Nights of Egypt Expanded Slot - Review and Casinos 2020

Nights of Egypt Expanded

The Nights of Egypt Expanded online slot by Spinomenal takes you to the dark side of Egyptian mythology with a dark theme and some dark features. This title looks amazing and offers tons of ways to win and a value-packed set of bonus rounds that really give you something big to shoot for.

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An Introduction to Nights of Egypt Expanded

Something there is no shortage of in the online slot industry is games based around Egyptian themes. As such, it’s difficult for a title in this sub-genre to stand out because so many of them are alike and rely on the same visual approach and features.

Nights of Egypt Expanded Main Screen
Nights of Egypt Expanded Main Screen

The Nights of Egypt Expanded video slot, a title produced by Spinomenal, takes on this challenge and really shows what can be done to stand out from the pack.

This all starts on a very fundamental level with a great visual appeal that’s darker than virtually anything else you see in the sub-genre. On top of that, the symbols on the reels are made to be a bit more slick and edgier than what you generally see in the industry, especially in Egyptian-theme titles.

On the gameplay side, there’s a larger than usual format and some great features. The regular pay table is not shabby either, so it ends up being a fairly balanced experience.

Betting and Layout

The format of this game has a few layers to it that make it more complicated to learn than most. However, it’s so much “outside of the box” that it’s difficult to figure out after a few minutes of play. Here’s what to expect:

  • The main game board has six vertical reels, and there are three horizontal rows of symbols across that.
  • A static set of 25 paylines are used in this game.
  • The lines pay from left to right only, and the exception to this are the scatters.
  • Symbols can double up on individual spots, so wins worth up to 12 of a kind are available (more details below).
  • You choose your bet per payline, and your total wager is 25 times that amount since the number of lines cannot be changed.
  • The available bet size per line runs from €0.01 to €10.
  • Along these lines, you get bet sizes ranging from €0.25 to €250 per spin.

The volatility of this game is somewhat higher than the average for the sub-genre, but it’s about average for slots in general. We’d call this a medium-level volatility with a moderate hit-rate and a sizable average win when you do hit winning combinations.

Gameplay and Features

There’s a lot going on in the Nights of Egypt Expanded online slot, and you’ll need to pick up on a few things before you get started if you really want to know everything that’s happening. Here we’ll get you up to speed so that you know how the features and format in this game really work.

Doubled Symbols

One aspect of this game that’s critical is the doubled symbols. These appear as the large, regular version of a symbol beside of a small version of the symbol in the same spot on the grid. These count as two spots, so if you have a double symbol on the first reel with a matching double symbol on the second reel, and they both lined up on a payline, then that would count as a four of a kind win.

Nights of Egypt Expanded Wilds
Nights of Egypt Expanded Wilds

Stacked Wilds

The wild symbol is Cleopatra, and she’s portrayed in a bit more revealing way than what you typically see in games with similar themes. In any case, she shows up as a wild symbol, but she does not have a doubled variation.

Because of this, six of a kind will give you a win worth 1,000x.

This isn’t the largest win in the game, but it’s 10 times the next-highest six of a kind payout, so it’s hard to complain.

It’s also worth noting that this wild always shows up stacked, so to speak, so you end up with more chances to win and easier opportunities to hit the six of a kind payout for the wilds.

Only Doubles Feature

On any random spin, you have a chance to activate the Only Doubles Feature. This feature has all of the regular paying symbols in the Nights of Egypt Expanded video slot show up as their doubled versions. This obviously increases the sizes of the payouts you get, but it also makes it easier to get winning combinations.

This is because lining up two symbols on a given payline will always give a payout worth four of a kind. Without this feature, they’ll only give three of a kind if one of them is a double, and if they’re both singles, you don’t get a payout at all unless the third spot matches up as well.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The golden moon symbol is a free spins scatter, and three or more will get you at least 10 free spins. These free spins are determined by a wheel that has a few different values on them. You can win 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 free spins in this way.

During this free spins mode, one of the upper-tier symbols is chosen at random to always show up in the doubled version. No single-symbol versions of this one will show up at all during the free spins.

It’s worth noting that you cannot re-trigger the bonus feature for this free spins mode.

Nights of Egypt Expanded Free Spins
Nights of Egypt Expanded Free Spins

Bonus Game

An additional bonus game can be accessed by getting at least three of the book symbols with the glowing blue gem on the middle of it. The way this works is that you get three spins to start with, and you fill the meter by getting more book symbols on the board. The more books you get, the higher the payout as determined by the meter on the left-hand side of the board.

You can get additional spins with the “+1 spins” symbol as well, and you can win up to 500 times your total bet size in this way.

How to Win at Nights of Egypt Expanded

This game has a medium volatility and a moderate hit-rate. While you can adjust bet sizes for lower and higher volatility games, when things are so much in the middle of the road like this, it’s best not to. Instead, your best option is to simply pick a comfortable bet size in the middle of the range of wager sizes that you’re comfortable with, and play at the pace that suits you the most.

Keep in mind, however, that the bet size you’re selecting is the size per line, and that will be multiplied by 25 (as shown on the display under the reels) to give your total amount wagered on each spin.

Payout Structure for Nights of Egypt Expanded

The best wins for each symbol are for 12 of a kind, which requires the doubled symbols on the six reels. However, you can win with just three of a kind of any of the symbols in this game as long as they line up on a given payline.

Nights of Egypt Expanded Payouts
Nights of Egypt Expanded Payouts

The scarab pays 2,000x for 12 of a kind, and you can pick up 1,500x for 12 of the black jackal. The golden cobra and red ankh pay 1,000x and 750x, respectively, for 12 of a kind combinations.

Five card rank symbols are also used in this game. The payout for the red A is 500x for 12, but it drops to 350x for 12 of the orange K or yellow Q. Finally, the bottom end of the pay table is rounded out with 12 of the green J or blue 10 for 200x.


We really love what Spinomenal did with the Nights of Egypt Expanded online slot. We’re particularly fond of how they were able to really step outside of what’s considered “normal” for the Egyptian-themed sub-genre. The feature set is strong, and the visual presentation is tremendous with a gorgeous background and solid symbols within the motif that is aesthetically pleasing and much darker than what players will likely be used to.