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Mission Cash

Secret agents are on the case in the Mission Cash video slot by Play’n GO. This futuristic spy thriller game gives players opportunities to point their crosshairs at expanding wilds, re-spins and free spins bonus round all while getting paid from a balanced, action-based pay table that has room for plenty of sizable prizes.

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An Introduction to Mission Cash

If you’re the type of player who likes a lot of action, then the Mission Cash online slot is one game you definitely need to check out. Based on a sort of futuristic spy thriller concept, you’ll see different agents on the reels helping you to pick up big wins.

Mission Cash Main Screen
Mission Cash Main Screen

The theme isn’t something that’s used a lot in the industry as a whole, and we’ve never seen a game do it quite like what Play’n GO has done here.

On the graphical side of things, you’ll see four different agents along with other symbols that fit the theme perfectly. The game is played with a giant computerized control room in the background, which is exactly what the base of operations would look like for this cast of characters.

In terms of gameplay, the way the features are set up makes it easy to add value to your play with a balance of extra ways to get paid based on the regular pay table or the features themselves.

Betting and Layout

The format of this game is tied directly to how the action unfolds with the crosshairs-based features. Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll start off by noticing that the game uses the typical grid of five reels with three horizontal rows.
  • The number of paylines in this game is 20, and they all pay from left to right only.
  • You can’t change how many lines are activated on each spin for this title.
  • The minimum bet size her turn is €0.20, and you can wager up to €100 per spin. A lot of other increments are available between these extremes.

Even though there are a number of features in this game, the volatility is still in the medium to low range. This is because everything is based around giving players plenty of small and medium wins overall with chances here and there of getting larger payouts, usually as a result of multiple medium wins hitting all at once with the expanding wild features.

Note also that every win described in this review is based on players having payouts multiplied by the total amount of their wager.

Gameplay and Features

With a spy thriller theme, it’s pretty easy to understand why a game like the Mission Cash online slot offers players an action-oriented set of features that fit this theme. In what follows, we’ll show how these features all come together to fit the game’s concept and what you can expect in terms of payouts when these features trigger.

Expanding Wilds Feature

Something you’ll notice as soon as you get started playing is that there’s a crosshairs overlay symbol that will randomly move around the grid after every spin. The whole idea behind this crosshairs symbol is that it will activate certain features based on the symbols that it targets.

One example of this is the expanding wilds feature. If you land the crosshairs on a blue man or red woman agent, then that symbol will expand to cover the entire game reel to create a wild reel. That’s the only place where wilds appear in this game, but random wild reels are definitely the kind of feature that most players can get behind.

Mission Cash Wild Respins
Mission Cash Wild Respins

Re-spin Feature

Tied in with these expanding wilds is a re-spins feature. The way this works is that after the wins are paid normally from the expanding wild, that wild will hold in place while the other reels spin for free to give you an extra chance to win.

Note that the crosshairs symbol will move around during this re-spin feature to target new symbols as well.

If you pick up another expanding wild, you’ll get yet another re-spin with all of the pre-existing expanding wilds still stuck in place. This can continue until you fill the board with wilds, which obviously awards some pretty tremendous payouts.

Free Spins Bonus Round

One of the regular symbols on the game board is a hexagon in gold that surrounds a pistol that’s firing off with a suppressor. If the crosshairs land on this symbol at the end of a spin, regardless of whether it’s in the regular game mode or the re-spin feature, you’ll be granted a shot at the free spins bonus round.

Mission Cash Free Spins
Mission Cash Free Spins

Players are initially given eight free spins each time this feature is triggered.

In this feature, the re-spin and expanding wild features become more valuable since they now apply to the purple and green agents instead of just the blue and red. That’s half of the regular paying symbols in the game. This makes it a lot easier to hit multiple re-spins with static wild reels.

If you get the crosshairs on the gun symbol during this feature, it’ll add eight more free spins to your total with a feature re-trigger.

How to Win at Mission Cash

In the Mission Cash online slot, players get to pick from a variety of incremental bet sizes. While they all have the same RTP percentage, the fact of the matter is that with the volatility being as low as it is, you’ll usually want to place wagers on the upper end of the range of bet sizes that you’re comfortable with.

The reason for this is that the swings will stay pretty reasonable even if you increase your bet size with the fairly low volatility, and it’ll put you in a position to get bigger payouts if you hit the features or a particularly good combination of wins with the re-spins.

Payout Structure for Mission Cash

There are four agents that make up the upper end of the regular pay table. The wilds all pay the same as the blue agent, which is 50x for five, 7.5x for four and 1.5x for three. Since these wins are multiplied by your total bet size, this top payout of 50x is like a 1,000x win if we were using line bet-based payouts.

Mission Cash Payouts
Mission Cash Payouts

From there, you can pick up 15x for five of the red agent, and 10x wins are available for five of a kind combinations of the woman in purple. Finally, the green agent gets you 5x for five on a line.

Along similar lines, the same color scheme is used for the four card suits, which also have pictures of popular city scenes in them. They pay 2.5x to 1x for five of a kind combinations.


There are a few different motifs that are being hit on in the Mission Cash video slot. There’s a bit of a combination of a James Bond and Mission Impossible sort of thing happening, but visually, there’s a lot of location-based imagery going on as well, particularly with the card suit symbols.

While this game’s graphics are obviously solid, it’s definitely the gameplay that Play’n GO put together that makes it stand out the most. The re-spin feature with the wild reels is a good example of a way to add a lot of value without overwhelmingly increasing the volatility, and having the crosshairs need to line up on just one symbol is a really cool way of activating the free spins feature.

Overall, Play’n GO has shown that they don’t need to use some popular franchise that already has a media presence to make a great spy thriller slot.