Loose Deuces Video Poker

Loose Deuces Video Poker

The Loose Deuces Video Poker game is all about giving you extra ways to get paid. It’s one of the most action-oriented styles of video poker in the entire genre. A big part of that is the massive 500x win that you can earn for four of a kind in deuces in this game.

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Casinos with Loose Deuces Video Poker
Casino Rating Visit Review Country Flag
Casino Extreme 61% Casino Extreme Review Country Flag
Playluck 91% Playluck Review Country Flag
AHTI Games 88% AHTI Games Review Country Flag
Giant Casino 82% Giant Casino Review Country Flag
PlayOJO 81% PlayOJO Review Country Flag
BetFred 88% BetFred Review Country Flag
West Casino 83% West Casino Review Country Flag
Betmaster Casino 82% Betmaster Casino Review Country Flag
Cashalot Casino 79% Cashalot Casino Review Country Flag
RoyalBet 79% RoyalBet Review Country Flag
Reload Casino 78% Reload Casino Review Country Flag
Captain Spins 75% Captain Spins Review Country Flag
Lucky Vegas 75% Lucky Vegas Review Country Flag
PlayKasino 75% PlayKasino Review Country Flag
MyStake 75% MyStake Review Country Flag
Dream Jackpot 75% Dream Jackpot Review Country Flag
Playzee Casino 74% Playzee Casino Review Country Flag

An Introduction to Loose Deuces Video Poker

A lot of video poker fans unfortunately only stick to the main two or three games. Titles like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild come to mind. However, if you get away from some of those comfortable titles, you can find new favorites pretty easily.

Loose Deuces Main Screen
Loose Deuces Main Screen

We believe that the Loose Deuces poker format is something that will appeal to a whole lot of players who want to try something fresh.

As the name implies, this is a game where the twos are wild. However, the pay table is broken up in a completely different way than most traditional Deuces Wild titles. As a result, you end up with a much more exciting style of play. Additionally, the strategies involved carry over for the most part, so you only have to learn new ways to play in a handful of cases. Only some of those cases show up often, so it’s an easy transition to make.

Here we’ll be talking about the specific rules of the game found with Reel Time Gaming casinos. However, a variety of other software providers have the same game with similar rules.

The Rules of Loose Deuces

To get started with this game, players need to know a few different bits of the rules. This includes how the hands are played, how the poker hands are ranked in this title (which is different than usual rankings) and what the betting setup is like. Here we’ll break down each of these for both recreational players and hardcore video poker fans.

Loose Deuces Special Poker Hand Rankings

The first thing that you need to know is that the hand rankings are atypical in this game. A big part of this is because the twos are wild. However, it’s still atypical for online video poker machines where that’s the case. Here’s how the rankings work out with the resulting payouts and examples, starting from the strongest hands:

  • Natural Royal Flush (800x) – AKQJT in the same suit with no wilds
  • Four Deuces (500x) – All four 2s in the same hand
  • Wild Royal Flush (25x) – AKQJT in the same suit with at least one wild
  • Five of a Kind (15x) – Five of the same card rank (has to be achieved using at least one wild)
  • Straight Flush (5x) – Five cards of the same suit in consecutive ranks (ie: 98765 all of spades)
  • Four of a Kind (4x) – Four cards that have the same rank
  • Full House (3x) – Three cards with the same rank along with two other cards of a different rank
  • Flush (2x) – Five cards with matching suits (order doesn’t matter)
  • Straight (2x) – Five cards with consecutive ranks (suits don’t matter)
  • Three of a Kind (1x) – Three card with the same rank (other two cards don’t matter)

As you can see, this is a particularly top-heavy pay table. This leads to a higher volatility and chances for more big wins than virtually any other non-progressive video poker title out there.

Loose Deuces Draw Screen
Loose Deuces Draw Screen

How a Hand of Loose Deuces Poker is Played

The basic way this game is played isn’t particularly difficult to pick up. However, the strategies involved can get pretty intense just depending on how deeply you want to go into them. With that said, this game is fine for recreational players who don’t care about all of that as well.

