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Poison Eve

The Poison Eve online slot is a title produced by Nolimit City that gives players a concept based around a woman who can control plants. It’s similar to the Poison Ivy super villain figure from DC Comics, but everything has been tied together in the gameplay and features in a way that it gives you a really smooth and cohesive experience.

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An Introduction to Poison Eve

If you look at the Nolimit City portfolio of slots overall, some of the things you see over and over are great graphics and varied styles of gameplay that don’t really fit any particular type of mold. This is the case with the Poison Eve video slot, and that makes it fit really well as a part of their portfolio as a whole.

Poison Eve Main Screen
Poison Eve Main Screen

With Poison Eve, the gameplay and visual elements/concept come together in a really smart way.

What you’ll see on the reels for the most part are vine-covered card rank symbols and different colors of flasks with roots and vines and other things growing all over them. In the background, there’s an animated bit of plant action happening as well.

The gameplay of this title is based on an atypical set of features, and that gives it a style of play that is different than what most players are used to even though it happens within a pretty standard slot format.

Betting and Layout

Everything about this game’s layout is straightforward and easy to understand. Nolimit City has made the betting schema really simple to keep things from being over-complicated:

  • The main grid of symbols has five vertical reels with three horizontal rows.
  • You’ll have 20 paylines available, but you can’t change how many are active at any given time.
  • All paylines pay from the leftmost reel toward the rightmost reel only.
  • The minimum bet size is €0.20 per turn, and you can get in up to €20 per spin or more at the maximum just depending on where you’re playing.
  • All wins in this game are based on multiples of the bet size as a whole.

The volatility of this title is fairly low, but it’s not the lowest out there. You’ll still have some minor swings here and there because of the value that’s tied up in the bonus features, but it’s pretty reasonable and isn’t all something to get too worried about.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of the Poison Eve online slot is split pretty evenly between value from the regular pay table and value from the feature set, but some of the features show up quite often and assist the payouts from the regular pay table, so there’s some blending between the two sides as well.

Expanding Wild Symbols

A good example of this is how the wild symbols work. They give a tremendous amount of value that comes from helping you to get wins from the pay table that you would have otherwise missed.

Poison Eve Wild Symbols
Poison Eve Wild Symbols

The wild symbols in this game show up on the second, third and fourth reels only.

Even though these wilds only appear on the center three reels, what makes up for that is the fact that they always expand when they land on the reels. What that means is that when you get one wild on the reels anywhere, it will expand vertically in both directions to cover the entire reel with wild symbols.

If you get multiple wilds on the reels at the same time, you can see how quickly it would turn into a situation where it would be really easy to get multiple wins on the same turn.

Liquid Magic Feature

A really important symbol in the game is the Poison Eve symbol, but it’s critical to understand that she shows up as stacked. She’s responsible for an important feature that happens when you get her on the first reel in a way that covers all three spots on that reel.

Poison Eve Liquid Magic Feature
Poison Eve Liquid Magic Feature

When this happens, you’ll activate the Liquid Magic bonus feature.

Every one of the bottles/potions on the reels will become highlighted and turn into Poison Eve symbols at the same time. This gives you some tremendous chances to hit wins with this high-paying symbol.

Flower Power Bonus Feature

Another bonus feature is available if you land the bonus symbol in the hot zone shown on the last reel. What this does is that it creates a portal that will last for randomly between three and 12 spins, and that portal is put on the reel farthest to the left that does not already have a portal on it.

Poison Eve Flower Power Feature
Poison Eve Flower Power Feature

The important thing to really note here is that there can be up to four portals on the game board at once since you get a portal for each bonus symbol that falls into a “hot zone” on the fifth reel.

While this feature is going on with the portals shown on the screen, a randomly chosen symbol will be put into place on every spot for every reel that has a portal on it. This symbol is chosen by which one is in the “hot zone”, so what happens is that you get matching symbols on the first reels and on the last reels for better chances for hitting some really serious winning combinations.

How to Win at Poison Eve

The Poison Eve video slot doesn’t have any payline-based issues where you have to choose certain options to keep your RTP high, so your RTP will be the same no matter which bet sizes you choose. With that said, you’ll have to think a bit about how much you want to wager since the volatility is fairly low.

Some players like to play with a higher bet size than usual on low-volatility slots because it puts the swings up to a more moderate level while giving you chances to win bigger payouts than usual. That’s not everyone’s favorite approach, but it’s one way to maximize your payouts from this game without dealing with swings that are uncomfortably large.

Payout Structure for Poison Eve

The Poison Eve symbol is stacked on every reel, and she gives you a pretty good win for 100x for five of a kind. From there, all of the mid-tier wins are taken up by four different colors of bottles, which are the same bottles used in the feature noted above that you get with Poison Eve taking up the entire first reel.

Poison Eve Payouts
Poison Eve Payouts

The red bottle gets you 25x for five, and you can earn 12.5x for five of the yellow. The blue is worth 10x for five of a kind combinations, and a 7.5x win is yours for five of the green.

The lower end payouts are pretty solid as well with things starting at 6.25x for five of the red A. The colors cool off from there with an orange K that gives 5x for five, and the yellow Q symbol pays out 4.5 for five on a payline. Five of a kind combinations of the blue J or green 10 give you 4x and 3.75x wins, respectively, as well.


Something we really like about how Nolimit City handled the Poison Eve slot is that they used atypical features that still make sense and fit the theme. Some companies will use the same features no matter what, which makes the games all feel alike, and others will use wild and crazy features that are different just for the sake of being different. With Nolimit City’s Poison Eve game, they’ve found a happy balance between these two extremes.

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