Legendary Sumo Casinos and Review 2021

Legendary Sumo

The Legendary Sumo video slot from Endorphina offers a look at the sumo tournament circuit. Five different competitors are on the reels, and they face off in a free spins feature. With a balanced pay table and a high hit-rate, this title has all of the action sumo offers.

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Casinos with Legendary Sumo

An Introduction to Legendary Sumo

Sumo wrestling is an extremely important sport in Japan and other parts of the world. The culture surrounding it is very serious and competitive. Endorphina has brought the action that such a competitive sports offers to the reels with the Legendary Sumo online slot.

Legendary Sumo Main Screen
Legendary Sumo Main Screen

The centerpiece of this game is a tournament. This tournament unfolds during the free spins bonus round.

The visuals involved in a sumo match are very important. This includes the ceremony and everything leading up to a bout. Interestingly enough, those ceremonies often last longer than the matches themselves. A similar level of aesthetics has been brought to the reels for this game as well.

That’s not to say that gameplay has been ignored, however. The action on the reels is set up to match the action that happens once the bout begins. There are a lot of ways to get paid, and the overall pay table is balanced with a high hit-rate. That means it’s a style of game that a lot of different types of players will be able to appreciate.

Betting and Layout

Something atypical about this game is the layout. They’ve went with something a bit different than usual here, and it affects the betting a bit. With that said, it’s still really easy to hop in and get started with. They didn’t go so far outside of the box that it’s difficult to play even for your first time. Here’s what to expect:

  • The main format of the game uses five reels with three rows. This part is pretty normal for video slots.
  • Things get atypical when looking at the paylines. You can play with a maximum of 21 paylines per spin with this title.
  • All paylines run from left to right only. Winning combinations must start on the first reel and move toward the right.
  • Coin sizes range from €0.01 to €1 apiece. You can also wager from one to 10 coins on each of the available paylines.
  • The minimum bet size comes in at the €0.21 level with all lines activated. Along these lines, you can wager up to €210 per spin.

There are two other things we want to note about this game. First, the hit-rate is fairly high, and the pay table is balanced in terms of win distribution. Second, the volatility is in the medium-low range. Additionally, we’ll be describing wins in terms of the number of coins being won. Changing your bet size will change the wins proportionately.

Gameplay and Features

With the Legendary Sumo online slot, the gameplay isn’t particularly complicated. To have a really good idea of what’s going on, you only need to know a few straightforward features. While these features don’t have a tremendous amount of flash to them, they do offer substance. In this case, when we say substance, we mean a whole lot of value.

Legendary Sumo Wild Symbol
Legendary Sumo Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol Payouts

You get two ways to get wild symbols in this game. First off, they can appear naturally as a red dragon symbol. This dragon has gold trim around the edges and is facing the player. Another type of wild can appear in the free spins. However, the following wins can be had with any combination of either of the two wild types:

  • Five of a Kind – 3,000x
  • Four of a Kind – 500x
  • Three of a Kind – 100x

These wilds offer a really great value with these top-tier wins. Additionally, they assist you with substitutions that give you extra payouts. It’s one of those things where you wouldn’t have received these wins otherwise. In light of that, it’s easy to see how much value they offer.

Legendary Sumo Free Spins
Legendary Sumo Free Spins

Free Spins Sumo Tournament Bonus Round

The golden trophy symbol is the scattered bonus symbol for this game. It has a red and orange background with yellow lighting behind it. It also appears on every one of the five reels.

When you pick up at least three of these scatters, you get a free spins feature. It doesn’t matter where you land these scatters. They don’t need to be on any particular reels or any particular paylines to trigger. The number of free spins they offer is based on the following values:

  • Five of a Kind – 50 free spins
  • Four of a Kind – 20 free spins
  • Three of a Kind – 10 free spins

This feature starts off normally with the first spin. However, after each spin, one of the five sumo wrestlers are chosen. This choice is made based on which one has the most symbols on the game board. The winner of that round is then given a golden trophy outline.

What’s important to know here is that the wrestler with the trophy outline becomes wild. If there is a tie between numbers, the order of priority is from the “hottest” color to the “coldest” along the lines of red, orange, purple, green and blue. These wilds are the second type of wild that we referenced up above.

On top of all of these extra wilds, you’ll be able to re-trigger the feature. Three or more scatters add more free spins. All wins are also hit with a 2x multiplier.

Gamble Feature

Gamble features, generally speaking, aren’t the most interesting thing about slots. In fact, we don’t normally even bother going into them in any amount of depth. This is different for Endorphina and their Legendary Sumo video slot, however.

Legendary Sumo Gamble Feature
Legendary Sumo Gamble Feature

This feature works differently than most. After each win, you should take a look at the gamble feature every single time. Here’s why: You have a chance to actually get an edge over the casino. The reason for this is that you don’t have to actually play the gamble feature just from viewing it. However, viewing it alone tells you if you will have an edge or not.

The style of gamble feature is as follows. Four cards are face-down with one face-up. If you pick a face-down card that’s higher than the face-up one, you double your winnings. Losing, on the other hand, means you lose your winnings for that spin. Since you get to see the up card before playing, it’s clear that this is worth checking out.

How to Win at Legendary Sumo

There are two main things you need to do to keep your payout percentage as high as possible. The first thing is to make sure that you’re always playing with all 21 paylines activated. We know that dropping that to 20 makes the numbers more even. However, it also drops your RTP percentage down, so you’ll win less often proportionately.

The second thing you have to do to maximize your payout rate is to play the gamble feature correctly. To do so, you need to know the following strategy:

  • Facing 2-5 – Always play the gamble feature
  • Facing 6-8 – The gamble feature is break-even
  • Facing 9-A – Never play the gamble feature

It’s important to point out that this game does not treat the deck of cards like a real deck. The probabilities simply are not the same. That’s why a 6, 7 and 8 are all break even. Along these lines, you can play them if you want, or you can avoid them completely. Playing increases your volatility, which can be good or bad depending on what you prefer.

Payout Structure for Legendary Sumo

The pay schedule for the Legendary Sumo online slot is more balanced than most. However, it still retains some good pays. The sumo wrestler on the red background gets 3,000x for five of a kind. Five or the orange or purple will land you a very strong 1,000x win as well. From there, you can pick up 500x for five or the green or blue.

Legendary Sumo Payouts
Legendary Sumo Payouts

Five card rank symbols in three tiers round things out. It starts with the purple A for 250x for five. The orange K and yellow Q are each worth 125x for five of a kind. Finally, five of a kind combinations of the blue J or red 10 will reward you with a 100x prize.


Due to the fact that the Legendary Sumo video slot gives a serious level of quality while still standing out as an individual game, this slot fits really well in this software company’s offering of games as a whole. As if that wasn’t enough, the hit frequency of the range of features in this game is so big that players will certainly not get bored of playing.

If action is the thing you’re seeking out, then you’ll absolutely love the style of gameplay that this slot gives to your play, and when compared to other games that utilize related concepts, this video slot stands out in a number of ways as opposed to only being one of the sub-genre. It’s also worth noting that the aesthetic appeal of this slot is great and raises up the whole gameplay style.