Kensei Blades

Kensei Blades

The Kensei Blades online slot from Betsoft takes players on an anime-inspired fantasy adventure. You’ll have hundreds of winning ways for every spin on top of free spins, scatter payouts, value-packed wilds and other fun features in this game.

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Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
FortuneJack 85% FortuneJack Review Country Flag
Bovada Casino 65% Bovada Casino Review Country Flag
Lady Linda Casino 73% Lady Linda Casino Review Country Flag
Damslots 72% Damslots Review Country Flag
Anonym Bet Casino 72% Anonym Bet Casino Review Country Flag 71% Review Country Flag
Black Diamond Casino 71% Black Diamond Casino Review Country Flag
Superior Casino 70% Superior Casino Review Country Flag
888 Tiger Casino 60% 888 Tiger Casino Review Country Flag
Cryptothrills 50% Cryptothrills Review Country Flag
True Fortune 50% True Fortune Review Country Flag
VoodooDreams 97% VoodooDreams Review Country Flag
CasiPlay 94% CasiPlay Review Country Flag
Playluck 91% Playluck Review Country Flag
Goodman Casino 88% Goodman Casino Review Country Flag
Gslot Casino 88% Gslot Casino Review Country Flag
Gioo 88% Gioo Review Country Flag
Hejgo 88% Hejgo Review Country Flag
RedBet 88% RedBet Review Country Flag
Mr Green 86% Mr Green Review Country Flag

An Introduction to the Kensei Blades Slot

In the slot world, we see anime-inspired slots like the Book of Anime just for one example. A serious number of players are really interested in this sub-genre. Even if you don’t care for anime, the graphical styles and resulting feature sets and style of play can make you very interested in similar titles like the Kensei Blades video slot.

Kensei Blades Main Screen
Kensei Blades Main Screen

The action is serious in games like this, and this slot from Betsoft is no exception.

Visually, you can tell a lot is going on just from checking out the characters and art style. On the left and right of the reels, you’ll see two characters (Kensei and Sakura), who both look ready for battle. Additionally, both the background and the symbols on the reels have been drawn with tremendous detail. It’s a particularly visually pleasing title for a number of reasons. However, this is all kept within a pretty straightforward anime style at the same time.

For this particular title, the gameplay comes from a non-standard play field and the resulting changes. Bonus features like free spins are available as well. However, the way you trigger them is a bit atypical. Overall, the action tied up in the gameplay and features really drives forward the idea that this anime slot is all about giving players plenty of ways to get paid on top of a high base hit-rate.

Betting and Layout

As you can tell when you first look at this slot, the format is a bit off of the beaten path. However, it’s not so atypical that it’s difficult to learn. If you read over the following explanation, you’ll be able to jump in and understand exactly how your wins work from the first spin.

  • Five vertical reels are used on each spin in this game. However, the sizes of those reels are not all the same.
  • The first and last reels have three symbols while the second and fourth have four apiece. Additionally, five symbols can be found on the middle reel.
  • Wins are awarded with matching symbols on consecutive reels from left to right or right to left. Accordingly, you’ll have 720 ways to win on each spin in each direction.
  • Interestingly, the minimum bet size in this game is €1 per spin. That’s atypically high for a minimum spin, especially in Betsoft slots.
  • Players can wager as much as €50 per turn as well. Again, oddly enough, that’s fairly low for a maximum bet size from Betsoft. We’re not sure what to make of these betting ranges, but they won’t affect most players that much.

Other Information

The volatility in this game is around average as a whole. This is because of two separate components of the gameplay. On the one hand, the hit-rate is above average overall because of the 720 ways format. Additionally, the free spins mode allows for a ton of value all in one place. Normally, this would drive the volatility up considerably. However, with the balance of the rest of the play experience, it’s not that serious.

Payouts for this slot are all based on a multiple of the amount being wagered for your spin. With that said, understand that the pay table in the game itself will actually show your available wins in currency amounts. For what we’ll be listing out below, however, we’ll keep things as simple as possible. We’ll do this by making everything a multiple of your total bet size. For example, a 5x win here with a €3 wager would mean a total prize worth €15.

Gameplay and Features for the Kensei Blades Video Slot

The anime slot theme of the Kensei Blades video slot makes it a great candidate for a high-action style of play. You essentially get a fairly balanced version of this when you look at the game as a whole. However, the mix between the high hit-rate regular mode and the value-oriented features creates a bit of variety in what you can expect as well, which is awesome for keeping things fresh and interesting throughout your sessions.