In any case, the process for how this game works is as follows. Additionally, this same basic process is what you’ll go through for each individual hand:

  1. Start off by choosing a coin size and a number of coins per hand. You should always have the number of coins set to five. We’ll show why that is further down below.
  2. Once your bet size is ready, press the deal button. This will give you five cards from the standard 52-card deck.
  3. Click or tap on the cards that you want to hold onto. When you press deal again, the cards you aren’t holding will be discarded.
  4. From there, if you discarded any, you’ll receive cards back until you have five total.
  5. At this point, your overall hand strength is automatically selected to maximize your value on the pay table, if you made a hand good enough to get on it.
  6. Additionally, if you’re owed any prize, it’s awarded to you immediately. You’ll also have the chance to play the double or nothing side bet.
  7. That is the end of the hand, and the process continues back over again.

If you don’t discard any cards, then you won’t receive any back. However, you’re under no obligation to make a certain number of discards. In fact, Loose Deuces puts no maximum on the number of discards that you can take in a hand.

The Double or Nothing Side Wager

After any win of any size, you’ll be asked if you want to play the double or nothing side bet. If you take this option, which has a house advantage of exactly zero, you’ll be taken to a second screen where the following happens:

  • A card is dealt in the far-left position at random from the deck.
  • You get to select from the remaining four positions to pick a second card at random.
  • If the card you choose ties the displayed card, you choose again.
  • However, if the card you pick is higher ranked, you double the size of your payout.
  • Additionally, in the case that the card you pick is lower, your entire wager is lost.

This is a fun way to add some more action to the Loose Deuces gameplay style. However, it’s important to note that while the house edge is not changed by playing with this side wager, you will increase the volatility quite a bit. We’ll also get into this more down below.

Loose Deuces Deal Screen
Loose Deuces Deal Screen

Pay Table Analysis and Loose Deuces RTP and Volatility

For the pay table that we broke down in the above, the best payout rate you can achieve is an RTP of 99.07 percent. That’s a house edge of less than one percent with correct play. With that said, the volatility is a whole different issue.

Simply put, the volatility in this game is the highest you’ll find in just about any video poker title that does not include a progressive jackpot.

The reason for this is simple. With regular tier hands like straights, flushes and full houses, the payouts have been dropped down substantially. Instead, you end up with the massive 500x win for four of a kind in deuces. Additionally, since this rivals the 800x payout for a natural royal flush, it’s up there with some of the biggest prizes you can find in the genre for a non-top hand.

That drives the value up the pay table, which increases the volatility a lot. Subsequently, if you prefer games that don’t have a lot of big swings, you should probably stay away from this one.

How to Win at Loose Deuces Video Poker

The key to strategy in this game is to adjust to the top-heavy payout structure. One quirk of this pay table, for example, is that straights and flushes have the same payout. You also have to avoid going on auto-pilot when it comes to hands that are a single pair or two pairs since they don’t get their own payouts in Loose Deuces poker no matter the hand rankings.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the number of coins you use matters a lot. Make sure that no matter what you always play with five coins. Additionally, if you have to lower the value of your coins to make that work for you, that’s completely fine. You can make your total bet size whatever you’re comfortable with, but make sure it’s created with five coins.

Loose Deuces Winning Screen
Loose Deuces Winning Screen

If you fail to do this, your return to player percentage will suffer greatly. The reason for this is that you get a bonus payout for a natural royal flush with five coins. Since that bonus payout isn’t there otherwise, it’s simply lost value for playing.

Overview of Loose Deuces Video Poker Machines

This video poker title is the hallmark of high-volatility, wild card video poker play. It’s extremely exciting and brings a lot to the table if you’re chasing high-end wins in particular. However, if you’re the type of player who doesn’t really like a lot of swings back and forth, you may want to go with something that has a smoother style of play.


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