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Magic of Sahara

With a desert magic theme and production through All41 Studios, the Magic of Sahara online slot (available through Microgaming Quickfire) offers two ways to trigger a set of magical free spins, which includes an innovative token-collecting mechanic that rewards play over time with chances to win some pretty serious prizes.

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Introduction to Magic of Sahara

The situation with themes and concepts used in online slots is interesting because there are a couple of dozen motifs that get used a whole lot while still being the basis of some of the most popular titles in the entire industry. This is often achieved by taking the level of quality of the game up to a place where most of the rest of the sub-genre cannot reach.

The Magic of Sahara slot is an attempt by Microgaming, in conjunction with All41 Studios, to put together a game that breaks out of the rest of the desert- and Arabian-themed sub-genre of slots.

We think they have achieved their goal in this sense, and there are definitely things about this title that stand out in a big way. The graphics are solid enough, but it’s the gameplay that really shines and that really brings out what All41 Studios is able to do.

Screenshot of the Magic of Sahara Slot
Screenshot of the Magic of Sahara Slot

Betting and Layout

The layout is pretty basic here but is set up in a way that it really jives with the feature set, especially the token-collection mechanism that we’ll get into down below.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The main game has five reels with three horizontal rows.
  • Nine paylines are available, and you cannot change that number.
  • Betting is on a payline basis with wagers ranging from €0.01 to €5 per line.
  • The total available betting range starts off at the €0.09 level per spin and goes up to €45 per turn, which gives options for players at all stakes.

It’s also worth pointing out that the symbols hanging across the top of the game board are really important, and you’ll see that below when we discuss the free spins mode and the methods of activating it.

Features and Gameplay

The majority of the gameplay of this title centers around one bonus feature and the multiple ways of triggering it. However, the regular gameplay is interesting as well.

Note that all of the wins we list here are based on a bet size of €1.35 per spin. If you bet more or less than this amount, then the wins will scale up or down proportionately.

Magic Token Collection Mechanic

A magical man dressed in blue with a white beard appears on all five reels. He is a critical part of the game and might actually be the most important symbol overall.

When this man appears, two things will happen. First, one token for the free spins mode will be added to the chain that extends across the top of the game board. Second, the symbol itself will magically turn into one of the six card rank symbols.

The number of tokens you have available on the chain is locked into each of the available levels of stakes, so they don’t carry over from one to another, but they are preserved if you switch to one level and then back to your original level.

Scatters and Free Spins

A scatter symbol can be found on all five reels. It’s a blue and purple bowl with a bunch of gold coins, gems and jewelry in it. If you get three or more of this scatter on the reels at the same time, then a free spins mode is triggered.

However, that’s not the only way that this bonus round can be activated.

If you ever get at least 25 tokens on the chain using the magic token collection mechanic, then the feature will activate as well. Whether you activate the feature with the scatters or by filling up the chain, the number of tokens on the chain will have five added to it to get your total number of free spins for the feature.

Effectively, that means you can get from five to 30 free spins on each turn, but it’ll tend to be on the upper end of that just because of how the chain mechanic works.

Magic of Sahara Free Spins
Magic of Sahara Free Spins

Wild Symbols

The Magic of Sahara online slot logo symbol is the wild in this title, and it’s responsible for some pretty sizable wins as well:

  • Five of a Kind – 180x
  • Four of a Kind – 60x
  • Three of a Kind – 9x

While these symbols obviously help to give you more wins than you would have received without them, there’s a bit more to the story here. First off, during the regular game, you’ll find that the wilds show up in super stacks on the third and fourth reels. However, during the free spins mode, they will be super stacked on all five reels, which means the free spins are worth quite a bit more than spins from the normal game mode.

It’s also worth noting that the wilds substitute for everything in the game other than the magical man that brings the tokens and the scatter symbol.

Scatter Payouts

The scatters don’t just help you to get a free spins mode; they also help you to win some pretty sizable payouts in the Magic of Sahara video slot. The payouts are as follows:

  • Five of a Kind – 135x
  • Four of a Kind – 33.75x
  • Three of a Kind – 4.05x
  • Two of a Kind – 1.35x

Note that two or more will give a payout, but you need at least three for the free spins mode. Additionally, the scatters do not appear during the free spins.

How to Win at Magic of Sahara

There’s not really much of a secret to maximizing your odds of winning at this slot because there aren’t really any options that change the RTP percentage.

With that said, understand that the volatility of this slot is pretty low, and a lot of that comes down to how the free spins are triggered pretty regularly. Because of this, you can play with a larger bet size than you would under normal circumstances since the swings are much smaller than other comparable titles with a higher volatility.

This is a strategy you can use to make the most of getting multiple wins from the stacked wilds that show up more often in the free spins mode.

Payout Structure for the Magic of Sahara Online Slot

The pay table for this game is designed to be fairly flat, and this goes along with what we were mentioning above with the volatility being so reasonable. The pay schedule as a whole is pretty balanced with some fairly big wins for five of the wilds or scatters. Five of the wilds is really important as a top-tier win because the scattered wilds can give you multiple five-of-a-kind wins at the same time.

With that all said, five of the younger man in the blue headdress gets you 75x, and five of the woman in the plum hood pays 60x for five. Five of the man with the camels earns players 37.5x also.

From there, it’s down to the card rank symbols. You can earn 12x for five of the A or K along with 9x for the Q or J or 6x for the 10 or 9, all in five of a kind combinations.


We have a pretty positive view of the Magic of Sahara online slot that’s been put together by All41 Studios for the Microgaming Quickfire platform. Here are the main things we like about it:

  • The token-collecting feature is pretty innovative.
  • The free spins mode adds a ton of value with a nice number of free spins on average and super stacked wilds on all reels.
  • The balanced pay table keeps big swings in check.

However, we also understand that some players might not like some things about this game like the following:

  • The volatility is very low, which does not fit with the preferred play style for some individuals.
  • The theme can come across as a bit bland just because it’s so common and the focus is on the gameplay and features.

If we take all of this into account, we think that this title will appeal to most players most of the time. It’s a great game in particular for players who like games with a low volatility, and the token collecting feature also rewards players who want to stick to one level of stakes over the long run.

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