Malta Gaming Authority

Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the licensing and regulatory body for international casinos operating in the gambling market. Malta has long been one of the world’s most popular locations for online gaming. As it is already the primary regulatory body for all gambling in Malta itself, the MGA is also viewed to be the world’s primary regulator for online casinos and other forms of online gambling, setting and maintaining standards that are in place at a global level.

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The Role Of The MGA

The MGA exists to carry out a series of functions:

  • Protect children and vulnerable people from the negative effects of gambling, and ensure that gambling laws relating to minors are being enforced.
  • Safeguard player rights through a framework of robust regulation.
  • Promote responsible gambling and gaming in an environment which is safe, trustworthy and transparent.
  • Ensure that all gaming devices and games are fair and accurate for integrity.
  • Ensure that the gambling industry is kept free from crime.

The MGA was set up to bring together a wide panel of regulatory functions. As such, it created an integrated authority which rapidly had great success in the field.

As well as enforcing regulation and running the licensing scheme, the MGA works to support the online casino industry. It does this by providing a one-stop shop for licensing applications, and offering expert information to help casinos and players alike.

MGA Casino Licences

The Malta Gaming Authority licenses online casinos for the international gambling market. To obtain a licence, all online casinos must follow processes and submit evidence to show that they adhere to licensing criteria such as:

  • Having a clear ownership structure
  • Maintaining separate player funds
  • Operating in a fair, safe and transparent way
  • Having no links with criminal activities
  • Being suitably qualified, resourced and financed to deliver their activities
  • Being responsible in their operation, such as ensuring that self-exclusion and responsible gaming practices are promoted.

Once achieved, the terms of the licence must be upheld. This will be checked by the MGA’s enforcement officers at certain times. Licences can be revoked if casinos are shown to be operating outside of the terms of the licence.

Although the MGA’s legal powers are limited to Malta itself, the organisation is valued and recognised across the world, so that all reputable online casinos will want to be licensed and approved by the MGA.

Reputable online casinos will also display their credentials on their sites as they will recognise the value of this quality mark in attracting customers.

Other MGA Services

The Malta Gaming Authority is a large international body with hundreds of employees and a broad scope of service. The activities that it carries out exceed its licensing scheme, including the following:

  • Carry out research into gaming and online gambling trends.
  • Collect relevant taxes on behalf of governments.
  • Ensure that the gambling sector plays a responsible role within the economy, supporting the country‚Äôs development with its economic input.
  • Work to support a range of good causes, particularly in the field of responsible gaming.

The MGA has also set up three non-profit foundations: the Responsible Gaming Foundation, GamingMalta and the European Gaming Institute of Malta.

Benefits to Players

When players choose an MGA-licensed gaming site, they will have a safe, transparent and enjoyable experience with a reputable online casino. Their data protection will be maintained, their funds will be safe, and the games will have accurate payouts with clear processes for withdrawals.

In addition, customer services will be in place and the casino will offer clear terms and conditions. There will be processes for escalating concerns and complaints, and ways to find out about responsible gaming and features such as self-exclusion.

The MGA is also available to players who have inadvertently played online with an illegal casino and been affected by financial or data crime as a result.

It has investigative powers in this regard, and will work with national and other gambling authorities to progress prosecutions and make details of these illegal casinos public.

You can find casinos that are registered and licensed at the Malta Gaming Authority website.