free spins mode stands out, and it’s one of the key things that makes this title stand out in the sub-genre in the general sense.

We mentioned up above that the wilds behave differently in the free spins. One of them always showing up on the first reel is part of that, but there’s more. If you get one of the second wilds on the reel, you’ll immediately get a free re-spin with all wilds on the board held in place.

However, from there, the second type of wild will move to the left leaving a trail of wilds, and they’ll keep moving as the free spins continue to give you tremendous opportunities for extra payouts and multi-line wins that you would have missed out on otherwise. This is definitely a different way that the Fortunes of Ali Baba video slot handles the free spins concept.

How to Win at Fortunes of Ali Baba

There are a few things to consider with this game when we talk betting strategy. First, you don’t have to worry about choosing bet sizes based on RTP (return to player) percentages because they’re the same for all wager sizes.

With that out of the way, the volatility is in the medium range with a big of variance involved. While the regular pay table is solid, the bonus feature really drives home a tremendous amount of value, so we recommend a style that uses a slightly smaller bet size than usual.

We suggest pairing this with more spins per session than you’d usually get in, which can be done by using the space bar to spin instead of clicking and/or using the autoplay feature. With more wagers being made at a slightly smaller bet size, you’ll actually put in about the same amount in total bets during your session, but you’ll increase your exposure to the free spins bonus round.

Payout Structure for Fortunes of Ali Baba

Outside of the wild symbols, there are a few tiers of wins available for this game’s pay table. It starts with the knife symbol, which pays out at 14x for five on a payline.

Fortunes of Ali Baba Other Payouts
Fortunes of Ali Baba Other Payouts

From there, there are three symbols that all pay 7x for five of a kind. These are the gems, the bowls of different spices and the golden medallion. If you line up five of any of these three symbols, you’ll be given the same 7x win.

At the lower end of the pay table, we also have the card rank symbols, which have been put together in a gorgeous pink font that fits the Arabian theme perfectly. You’ll get paid 3.5x for five of the A, but the pay for the K, Q, J or 10 are all 1.75x for five of a kind combinations on a payline. This makes it pretty easy to remember what the payouts will be since they drop down to one-half the previous pay at various levels.


The thing to know about the Ali Baby online slot is that everything centers largely around the features except for some of the bigger payouts on the regular pay table. There is a certain balance to the gameplay in this way, but the features are still really important, and they’re what you should aim for when playing.

Overall, this is a title with a good balance of how the play is handled and how good it looks, so it’s a solid pick for a lot of different types of players.