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Relic Seekers

The Relic Seekers video slot by Pulse 8 Studios for the Microgaming Quickfire platform offers an exciting and action-packed experience for players with an underground excursion theme with mystical elements mixed in and a different spin on the common avalanche feature that converts regular symbols into extra wilds for bigger wins.

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An Introduction to Relic Seekers

Interaction is the name of the game when it comes to high-quality online slots. Pulse 8 Studios created the Relic Seekers video slot for the Microgaming Quickfire platform based on the premise that players want to have a higher level of interaction than what most of the industry offers.

This is why the Relic Seekers online slot is all about the interactions that players have with the features that show up on a very regular basis instead of being a once in a while sort of thing.

From a visual standpoint, this game looks amazing. You’re in an underground setting with rock tiles falling from the ceiling to form the grid of symbols, and this plays into the features and theme as well with mechanical mechanisms along the sides and above the reels that are actually important parts of the overall gameplay.

Relic Seekers Main
Relic Seekers Main

Betting and Layout

Even though some of the features in this game are a bit atypical, this title actually has a pretty standard format that it uses. The betting is also designed to be easy to handle instead of forcing you to deal with line bet wagers, coin amounts on each line and so on.

Here’s a basic overview of what to expect:

  • Five vertical reels make up the core of the game board with three rows of symbols.
  • There are always 25 paylines activated, and they are static.
  • The set of symbols on the left under the “25 lines” heading are not a part of the game board and are instead used for the avalanche feature described down below.
  • Simple betting controls allow you to wager €0.25 at a minimum all the way up to the maximum of €100 per spin.

We really like the betting arrangement here since it’s much less complicated than what you find with a lot of comparable titles. We think this takes away one of the more irritating things about online slots and leaves the players to only have to worry about actually enjoying the game.

Features and Gameplay

It’s critical to understand how the features specifically work in this game before you get started playing. This is because some of them are similar to other features you may have seen before, but the differences are great enough that it can throw you off if you just jump right in without knowing their actual functionality.

Wild Lantern Symbols

The wild lantern symbols are very important because they’re the only symbol in the game that pays for just two of a kind. As multiples of the total bet size, here are the payouts for combinations of just this symbol:

  • Five of a Kind – 42x
  • Four of a Kind – 3.2x
  • Three of a Kind – 0.8x
  • Two of a Kind – 0.4x

These wilds substitute for the regular symbols only and do not substitute for any of the scatters.

Relic Seekers Wild Feature
Relic Seekers Wild Feature

Rolling Reels/Avalanche Feature

Every single time that you make a regular winning combination on the reels, you will activate this avalanche-style feature. You’ll be paid normally, and then the symbols that were a part of that win will disappear to reveal empty spots where more symbols fall down from above.

From here, you get another free chance to hit winning combinations.

If you get new wins, the process continues, but you’ll notice after each winning spin in a row that the meter on the left-hand side increases by one bar. This is a part of a special feature that gives you better opportunities to win the longer you stay in the Rolling Reels feature.

For every two winning spins that you get in a row on a single paid turn, you’ll have one of the top three regular symbols (indicated on the left-hand side) turn wild for the remainder of the Rolling Reels re-spins. This makes it easier to get winning combinations and increases the chances of hitting multi-line payouts.

When one of these symbols becomes wild, they will shift from being a square with the character looking to the left into being a hexagon with the character looking towards the player.

Free Spins Mode

If you get at least three of the ivory and dark blue triskelion-like symbols on the reels at once, no matter where they appear, then you will activate a free spins mode.

  • You always start with 10 free turns no matter how many scatters activate the bonus round.
  • If you get three or more scatters during the free spins mode, you’ll add 10 free turns to your total.
  • The Rolling Reels feature and subsequent wild feature can be activated during the free spins as usual.

This feature is pretty straightforward until you realize that it’s connected to another more important symbol noted below.

Relic Seekers Keys
Relic Seekers Keys

Key-collecting Feature

During the free spins mode, you’ll have a chance to see green circular key symbols that appear on the fifth reel only. When they appear, they will collect at the top of the reels in the empty slots that go across overhead.

Each individual key will give you a payout, but they also award other prizes.

When you collect three keys in the same feature, you’ll get two extra free spins. If you make that six, then you’ll get two additional free spins on top of that along with a 2x multiplier that stays in effect for the rest of the bonus round.

How to Win at Relic Seekers

The real key to maximizing your winning chances in this game lies with the keys, literally. You collect keys in the free spins mode to unlock more value, and that’s actually where the best payouts in the game come from.

The Rolling Reels feature will help to keep the hit-rate high so that the swings don’t get out of hand, so you can actually play with a higher bet size that you might normally to whatever degree you’re comfortable with so that you maximize the value you get with your winnings when you hit the feature.


We like to make sure that we cover both the positive and potential negative for games that we review like the Relic Seekers video slot. Here are some of the things we really like about this title:

  • The theme is handled well throughout every aspect of the game.
  • The features add to the hit-rate and come about very often for the most part.
  • The payout schedule is pretty balanced and that helps to keep the volatility on the lower end of medium.

With those things noted, there are also a couple of things that not everyone will like:

  • Some of the game mechanics are not immediately obvious, like the expanding area above the reels that will randomly open and close on spins for no apparent reason.
  • The extra wild symbols in the Rolling Reels feature can be hard to figure out just based on the presentation of the meter.

In light of how solid this title is overall, we’re inclined to think that most players will think that these two issues are minor in the grand scheme of things. Along these lines, we think that the Relic Seekers online slot offers a lot for the vast majority of players.