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Monkey’s Gold

The Monkey’s Gold online slot brings an atypical play style to the reels. With the X Pays format, you get lots of extra ways to win on every spin. Free spins and colossal symbols are also available. These add even more value and opportunities to get paid.

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An Introduction to Monkey’s Gold

Nolimit City has a wide range of online slots. They cover a whole lot of different play styles, themes and feature sets. With the Monkey’s Gold video slot, we see a unique intersection of these three things.

Monkey's Gold Main Screen
Monkey’s Gold Main Screen

The deep jungle theme with its statues on the sides and vine-based background look great. However, it’s made even better by the matching motif created by the symbol set.

Visually, this title stands out big time. Many games use a similar theme, but not that many look as good as this one. The background and symbols fit together perfectly. On top of that, the effects and play style make sense for the stone-based materials used. This gives the game a strong sense of cohesion where everything fits together and makes sense.

In terms of features and gameplay, this is an exciting video slot overall. The combination of features used here are somewhat rare. We don’t typically see colossal symbols with the X Pays format, for example. Add free spins and other goodies into the mix, and the action is clearly at a serious level.

Betting and Layout

This slot uses X Pays, which is a variation on the “all ways” format. We’ll get more into how this works down below. However, the basic format is as follows:

  • Players have six reels with six rows of symbols. This creates a 36-spot grid overall.
  • You win based on the X Pays approach, which involves matching symbols landing on consecutive reels. These have to happen from left to right. We’ll dive more into this below.
  • The payouts we describe below will be based on a multiple of your total bet size. This leaves coins, coins per line and that sort of thing out of the equation.
  • A total of 25 bet sizes are available. These run from €0.20 at a minimum to €100 at a maximum per spin. The denominations are broken up to give players at all stakes several options that can work for them.
  • The volatility of this slot is in the medium range. That’s because there’s a good balance between the regular pay table and the feature set.

The X Pays format is different than what most players are used to. When you get at least three matching symbols on reels from left to right, it activates the X Pays. All non-matching symbols disappear, and the matching symbols fall to the bottom. From there, more symbols fall down to fill the grid. If any new symbols are added to the wins, the process continues. The process can also continue if you get three or more new matching symbols of a different type.

Note that all of the matching symbols have to line up from left to right on the reels. This must start with the leftmost reel as well. Wins are based on how many reels the symbol takes up combined with a multiplier mechanic we’ll detail below.

Monkey's Gold X Pays
Monkey’s Gold X Pays

Gameplay and Features

With the Monkey’s Gold video slot, the feature set is strong in general. However, it also interacts with the X Pays format in a few ways for more excitement. As a result, you get a somewhat atypical experience. Even though it’s clearly a video slot in the traditional sense, the gameplay is a bit different. That means that it can take some getting used to.

Colossal Symbols

Colossal symbols can show up in two sizes. The small ones are 2×2, and the large ones are 3×3. These symbols have multipliers assigned to them as well. Those multipliers range from 4x to 500x. As a result, some pretty big wins are available when they show up.

It’s possible to have missing symbols fall in under a colossal symbol during the X Pays feature. When that happens, the empty spaces are filled up with wild symbols.

These symbols are a good example of the features and the format working together. This combination gives players chances for some bigger payouts. Not only that, but it makes the payouts more likely by taking up multiple reels.

Monkey's Gold Multipliers
Monkey’s Gold Multipliers

Symbol Multipliers

Any of the regular symbols can also appear with multipliers on them. This is a big source of value in the Monkey’s Gold online slot. These multipliers will typically be of 2x or 3x.

Multipliers of this type don’t multiply the total value of the payout for that symbol. Instead, working with the X Pays format, they count as multiple symbols. Effectively, this means that the value of the individual symbol is multiplied by the shown value.

In any event, you’ll get more value from these multipliers. With the way the X Pays feature works, these symbol multipliers can sometimes double the value of your total payout or more. This is especially true if they are added after the fact and trigger more of the “falling” mechanic.

Symbol Upgrades

The symbol upgrade feature is really simple. When a single row is made completely full, the symbols that are on that row will all be upgraded. This means they turn into a higher-ranking symbol. Higher rankings mean better payouts.

If you make this type of row with the best-paying symbol in the game, something else happens. Instead of changing into a different symbol, it gets a multiplier. This multiplier works like the ones listed up above, and it gives more value.

Monkey's Gold Free Spins
Monkey’s Gold Free Spins

Monkey’s Gold Free Spins

Three or more bonus symbols anywhere on the game board give 10 free spins. Each bonus symbol after that awards an additional three free spins. However, during the free spins mode, each bonus symbol adds one to your total.

These spins are worth more than their normal counterparts. The reason is that a special “Vine Multiplier” is added to the mix. This gives bigger payouts from the X Pays feature. Once again, this is an example of the features and format all working together to compound wins.

How to Win at Monkey’s Gold

This is a medium volatility online slot. As a result, you probably shouldn’t change your bet size very much. Something in the middle of the range you’re typically comfortable with is probably best.

However, you may want to consider choosing a smaller bet size just starting out. We say that because the Monkey’s Gold video slot is a bit atypical. Playing at smaller stakes is more appropriate while you figure out if it’s a game that’s for you.

Payout Structure for Monkey’s Gold

The pay structure for this game has three tiers. For the most part, each tier has three colors (with one exception) ranging from hot to cold.

Monkey's Gold Payouts
Monkey’s Gold Payouts

The top tier consists of face-based symbols. The red, blue and green pay 0.6x, 0.5x and 0.4x per symbol for these faces. However, the middle tier pay 0.35x, 0.30x and 0.25x per gemstone. At the lower tier, we have four card rank symbols. They pay from 0.20x to 0.05x per symbol.

Your payout for a winning combination is found by multiplying the number of symbols used by the above. Multipliers are included as multiple symbols in this calculation.


The Monkey’s Gold online slot is a perfect part of Nolimit City’s overall selection of slots because of its graphics level and gameplay style. The level of graphics of this video slot is great and drives up the overall style of play, and the name of the game is excitement with this video slot, and that is wonderful news for people who want an action-oriented gameplay experience.

If you’ve enjoyed other video slots that feature this style of driving theme, then this is one slot you definitely won’t want to miss. Additionally, a good number of extra features can be found in this title, which is something players can’t assume for much of the slots industry overall.

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