Kensei Blades Sakura Wild Symbols
Kensei Blades Sakura Wild Symbols

Sakura Wild Symbols

The character shown to the right-hand side of the reels during gameplay is Sakura. She’s a mighty fighter, but she’s also the wild symbol in this game. Considering that this slot pays in both directions while also offering a massive 720 ways to win both ways, it’s easy to see how she can be a valuable asset to running up some serious payouts.

However, it’s important to note that she does not show up on every single reel. Instead, she appears on the second, third and fourth reels only. It’s not a big deal that you’re missing out on wild combination payouts here, however. That’s because she shows up on the three biggest reels for bigger chances to hit. Additionally, the format itself creates a situation where the wilds are worth more than average.

The Kensei Blades online slot’s wild symbol does not substitute for the scatter or free spins symbols. However, they will substitute for everything else that the game has to offer.

Kensei Scatter Payouts

When you look to the left of the reels, you’ll see a warrior wielding a giant red sword. He also wears a blue cape. This is Kensei, and he’s tied into the name of the game for a reason. As the central character, he’s also the scatter symbol. No matter where he shows up on the board, you’ll win the following payouts:

  • Five Scatters – 50x
  • Four Scatters – 10x
  • Three Scatters – 2x

It’s important to understand that these scatters do not operate like the other symbols in this slot. They do not pay in both directions, for example. Additionally, they can appear in any position on any reel to win. You do not need them to show up in any particular order like you do the other paying symbols or free spins symbols, as you’ll see below.

Kensei Blades Kensei Scatter Symbols
Kensei Blades Kensei Scatter Symbols

Kensei Blades Free Spins

On all five reels, you can sometimes see a symbol of two different blades crossing each other. This is the Kensei Blades free spins symbol, and it’s the key to getting yourself into the main bonus feature.

It’s critical to know that this is not a scatter. Instead, it requires five of a kind combinations across the reels from left to right.

Essentially, you need to get at least one free spins symbol on every reel to trigger the feature. However, you actually get two goodies for each combination like this that you get:

  1. You’re given eight free spins for each combination.
  2. You’re also awarded a simple 1x payout added directly to your balance for each.

If you get multiple combinations, just like is always used with the “all ways” approach, you get multiple sets of free spins added to your total. Additionally, players are awarded over and over with the 1x payouts listed above.

It’s important to know that you can re-trigger the free spins mode during the bonus feature. Betsoft has decided on a maximum total of 240 free spins in a single feature as a result.

How to Win at Kensei Blades

This is one of those games where you don’t really have to think about much strategy. That’s because it’s such a balanced title with an average volatility. However, the play style set up between the regular, high hit-rate game and the free spins feature still allows for some pretty big wins to be had. A big part of that is the ability to win up to 240 free spins in a single feature.

Subsequently, we can’t really recommend any particular strategies or betting adjustments. Instead, we think that your best approach is to just pick out a bet size that fits what you’re comfortable with. However, keep in mind that the minimum bet size is a bit higher than what you would otherwise see.

Payout Structure for the Kensei Blades Online Slot

The red sword symbol is the best-paying regular symbol with its 20x payout for five of a kind. From there, Sakura’s staff weapon in purple earns 8x for five. Additionally, five of the green shield or silver helmet will earn players 6x or 3x, respectively.

Kensei Blades Payouts
Kensei Blades Payouts

Betsoft set up the lower four symbols to be tied into the game’s theme. We appreciate that they didn’t take the lazy route with card rank symbols. All four of these symbols have an excellent appearance, and that includes five of the golden sun for 2x or five of the blue moon for 1.5x. Additionally, the green star and red hearts earn players 1x for five of a kind.


We love the high-action anime-inspired theme of the Kensei Blades slot. Betsoft did a tremendous job giving this title a strong aesthetic and a play style with a high hit-rate and a value-packed bonus feature. It’s the kind of game that players can really get into even if they aren’t anime fans as well.


Which online casinos have Kensei Blades?

Use the list of Kensei Blades casinos to see all online casinos that have Kensei Blades. We filter the casino top list to only show Kensei Blades casinos that accept players from your location.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) for Kensei Blades?

The Kensei Blades RTP is 95.12%. An RTP of 95.12% puts Kensei Blades among slots with a below-average Return to Player. An Average RTP is at least 96%, and a high RTP at least 98%.